Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Quite the holiday... Tim & I went home to Mom's where we patiently waited til New Year's day to open gifts when all could be present. We all ended up loving it. Something about opening gifts on New Year's day seemed like we'd discovered ourselves in a new paradigm. We even got a little whacky while Tim took some family portrait shots.

Today I opened Studio C by appointment for my friend Sunny Hill so she could buy some of Tim's photo art cards and Sharon Niederman's book Return to Abo.

Tomorrow I'll be at my studio to work on some art! I have been looking for time to commit to making my art. Mondays will start my weeks off on a satisfying note. Tomorrow I'll be opening the gallery to sell coffee to a neighbor who called this evening. I love to open the gallery and will be happy to do so for you too. Send me an email and we can schedule an appointment.

Here's hoping you are enjoying a wonderful start to your new year too!