Thursday, July 20, 2006

Finding Icons

Inspiration, faith, sacrifice, and work ~ all self-oriented and a necessary ingredient of success; the Nazi's boiled it down to Arbeit Macht Frei... Chilling, exactly because it was forced on penalty, and more often than not, reward of death.

A comment, or observation, perhaps a question.

Self-awareness, discipline, and motivation. Can we be free if we pursue our dreams with work?

As a young person, can one even know the value of self-motivation? Did Mozart, or Bob Dylan, or CatPower understand their process and work it? Does it just flow for some who are gifted?

For me it has taken mistakes and reflection and second and third tries to know I missed something good because my eyes couldn't see, past internal dramas, the Path beyond.

Still I struggle to see ahead. My internal drama constant though experience brings wisdom. I begin to see opportunities along the way. I strive to catch them when they present. I'm finding that faith carries me from one disappointment to the next day's chores and a renewed effort at creating dreams into reality.

So, these petunias in the red pot sitting in the no-longer empty white wrought-iron stand give me comfort even as I lick the wounds of past tumbles and disappointments. Something in the purple and pink blooms I brought home whispers in my Soul: The day was a success even if you are too wounded to see it now.

Another day.

Let time pass. Watch the wither and fade of summer blooms bursting fresh everyday. See that in pulling yourself together you become a new person. Not afraid to let go and cry, strong enough to pick up your own pieces and make the days count. You will know yourself to be a potent and skillful person in even more difficult situations when they occur.

Arbeit Macht Frei
Freedom is a Struggle.
Fight the good fight.