Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Catching Inspiration!

Catching Inspiration!

Last week I had the opportunity to interview a young woman who is headed in the right direction.

Led by her own inner strength, guided by her parents and a really good teacher... and a goat!

I find myself thinking about her story and realizing that yes, small towns are cool. 

Today, as I was starting my daily morning pages, I realized that I'd forgotten the prompt for the pages that had come to me last night as I was getting ready for bed. This morning I wrote, "ideas are fleeting - just like bubbles - if you don't see them while they're whole and can shape the picture - they're gone! But their energy doesn't disappear. Someone somewhere we eventually catch the treasure encased in that rainbow sphere" and just like that my prompt came back to me. I remembered that I wanted to write about this young woman and her mother.

Life brings challenges along with blessings. I'm struck by those relationships that show great strength and courage. This photo of mother and daughter speaks to the deep love that comes from walking together with clear vision. There is satisfaction and understanding; these two know how to move through fire to find the light.

I'm blessed to have heard a small portion of the life and dreams that these two share. Blessed by treasure encased in rainbow spheres. Blessed to live where the big sky looks down on our journey and we look up into dark night skies.

Blessed Be!  

Monday, March 9, 2015

Remembering the Sparkle of Unstoppable Dreams~

Image of young woman appreciating art March 7, 2015 in Raton, New Mexico.

Remembering the Sparkle of Unstoppable Dreams~

The vision of smiles for everyone easily felt without fear.

Confidence born of accomplishment acknowledged freely by friends and strangers.

The trail to a new world that is not brave but rather unstoppably curious.

Steps on Mother Earth beating out the rhythm of an unstoppable journey.

The desire to welcome the guest with warmth and grace.

Here, an Invulnerable Sparkle ~

Reminding me that the voyage across days and rivers, oceans and unstoppable waves to a new day is never ending.

That the path towards love and joy and compassion and understanding and inspiration and peace is infinite.

I am remembering the sparkle in mothers’ eyes for the freedom of husbands’ embraces.

I am remembering the sparkles in parents’ eyes as children laughing bring friends to play and share and learn and care.

Remembering the Unstoppable Dreams~

            A Mobius strip of dancing light leading me forward.

I am smiling.

Revisting unstoppable dreams.

Christina Boyce


Monday, March 2, 2015

Restoring Order ~ Direction from chaos

Snow on Clips ~ February Snow Storm

Clipped & Ready

I've been thinking about the path I'm on, spiritually, emotionally and pragmatically.

Since my last post I've found myself, discovered self-confidence, left a good job for another one that enabled me to contribute to our community in a way that used all of my talents and life experiences to great advantage. I found direction and purpose even as I worked in constant chaos.

Four and a half months ago I found myself facing a decision that required me to stand for truth. I spoke truth and I was let go. I gave a strong effort to return to that work, under better circumstances and made headway. Currently my efforts are tabled. Waiting has become wandering and wondering how best to move forward.

During this time I've been able to contribute stories and photographs to our local newspaper, the Raton Comet. I've been able to give more time to the projects I volunteer on. It's been good but it's also been a challenge. One can only be tabled so long.

So, I'm looking for a way to contribute to the greater good of our community. I bring a lot to the table. I'm committed to collaboration, compassion and creativity. I'll be looking for opportunities with new eyes for dynamic creative compositions. It's an exciting time... this waiting and wondering and wandering.

Blessed Be!


Saturday, June 15, 2013


LaCa, land of quiet mornings in the Pacific Palisades, early morning writings and today, menu planning. It's been three years since my last visit. Feels great to be on vacation with a wide open schedule and no particular place to go. Truly vacation time!  Much gratitude for this break from my "normal" life! Lots to ponder here in the early morning mist.

Our life in Raton is so vibrant and rich, just some of the things to ponder: We've made a huge leap with Poets In The Schools, one of my pride and joys. We've settled into a wondrous new home which is slowly showing it's true glory as summer unfolds and the gardens' secrets are revealed. Sorrows too, as we've found ourselves mourning the departure of some good friends and wonderful citizens whom we looked forward to spending time with...

So... this little note serves as the toe-step into the waters of blogging. I've been away from this site for just about two years. Consider this a ping. And thanks for keeping the faith. I know you're out there.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pondering Possibilities

The dust storm Tucson just experienced puts a new twist on the visitations from Mother Nature... a twist that reiterates my own commitment to honoring a path of creating the future with clear thoughts of right lively hood with nature.
I played with the photo of a glass of wine in our kitchen... took it into PhotoShop and used the "liquify" filter and the solar flare tool. Those effects hide a chip in the ugly beige linoleum counter top that the glass sits on. Bells and whistles... or glitter and ruffles... either will work to distract the viewer from the shame of a perceived flaw. Time and energy heal all.
I'm working on a new series in pastel on canvas that I've mentioned before... I'm exploring identity, mine in context with the world about and the interior world of my dreams and visions. There is movement, text, change; an opportunity to process the conflict between hopes and expectations. 
I'm excited to report that a friend of my husband's, Richard Lehnert, has a poem published in one of my favorite magazines, The Sun Magazine. Congratulations Richard!
Tim has been busy reviewing the plays that The Santa Fe Trail School for the Performing Arts is presenting in repertory theatre, this latest, Red White & Tuna is posted at his website for your reading pleasure. The show was a hoot, the acting a feast to watch with the added value of a 90 minute dose of laughter... whatever was ailing us was given a shot of cure!
I'm having a blast working as a content developer for KRTN, Enchanted Air, Inc. radio. The owner, Billy Donati, is wonderful to work with and for. His team is top notch and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with them in this capacity.
Summer in Des Moines is hot and dry and sweet on so many levels. I feel blessed and brief!
Keeping it short today so I get my time in at the studio~
Keep cool and safe, 
Envision the best and ponder the possibilities, 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Loving As Many Things/People/Places as Possible

Sunset Approaches Capulin Volcano Under Smoky Skies
I am looking at all the images of smoke and flame and reading news of fires burning here in the southwest, realizing that I am a bit stressed. I live 38 miles east of Raton, New Mexico where the Raton Track Fire burnt over 27,792 acres and still burns, though 90% contained at this time, down 8% since last week... 

Having smoke in your house from fires burning in more that five areas of New Mexico, not including AZ and OK and TX, is a stress.

I recently read in The New Mexican that the New Mexico tourism office is fielding concerns from the tourism industry regarding cancellations of reservations. It appears to those outside of our area that the "whole southwest is burning". So, with this in mind I am inspired to create some non-flammable fireworks of my own. 

I'm headed over to my studio where I am working on a new series of pastel paintings on canvas. The colors in the piece I am working on now are so bright they could pass as fireworks!

I'm feeling philosophical about all the disasters that are happening all over the earth... It has occurred to me that until we treat the earth as we treat our most cherished family we will continue to feel her anger. I've long thought of Mother Earth as a sacred cherished sentient being. I imagine our planet has endured our greedy exploitations of her life blood for too long, waiting for us to feel satiated. She perceives now that we have not learned to use her gifts with empathy, compassion and gratitude... and now, like a dog who is overrun with fleas, she shakes herself to rid herself of the infestation.

I am heartened to learn of the green initiatives going on in Sweden... I know there are so many of us who long to be able to live with Nature and in harmony with what we have...

As we live through our personal experiences of disaster, I trust we will gain new understanding for what it is that really matters. This story about a group of Russian "babushkas" underlines that idea, that from our pain we can find ways to be more compassionate and hopeful.
I also know that we must continue to live with hope and love in our hearts... and to enjoy all the wonderful opportunities we have in our worlds. This weekend Tim and I went into Raton to see The Santa Fe Trail School for the Performing Arts' production of Little Shop of Horrors. What a hoot! I'd never seen the show though I knew the music, so it was fun to finally experience the story that connects those crazy songs. The production was really well done. Read about it on Tim Keller's Blog, where you will also see photos from the show. If you live in our area, go check it out!

So, with a prayer for healing for Mother Earth and all humanity~

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and spending time here at Reality, Essence ~ Vision
Kindest Regards,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Great Day to GET BUSY!!!

Sally just emailed me: today is a good day to GET BUSY!

Here you see my precious kitten, Sonrisa, perfectly posed on a stack of current reading.

It's been a busy 3 weeks since I last blogged.

Headed down to Santa Fe to attend the opening reception of 18 Days at Center for Contemporary Arts. Wow! A curated invitational show of New Mexican women artists.... it was the biggest arts event I've attended in quite some time. A friend of mine, Valli West, had a piece of her work selected for the show. I attended the show with Dr. Katherine Tompkins, DVM, recently relocated to Las Vegas New Mexico... We had a grand time viewing the work on the walls as well as the crowd of arts lovers who filled the Munoz Waxman Gallery. There is a full schedule of events & performances while this show is hanging through March 20th. Christina says, "Check it out!"

A recent event right here in HiLo country that I especially enjoyed was the Knights of Columbus Oratorical Contest. Held at the Shuler Theater, local middle and high school students competed with speeches addressing the theme: Welcome to My World. One of those students was our friend Mike's eldest son. Hunter made all of us right proud with his splendidly delivered comic speech. I'm so impressed with youth these days. There were many speeches given that inspired me and caused Tim & I to return frequently to our discussion of this wonderful event. Hunter is also a website creator and you can see all he's been up to at his website www.yaboosh.com. Tim's Chronicle News article about the event can be viewed at his website via this link: Hunter is a superhero. Mike is an interesting guy... he maintains the unofficial website for the town of Folsom, New Mexico.

I'm looking forward to the next show in the Raton Arts & Humanities 2010/2011 Performing Arts series: Church Basement Ladies, coming up on Monday February 21st. There are still opportunities to help out with the load in and tear down of this touring production.... If you're into theatre this is a great way to see how a professional company brings it to rural America!

I also want to send a "shout out" to the Herzstein Memorial Museum in Clayton New Mexico. They sent out a humorous Valentine's Day message reminding us of one of the notorious villains in local New Mexico history, a man whose name shall remain nameless on this website.... but you can read all about him if you visit the museum.

I've been inspired by so many wonderful people and Sally whose admonition to get busy made this blog's title is one of them. She and her husband Rusty are in a fusion marimba band called ShonaSlovakia and are performing in Santa Fe a lot these days.

So, to thank you Sally, I will sign off for now ~wishing all of you a wonderful new month of creativity flowing and love expanding into a global healing and ending of all violence of every kind.

Blessed Be!