Saturday, September 5, 2009

Angels Songs

If we are lucky, we experience true connection in our lives on a relatively frequent basis. For me this often manifests as a tingling sensation on my skin and a flood of blissful serenity. I like to go out into Nature where I am able to find this connection. Sometimes it is the vista ahead, or a particularly beautiful tree, or perhaps a cloudscape and the perfect light. This can also happen during live performances when there is deep appreciation for the beauty being presented... whether it is music, dance or theatre.

One of the reasons I like small performance spaces so much is the proximity to the performers which makes the experience that much more visceral. So, imagine if you will, my bliss when we turned the stage over to Gabrielle Louise and David Rynhart last Saturday and were immediately brought into connection with these two lovely people and their exemplary musicianship, compassionate and vibrant hearts, and joy in performing for an appreciative audience here in Des Moines New Mexico.

It was a show that will not be forgotten by anyone in the room. I am playing Gabrielle's CD's, cigarettes for sentiments and Journey here in the gallery. The sweet harmonies and earnest sentiments that we experienced during the live performance infuse the recordings with the memories of a truly wonderful event here for Live @ at Studio C! I want to thank our audience for their wonderful generosity during the passing of the hat. Gabrielle & David were so grateful for the wonderful listening audience and are looking forward to returning to Studio C for another performance. To our benefit they will be letting other performers know about the wonderful scene we have going on here, March - November on the last Saturday of the month, (except November's show which is on the Saturday before Thanksgiving). Gabrielle & David stayed upstairs in Suite B and rested here in Des Moines Sunday before their evening performance in Trinidad for Concerts for Causes. We got a chance to know them and they got a chance to experience small town rural Northeastern New Mexico. We're looking forward to more great shows here at Studio C. Thank you Gabrielle & David for making us a stop on your tour.

Thank you to all of you who support Live @ Studio C! We are building a reputation for being a meaningful performance venue. It is a big thrill to see the show becoming its own entity. So, by now, those of you who were not here probably wish you had been! I've posted several photographs taken by Tim Keller during the show in my Studio C set on Flickr. I've got Gabrielle's latest CD, cigarettes for sentiment, for sale. I'm looking forward to your visit!

The art is changing here in the gallery.... This week International Bank in Raton New Mexico presents its 33rd Annual International Art Exhibit and Sale. Several artists I represent in the gallery, Tim Keller, Nathaniel Franklin and Yvonne O'Brien are taking their work to the show today. The show will be up Wednesday - Friday evening when there will also be a wine & cheese reception for artists and the much anticipated awards ceremony. Mark your calendars for 6:00 p.m. Friday September 11th and join in the celebration in The International Room at International Bank.

Did I say what I'll be hanging next? I've decided to take some time in the gallery for my art. I'll keep some pieces of all of my artists, but in the blank spaces I'll hang my work. I'm going to bring out my Ode to Frida installaton. That should keep things interesting while we wait for student work from Des Moines Schools Art Plays Its Part! to come home from the school art exhibit at the state fair. I'll be hanging the student pieces next Wednesday and driving back up just in time to open the gallery on Thursday morning at ten. Plan on visiting the Youth/School Arts Building if you are at the the New Mexico State Fair this year.

Steven and Peter just stopped in for a visit after taking a trip to the Folsom Museum and having lunch here in Des Moines at Sierra Grande Restaurant. Steven is the author of the Sheriff Bill Gastner mystery novels. His most recent novel, Race for the Dying, is a departure from the Sheriff Gastner series, is a historical novel dealing with medical mail order diagnosis and will be available in early October. I learned today that he plays classical flute! My flute was honored to have him play a tune on it. I got some basic tips to help me along on my way to learning how to play it. Peter is an art dealer from Albuquerque who had some wonderful suggestions for me to grow the gallery with. It is always fun for me to see the myriad ways in which Studio C fulfills its mission ~"Where Creativity Grows!" There is a symbiotic relationship between my visitors and Studio C. Creativity is nurtured in a circular direction with the spiral always expanding and rising towards inspiration.

Well, it's time to tune the radio to 93.9 KRTN fm radio for Little Sharon's Country Cafe... and mention a couple of events coming up:

Second Summer Arts Street Fair, September 26th in Des Moines New Mexico.
Second Capulin Volcano Run, September 27th in Capulin & Folsom New Mexico.
Second Fall Harvest Festival, October 17th at Rainbow Ranch, Folsom New Mexico.
Thirty-Sixth Annual Clayton Arts Festival, October 3 & 4 in Clayton New Mexico.
Raton Bearfest - Fine Arts & Craft Show, October 10 & 11 in Raton New Mexico.

Billy D is hosting Little Sharon's Country Cafe while Sharon is out exploring New Mexico events for her New Mexico writings... maybe at the Cleveland Millfest which is happening right now. I'm enjoying the show and hope you'll tune in if you're reading this from KRTN's listening area.

I hope all of you will come see our artists and visit me here Thursdays through Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Sundays from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m. Tell your friends who are traveling through to be sure to stop in. I'll remind you all that I am happy to open by appointment also. Send me an email and we can work something out!

Blessings of Bliss to all of you!