Thursday, April 23, 2009

Listening is an Art!

Live Poetry has changed to Live @ Studio C! and is getting started this weekend! 

Join us for an exciting twist of theatre as Kathryn Engel, from Raton, NM, presents her one-woman show: Two Women of Tennessee Williams right here on Broadway Avenue in Des Moines!
The show opens with our open mike where we give anyone brave enough 1-3 minutes to share their talent. I have a young sax player signed up already so don't be shy. I've invited Tim Keller to give us a short reading of some of his recent works. He's been writing almost daily for the Trinidad Chronicle as he's also writing another article for Western Horseman and preparing for his second photography exhibit at The A.R. Mitchell Museum in Trinidad, Colorado in May.

Spring has sprung here in full force... Tulips are gloriously bright harbingers of the coming green; butterflies of all sorts of colors and patterns have begun to flutter all about and one of my strawberry transplants here at the studio is already blooming!

May is almost here and that means our annual CreativiTea! is near at hand. This year it moves from Mothers' Day to the Sunday before: May 3rd. We meet in circle to brainstorm and review the state of the arts @ Studio C ~ ArtSpace & Gallery on the 3rd. I'll have green-chili stew and corn bread to nourish and sustain the idea exchange. This event is another opportunity for me to say thank you to all the wonderful people who really care about the success of Studio C. All supporters are hereby cordially invited. Please RSVP so we have plenty of stew to go around. Wear your spring hats and bring a sweater... sometimes the gallery is still a bit chilly in May. By having our CreativiTea! a week early we support the Capulin Country Store in their annual Mothers' Day Buffet which opens their summer season of delicious lunches available from 11:00 - 2:00.

Where have I been? 

I know, I've been remiss in keeping the blog current... but, like a dog on a bone and happy too, I've been working with with Des Moines Schools to develop a curriculum-based arts program. We've been working tirelessly to make several projects happen and with the end of the current school year at hand I've been "submerged" in the business of arts program management and teaching... so much so that I've let my blog suffer... even the gallery at Studio C has been feeling neglected (if galleries can feel?! :-))

It's all about art and it all ties together though: I've completed a mask-making class with the 3rd & 4th grades who have been studying a unit on "Self". Dino Cornay has been working with 5th & 6th grade classes on pencil drawings of President Lincoln. Inge Bobek is currently artist in residence and working on a mural project the 7th grade science class. They have been studying plant life and seed germination. Next week Tecolote, NM artist Martin Montoya, will be teaching K, 1st & 2nd grade students painting. They will work with spring flowers and Mothers' day pictures. We've been working with the elementary teachers on their annual Spring Program. Their students have been practicing songs, square dances and the lines for an original production which brings it all together: Spring Flowers for Skinny Horse. Parents and community members are volunteering their time and talent in support of the show which will be on Tuesday May 5th at 7:pm at Des Moines Schools.

So, there it all is... and I'll update you next week with more news.

Hope to see or hear from you soon. Leave a comment here or send me an email and let us know what is springing up in your life.

Joyfully Yours,