Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pondering Possibilities

The dust storm Tucson just experienced puts a new twist on the visitations from Mother Nature... a twist that reiterates my own commitment to honoring a path of creating the future with clear thoughts of right lively hood with nature.
I played with the photo of a glass of wine in our kitchen... took it into PhotoShop and used the "liquify" filter and the solar flare tool. Those effects hide a chip in the ugly beige linoleum counter top that the glass sits on. Bells and whistles... or glitter and ruffles... either will work to distract the viewer from the shame of a perceived flaw. Time and energy heal all.
I'm working on a new series in pastel on canvas that I've mentioned before... I'm exploring identity, mine in context with the world about and the interior world of my dreams and visions. There is movement, text, change; an opportunity to process the conflict between hopes and expectations. 
I'm excited to report that a friend of my husband's, Richard Lehnert, has a poem published in one of my favorite magazines, The Sun Magazine. Congratulations Richard!
Tim has been busy reviewing the plays that The Santa Fe Trail School for the Performing Arts is presenting in repertory theatre, this latest, Red White & Tuna is posted at his website for your reading pleasure. The show was a hoot, the acting a feast to watch with the added value of a 90 minute dose of laughter... whatever was ailing us was given a shot of cure!
I'm having a blast working as a content developer for KRTN, Enchanted Air, Inc. radio. The owner, Billy Donati, is wonderful to work with and for. His team is top notch and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with them in this capacity.
Summer in Des Moines is hot and dry and sweet on so many levels. I feel blessed and brief!
Keeping it short today so I get my time in at the studio~
Keep cool and safe, 
Envision the best and ponder the possibilities,