Thursday, October 7, 2010

Along the Red River Trail

I just returned from a trip to visit my artist friend Lee in Vernon Texas, six hours east of Des Moines New Mexico.

On the way I stopped in Canyon Texas, staying at Hudspeth House B&B, so I could walk the streets that Georgia O'Keeffe walked when she headed up the Art Department at West Texas A & M. Canyon was a very friendly town. My stay was a sweet stop along the way to check out new art that Lee is making.

Along the trail, sitting high in the sky this water tower caught my attention.... when I noticed the line of rusted out car bodies "parked" close by I had to stop to make a picture. Actually, I took lots of photos along the way. I'm looking forward to processing them in the upcoming days. It should be an interesting record of my ride along the trail.

Speaking of adventures.... I'm finding that there is usually an interesting journey trying to find an internet connection when you are on the road... I planned to write at the library in town but the connection not up yet when I arrived at 8:am Wednesday morning ready to write in my car. (Library did not open til 10:00) Apparently I misunderstood the librarian the day before, or she did not think about the equipment being turned off at closing time, so there I was ready to write and no internet. Not one to give up so easily I began my wi-fi search and adventure. I ended up writing at a wi-fi spot that the good folk at Waggoner National Bank helped me find, making some calls and an introduction for me with Sean and Jan at Business Development Corporation who graciously provided me space and an internet connection. Finally I could work on this entry. What wonderful people the town Vernon has. I must say, I see an opportunity for a nice internet cafe here. :-)

So, it was a wonderful visit with Lee, complete with a mini Georgia O'Keeffe pilgrimage, and plenty of adventure. All this and more on the plains six hours east of Des Moines. I always enjoy traveling and the expanded views you get in exploring our amazing world.

Are you feeling the fall in the air? I sure am; leaves are starting to crisp up... hot apple cider sounds good again and Halloween is coming up on the event horizon. Plenty of people out there in the world are already gearing up for it! I saw lots of Halloween scenes and fall harvest displays cropping up each day.

Here at Studio C the last Saturday of the month the night before Halloween is the night for Live @ Studio C! It's going to be a costume party and potluck; a preview for the big night ahead... if you dare!

It should be fun to put on Halloween costumes, new or old, (as long as they are hand made). Maybe you've put away some of the costumes you made way back when... Well, this is the event that should inspire you to get the moth balls shaken out and the make-up kit opened up for an evening of dress up fun.

The cover charge is a treasure you are willing to put up as a prize, costumes are encouraged but optional, however, if you want to win a prize you'll have to come in costume or bring a friend to model your entry. I've challenged myself to make the second in a series of five new Halloween costumes... a blue bell-hop bee bop car hop on roller blades! SheBopBBop sort of a fast food goblin. If I'm wearing my scarecrow costume you'll know I didn't make the deadline!

One thought I had walking around a large department store which shall remain nameless is that times have changed so much that our kids are too busy to make their own costumes. Thus the very cool costumes you can buy for 29.99 are selling like hotcakes. Having made my living as a costume designer for 15 years I know that you can barely buy the materials for that much.

It hit me, wandering those long isles of stuff you can buy, that this would be a very good month for all the trick or treaters to be stitching, stapling, or taping their costumes together with the help of friends and family. Good quality time spent creatively in preparation for a night of fun. In that spirit I send out an invitation to all to take some of that time back and make it into Creative-I-T time.

Studio C is here to help! I'm offering a free mask-making session on Saturday from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Come make a mask and get started decorating.... you'll have plenty of time to finish it before Halloween on your own or, if there is enough interest, we'll put together a costume making support group. We'll see how it goes on Saturday. Send an email to to register for the class. I'll take up to 13 participants.

So, there it is!

Have a great weekend~