Thursday, October 7, 2010

Along the Red River Trail

I just returned from a trip to visit my artist friend Lee in Vernon Texas, six hours east of Des Moines New Mexico.

On the way I stopped in Canyon Texas, staying at Hudspeth House B&B, so I could walk the streets that Georgia O'Keeffe walked when she headed up the Art Department at West Texas A & M. Canyon was a very friendly town. My stay was a sweet stop along the way to check out new art that Lee is making.

Along the trail, sitting high in the sky this water tower caught my attention.... when I noticed the line of rusted out car bodies "parked" close by I had to stop to make a picture. Actually, I took lots of photos along the way. I'm looking forward to processing them in the upcoming days. It should be an interesting record of my ride along the trail.

Speaking of adventures.... I'm finding that there is usually an interesting journey trying to find an internet connection when you are on the road... I planned to write at the library in town but the connection not up yet when I arrived at 8:am Wednesday morning ready to write in my car. (Library did not open til 10:00) Apparently I misunderstood the librarian the day before, or she did not think about the equipment being turned off at closing time, so there I was ready to write and no internet. Not one to give up so easily I began my wi-fi search and adventure. I ended up writing at a wi-fi spot that the good folk at Waggoner National Bank helped me find, making some calls and an introduction for me with Sean and Jan at Business Development Corporation who graciously provided me space and an internet connection. Finally I could work on this entry. What wonderful people the town Vernon has. I must say, I see an opportunity for a nice internet cafe here. :-)

So, it was a wonderful visit with Lee, complete with a mini Georgia O'Keeffe pilgrimage, and plenty of adventure. All this and more on the plains six hours east of Des Moines. I always enjoy traveling and the expanded views you get in exploring our amazing world.

Are you feeling the fall in the air? I sure am; leaves are starting to crisp up... hot apple cider sounds good again and Halloween is coming up on the event horizon. Plenty of people out there in the world are already gearing up for it! I saw lots of Halloween scenes and fall harvest displays cropping up each day.

Here at Studio C the last Saturday of the month the night before Halloween is the night for Live @ Studio C! It's going to be a costume party and potluck; a preview for the big night ahead... if you dare!

It should be fun to put on Halloween costumes, new or old, (as long as they are hand made). Maybe you've put away some of the costumes you made way back when... Well, this is the event that should inspire you to get the moth balls shaken out and the make-up kit opened up for an evening of dress up fun.

The cover charge is a treasure you are willing to put up as a prize, costumes are encouraged but optional, however, if you want to win a prize you'll have to come in costume or bring a friend to model your entry. I've challenged myself to make the second in a series of five new Halloween costumes... a blue bell-hop bee bop car hop on roller blades! SheBopBBop sort of a fast food goblin. If I'm wearing my scarecrow costume you'll know I didn't make the deadline!

One thought I had walking around a large department store which shall remain nameless is that times have changed so much that our kids are too busy to make their own costumes. Thus the very cool costumes you can buy for 29.99 are selling like hotcakes. Having made my living as a costume designer for 15 years I know that you can barely buy the materials for that much.

It hit me, wandering those long isles of stuff you can buy, that this would be a very good month for all the trick or treaters to be stitching, stapling, or taping their costumes together with the help of friends and family. Good quality time spent creatively in preparation for a night of fun. In that spirit I send out an invitation to all to take some of that time back and make it into Creative-I-T time.

Studio C is here to help! I'm offering a free mask-making session on Saturday from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Come make a mask and get started decorating.... you'll have plenty of time to finish it before Halloween on your own or, if there is enough interest, we'll put together a costume making support group. We'll see how it goes on Saturday. Send an email to to register for the class. I'll take up to 13 participants.

So, there it is!

Have a great weekend~


Thursday, September 30, 2010

From Peace to Soul & Around the Volcano!

Wow! I feel like a beautiful red maple leaf caught on the surface of a lively river~ flowing downstream with the sound of water splashing against the great sandstone banks and the well worn granite boulders and stones below.

The photo I open with today comes from the 2010 International Day of Peace event which The Mandala Center presented last week. This was a beautiful event and I am so grateful to the visiting monks for making their prayer for peace on the planet right here in our corner of the state. Thank you to The Mandala Center for presenting this experience.

I'm still zinging from the amazing concert I saw in Santa Fe Monday evening. My friend Katherine met me at The Lensic Theatre to see Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. What an amazing show. This is a show to get your dreams up and into get down and move mode. WOW! Thank you Sharon Jones for being so generous with your talent and so righteous with your songs!!!

Earlier in September I spoke of the 2010 New Mexico Arts ArtsLink conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico in late August.... thought you might like to see some images from the workshop I presented. They can be viewed here: Mask-making - ArtsLink 2010.

On the way home from that conference I stopped in Cimarron, New Mexico to visit my friend Yvonne O'Brien, a photographer/writer, and her husband. Yvonne shared the exciting news that she has been accepted as an Artist in Resident at the Petrified Forest National Park for April 2011. She'll be there for a month, making images and writings immersed in an amazing place. In exchange she will present to park visitors and make a work that will become part of their collection. Congratulations Yvonne! You can see one of her images in Des Moines Village Hall which houses the local EMS 1% for art purchase.

We had a lively show here for our last Live @ Studio C! Many thanks to Jaecke & Ruby for presenting some local history on Emma Adams and also to George Greco for sharing his wonderful poetry with us. ~And who should walk in the door just now? Ruby & Jaecke! They came with a copy of the current enchantment news, in which our local paramedic Jan Pryor is featured in their Nuestros Vecinos series. They also brought the news that our very own Senior Citizen Center is hosting a show of art from the New Deal. On Wednesday, October 6th, there will be a talk about the New Deal presented by Kathy Flynn. For information or to register please call the Senior Center at 575-278-2144.

The next Live @ Studio C! will be on the night before Halloween... thus, I've decided that we simply must go with the season and offer a Halloween Costume preview get together.

Yippee! (Pardon my gleeful enthusiasm but I love costumes!) Only one rule applies: You must have created your costume yourself. You can get out the sewing machine or raid your closets and attic drawers to put together something wonderful. Costumes are not mandatory for entry, just a spirit of fun and frolic and a contribution for the peoples' choice 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place awards. Details to come. So, put on your creative thinking caps and get out your imagination. There is plenty of time to make a wonderful costume you can be proud of for years to come. Mark the date: October 30 - Halloween Eve Costume Party~ 5:30 p.m. Potluck and dance.

And finally, I come round to The Volcano!

The 2010 Capulin Volcano Run Around the Rim to benefit the Folsom Museum was a big success! You can visit Tim Keller's blogs (he has two) to see more photos from the run, the peace event and other happenings our corner of New Mexico.

So~ even as I swirl around in wild eddies of experience I seek peace and continuity and yes, sustainability. I am working on time management skills, scheduling in the tasks I want to maintain and striving to make it all come together. Stay with me, dear readers, I will achieve my goal of a weekly update. I appreciate all the support you give me and I reflect love and compassion back to you.

May you be imbued with happiness and all of its causes.

Till next time~


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some September Selections


While I was working on the mural this weekend I spent some time thinking about Live @ Studio C!
I thought you might enjoy a peek into the past with this photo of Tim playing the July show.

On September 25th, we'll have George Greco presenting an evening of inspirational poetic wisdom. Jaecke Hughes-Daniel will be sharing local history with us and of course, another reading from Cora Click's collection of local history. The open mike offers you an opportunity to share your talent in our warm and welcoming gathering.

Back to September's show, when asked to provide a bio George suggested I share that George is "athletically appointed, spiritually attuned, poetically inclined, wrapped in a package of adventure and still having fun!" He's a dynamic performer; I'm sure you will enjoy his poetry and the rest of the evening line up.

George will be running the 2010 Capulin Volcano Half Marathon Run the next morning. I'm excited about his appearance, looking forward to Jaecke's presentation and hoping that the open mike section will have more great talent; seems like there is a wave of shy that's come over a lot of people which is not to detract from the wonderful moment when Nathanial Franklin took the stage with Tim's guitar and sang us a couple of songs! Great voice, passionate delivery and guitar playing coming along. We all want him to come back. So don't be shy, come by the gallery to sign up now. I'd love to visit with you. Who knows, you may even get to help out with the mural... which is officially a "work in progress". Depends on where I am in the creative flow when you arrive.

While I was on the road last month I stopped at Santa Fe Baking Company to eat lunch and happened to be there when Mary Charlotte of KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio was recording her live interview for the next show. It was fun to see her with her interview going on and all the microphones, headsets and technology making it happen. I listen to the station online in the mornings when I'm not listening to Raton's own great morning talk radio show, KRTN 93.9's "This, that & the other".

Meanwhile, here at Studio C Gallery & ArtSpace, I'm preparing a sample of the new media surface for a new piece I've been thinking about. I've got a lot of ideas flowing and feeling the blessing of being able to pursue my art while also offering a place for people to gather and be creative and inspired by the creativity of the artists and artisans in the gallery.

Roxie from Interstate Auctioneers stopped by last week to let me know that she has an auction coming up on September 18th. Click here for the sale flyer for the sale in Lamont, Colorado.

I've got two pastel pieces in the 34th Annual International Art Exhibit and Sale presented by the Raton Arts & Humanities Council and International Bank in Raton New Mexico. The show is available for viewing 10:00 am - 4:00 pm in the downtown office of International Bank. A reception for the artists will be held Friday, September 10th, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. I hope some of you will stop by the bank and see the show. Feeling festive? Come to the reception! Thank you International Bank for the amazing support to local and regional artists and for providing a wonderful location for this show. Tim has three pieces so you can be sure we'll meet up Friday evening at the reception. I hope to see you there too!

I've got an order of big bend coffee roasters organic fair trade coffee coming in tomorrow! Yea! I love the smell of freshly roasted coffee. You simply must come by for a pound or two.... enjoy a cup while we visit "on the house"!

So, this has been a hodgepodge of news items indeed. Here is one last thing! I just ate the last sample of Biscochitos de Taos but I forgot to take a picture of the box before it was almost empty. Bummer... but! Doesn't it testify to how delicious they were? I had several visitors try them and we agreed that these are yummy. I'll be carrying them soon... as the holiday season comes on.

And on that sweet note~

Have a lovely week, stop by, tell your friends, send an email to and/or leave a comment here for others to enjoy.

I appreciate all the support flowing into the gallery and studio. Thank you!


Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Framed!

I've been doing a lot of traveling lately; alas, my promise to update the blog weekly has not been met. However, I am home now for a while and have lots of news. I thank you, loyal readers and visitors for checking in on me while I was out and about.

I also want to thank Karen Anderson who graciously agreed to reschedule her harp concert to November as the featured act at our upcoming 4th annual Show of Gratitude. Because the Juan Siddi Flamenco Dance Company was bringing their concert to the Shuler Theater I asked her to reschedule so we'd be sure to have a good audience for her. Turns out that several people were indeed planning on coming to hear her and we would have had a good night... However, in hindsight, it appears that it was my deep love of flamenco that was key to the decision to reschedule. I LOVE flamenco and was thrilled to accompany my husband on our 11th anniversary to see this absolutely brilliant show. Tim Keller was reviewing the show and so you can see some of Tim's photos from the show here at his blog.

It's a beautiful New Mexico Indian summer day here in Des Moines New Mexico.... the sun is bright and there is a crisp breeze fluffing the leaves in the trees and on the vines. I'm grateful to call New Mexico my home state and to have such a deep love for the land, weather and people of this enchanted land.

I had a very productive and informative time at the recent New Mexico Arts ArtsLink Conference. It was inspiring to hear experts in the field share their experiences and wisdom. This conference represented another example of the excellent services to art councils, art educators and artists that our state provides through the dedicated work of New Mexico Arts.

New in the gallery~ I've brought home four pieces of newly framed work. Two are awaiting the jurors' decision for the 34th annual International Art Exhibit and Sale coming up in Raton, New Mexico, one is already hanging in its new home in Las Vegas, New Mexico and two currently hang here at Studio C in the main gallery. I started the series in 2003 with photographs and a color pencil drawing. The series of five pastels was begun in 2007 and in 2010 has come to completion. It's been a long journey but the work comes in its own good time. I call the series The Road to Kindness. It's for the journey I'm embarked on as I strive to live my life authentic to my soul's creative voice and the gifts I want to honor.

There's new chocolate! In addition to the endangered species chocolate bars I carry I've added endangered species new line of covered morsels... nuts, berries, toffee and mixes. They have been tantalizing visitors and enriching home-made ice creams too. Yum!

Coming up at the end of September, Live at Studio C! looks to be a wonderful show. We have a spotlight presentation on local history given by Jaecke Hughes-Daniel and will feature the inspiring poetry of George Greco. The evening starts at 5:30 on Saturday September 25th on the eve the 3rd annual Capulin Volcano Run. I'll blog Wednesday about George who wowed our Live Poetry! campfire gathering in 2008, inspiring me so much that this year I asked him to come entertain us. I am thrilled to present him as our featured act.

Coming up soon, just three miles east of Studio C ~Gallery & ArtSpace, at The Mandala Center: International Day of Peace 2010. Studio C offers its sincere thanks to The Mandala Center for bringing a week full of wonderful, inspiring and special events promoting peace in the world to Union County New Mexico. What an amazing opportunity to experience Tibetan Mystical Arts in our neighborhood! A heartfelt welcome to the Buddhist monks and all the visitors, from far and near, who will come to our area to share in the experience.

And this labor day weekend I turn my attention to the west face of Studio C.... the paint cans will be opening soon, beginning phase two of my mural painting process. Having bit off a giant chunk of wall to paint, it will be a huge rush to finally see Galardias in full gargantuan bloom on the gallery. They are blooming now and their bright cheerful native blooms are my muses.

I hope you've enjoyed the news and invite you to prepare to share your talent, inspiration and stories at our open mike on the last Saturday of the month. Send an email to to let me know you want to sign up. I appreciate all who tell friends and family about the fun we have and the magic that happens when we listen to each other in a warm and welcoming circle.

May you experience bliss this weekend!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living Large ~ Learning, Listening, Loving & Leaping!

Lightning strikes! I'm ready to listen.

Studio C will host Live @ Studio C! this Saturday starting at 5:30. We'll have our monthly reading from Mrs. Click's "Us Nestors" and our open mike and then take a break to refill our coffee cups, tea glasses and maybe take another slice of banana bread and then we'll turn the stage over to Tim Keller. Tim sent out a humorous email earlier this week promoting his show telling folks that I force him to play every summer as one of our featured acts. Maybe you don't know that Tim was just about to record an album, No Stranger to Wishes, when I first met him... so in my heart he is a musician. The fact that he has turned his creative and artistic expression to writing and photography does not end my admiration for his music. I ask him to take a show each summer and he always accepts. I know you will enjoy this show and look forward to sharing this evening of live entertainment with you.

I'm feeling excited about August coming up. It'll be a busy month with inspiration flowing and art happening. I'm not quite done with the Road to Kindness series but I am excited to report that I've already sold one of the images to a collector of my work.

I'll be spending time at Ponder refilling the well of inspiration. I cherish the time I spend on our place south of Kiowa. The absolute beauty of this land heals my heart and gives free range to my soul.

I've got a new order of luscious Endangered Species chocolate bars coming in this Friday with more coming in next week. Endangered Species chocolates have added a new line of dark chocolate covered nuts and berries... yum!

So many reasons to come by the gallery and spend some time enjoying the creativity of all the artists and artisans showing in the gallery... and a great cup of organic free trade coffee.

August's Live @ Studio C! will be on Saturday August 28th. Karen Anderson will bring her harps for a show she is calling "Cha cha cha!: A World of Dance on the Harp". We'll be going up against The Shuler Theater's presentation of Juan Siddi Flamenco Company. I mention this because I LOVE flamenco dance. But I also LOVE Karen Anderson's harp performance. So it's not that hard to choose. In fact it's really wonderful to have such wonderful choices to make here in the northeastern corner of New Mexico.

And so I leave you with loads of love and leagues of joyous laughter ~for that is good medicine we can always take benefit from.

Leave a comment here at the blog or send an email to
I'd love to hear from you!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Peace Through Culture

Today I'm in the studio getting ready to work on the fifth and final piece of my current pastel series, The Road to Kindness. I've been struggling to finish this series for months now; the last piece is ready for my attention. I'll look into the fourth piece to find my focus then make those shapes and colors fill the last sheet of grit coated paper. I've spent time looking for the place to focus, which I've posted today... still, I have not decided. I let that happen when I finally do sit down to my drawing board. The Road to Kindness series has reflected my quest to find myself. Realizing that I cannot be compassionate to others without realizing compassion for myself has been a long time in coming. I've been reading many different texts on the subjects of becoming enlightened, realizing personal authenticity and awakening to compassion. In my search for my "true north" I've realized that compassion must begin inside. That is why the direction, "physician, heal thyself". I'm very grateful for all that life has brought me. Without trials good and bad we cannot become the people we've always wanted to become. I'm feeling strong again, waking up excited about the day ahead, finding I have more energy than I've had in years.

Imagine if you will... that time, that strangely plastic concept, might not be the way we think of it. Perhaps we wake to our dreams while in our dreams we are as we are meant to be. Now this might not be so good if one is having lots of anxiety dreams or nightmares I admit. Why this thought you ask?

Well, time is an enigma, it is said.... in fact it is said so frequently that the phrase has become a cliche.... but the riddle is real. What is time? Why does it flow so erratically? Do our clocks measure it or do they shackle us? I looked up the meaning of enigma and found several interesting sites. This one caught my attention: an artist & photographer in Zimbabwe musing on time, nature and our collective relationship. So, I'm philosophical today. Yesterday my husband Tim was. I spoke over his announcement and never did let him share his philosophical thoughts. I noticed it an hour later... I must have been lost to my own frantic rush to get in a "good productive" day.

The day was a good one, with important tasks accomplished, and also with quality time spent with family, and a long walk along the railroad tracks. I was able to accept that those things that did not get done, this blog for instance, would not make the day less than it was. The riddle of time was not solved... Maybe in dreams the answers were forming...

On August 31st Live @ Studio C! will feature Tim Keller. He's asked me to let you know that he prefers to focus on his songwriting for this show. I know you'll enjoy exploring his songwriting web pages. You can check out his past musical touring schedule and hear some of his music. Hearing him live is a treat you won't want to miss. We are looking forward to having you here on Saturday July 31st! The show starts at 5:30 p.m. We'll have the open mike so bring along some songs of your own... or poems and pictures. We've got several people on the list already and hope to have several more share tales and inspiration.

And with that final note~


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Returning, Reunions, Revelations & Rain ...Please?

I hope this post finds my readers happy and enjoying the fruits of these glorious summer days.

Oh, dear me, is that too vibrant an opening for you? It's just that I find myself feeling delighted, amused and delirious with Joy today. For those of you not able to handle this exuberance: Have some watermelon and cool off~ I say!

Just returned from Ponder, having taken some time-away-from-it-all where Tim & I enjoyed the blissful sounds one encounters in remoteness: crickets, nighthawks, a family of elk, a variety of melodious bird songs and not much else besides our own breathing. The time was well spent, reading, listening, hoping to hear... revitalizing and renewing.

So now we are back. I'm in the studio getting the business side of Studio C caught up. Promo first:

Coming up on July 31st is Live @ Studio C! which will feature Tim Keller with his mix of songs, poetry and stories. Tim has been newly inspired to sing thanks in large part to requests made by his brother, daughter and our friend Mike. While we were in Los Angeles over Fathers' Day weekend, Tim's brother Terry shared his new songs with us and his daughter Darcy made some requests for songs (She used to sing along when she toured with Tim when she was a little girl). Don't forget that we have a place for you too! Our open mike is always a treat and folks have already begun signing up! You'll be able to see some of Tim's framed photographs in the gallery but in the meantime check out his website. I like to link to his blog which is a fun place to start in his site.

Future Live @ Studio C! Events: August 28th will feature Karen Anderson with her harps, George Greco with poetry and inspiration form a life of running on September 25th, and a halloween costume contest on October 30th. November 27th will be the 4th annual Show of Gratitude. It's easy to remember which day to plan on coming out for a great night of live entertainment: the last Saturday of the month, except in November when it's the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Mark your planners and book a trip out to lively Des Moines New Mexico. You'll be glad that you did!

Aside from the wonderful art on display in the gallery, we now have freshly roasted coffee beans for sale, and freshly ground coffee perked daily. It's a real pleasure to have big bend coffee roaster's beans here for sale. I'm carrying four beans all of which are fair-trade, organic beans. I've also got free wi-fi. It's a lovely place to visit and be inspired. I look forward to sharing it with you. Mention this blog title when you visit and I'll give you 10% off this week.

Yes, that means I'm back on weekly update schedule. You can count on it. I've been working with some new ideas and find my creative juices are flowing once again. I've realized a need to take care of my creative self. I am on the Road To Kindness for myself as I work to grow my capacity for kindness to others.

Speaking of creating a better world... Reducing and reusing come before recycling. When I send customers home with their purchases I am reusing bags... you'd be amazed at how many of you have bags of bags stored somewhere looking for something to do with them... It's sexy to conserve resources and Studio C is a place to be, not only creative, but also conservative.

So~ thunder speaks in agreement. I hope you enjoyed the post, and will share your thoughts in the comments... or send an email to

Thanks for your support and remember to speak with encouragement to your own inner artist.

Til next week~

Be Glorious!


P.S. It's raining now! Praise Be~

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May Storm Clouds ~ Spring Flowers

The winds have died down and the day is full of possibilities. Creating space to work and be inspired... first class day is Saturday. I've decided to set the studio class room up for collage. I'm thinking what better way to spend part of a day this glorious Memorial Day weekend? Collage is such a wonderful way to visualize ideas that are deep in your imagination. Worlds of emotion and feeling are made visible for the viewer. Fantasies for home and nature are made visible... facilitating the journey in making them real.

Speaking of creating a better world, and we always are in some way, reducing and reusing come before recycling. Something to remember as I sift through the resources I've gathered over time for making paper, sculptures and collage. The thought for the day, is flow. In fact let's take a moment to find a really great quote to inspire the vibrant flow of creativity....

"Life is easier to take than you'd think; all that is necessary is to accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, and bear the intolerable." ~ Kathleen Norris

As I look at my collection of junk from the perspective of resource management I realize that if you look at what you have in trying to create something of value... something artistic, your process leads to a final piece that is original and innovative in a way it could not have been had you gone shopping for materials. Reusing is a path to reducing and recycling is a process of life we are continually engaged in.

As we remember the fallen heroes and pray for peace so our sons and daughters and their children and grandchildren live long and joyful lives, let us keep our hearts open to our neighbors and their new visions and to new perspectives and new collaborations.

With this in mind I invite your comments and thoughts.

Be Happy!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Working With the Rain

Another cold, rainy, wintery-spring day here in Des Moines New Mexico. The rain is great and when spring finally does land the green that's begun cannot help but be stunning.

This morning I stopped at KRTN radio to give a plug for Summer Art! on their morning show: This That & the Other. Buddy was working solo today and was gracious as ever helping me to get the word out about classes being offered this summer. The picture I've posted shows a wonderful mask made last spring by one of my students. I'm offering mask-making again this summer along with many other classes. Check out the flyer for more details!

I'm offering all classes "on-demand" and hope this delivery will result in Studio C having a successful summer full of creative exploration and discovery! Classes will be scheduled first come first serve so contact me early to be sure you get the dates you want. I'll keep you posted on classes and scheduling as it happens here at Studio C ~ Gallery & ArtSpace.

Live @ Studio C! is coming up on Saturday May 29th. This falls on Memorial Day weekend and I'm sorry to say I've not been able to schedule a featured act yet. Even so we'll be here with open minds and hearts looking forward to listening to the stories and poetry that open mike brings. Tim will read from Mrs. Click's history. I predict that there will be a great flow of traffic by the gallery and will put out the signs to invite folks to stop and share their stories and memories in honor of this day of remembrance. The show starts at 5:30... I'll put the sign up sheet out today for the open mike portion of the show. If you are planning on attending and would like to sign up for open mike you can send an email to

Margaret C. just called... she and I have been working together to present the last two Guest Vendor Open Houses. She has expanded her group and they have decided to move their gathering to our local village hall where there is a kitchen for their use. They'll keep the same date but it will now be located across the street and down the block. If you are interested in joining her collective or have questions send Margaret an email.

It's a quiet time for me and the cloud that's descended on our town lends a mystical atmosphere to the day here at Studio C ~ArtSpace & Gallery. The new leaves on the silver lace and clematis vines outside are drenched in moisture. The last few days have been dry and windy so I know the land is soaking up this moisture in gratitude. I am grateful to have this opportunity to work creatively in this beautiful area of New Mexico with so many wonderfully talented people.

Be well and enjoy the day~


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Adjusting to Reality~

Spring's crop of tulips has been generous and the warm air is welcome here in the cool confines of Studio C's cinderblock walls.

I've been really busy since last week here at the gallery... rode my first 25 mile bike ride, entertained my mom and our friend Tessa for an over-night stay, attended the Raton High School Arts Awards Ceremony, and most importantly, came up with a plan for Summer Art!

Summer Art! will offer classes by demand this summer. Class days are Thursday, Friday and Saturdays with the morning class period 10:30 - 12:00 and afternoon 1:30 - 3:00. Class days begin May 29th with the schedule closing August 7th. Classes to choose from are: Papier-mâché Sculpture, Costume Design, Mask Making, Digital Photography, Collage, Hand-painted T-Shirts, Pastel on Paper, Mural Painting, Hand-made Paper and Color Pencil Drawing.

I will book classes on a first come first serve basis with four students. Ages accepted are 8 years to 98 years! At Studio C! creativity is honored and advanced through multi-generational classes which nurture the imagination of each student. If you are interested in booking a class please send an email to

This schedule allows me to provide quality arts learning experiences that serve you in your busy schedule. I know time and finances are tight this year so rather than creating a static class schedule that you have to work around, I realize I can maximize my ability to respond to the needs of my customers by leaving the classes open to booking. You'll help me in that you are bringing in four students, my minimum to hold a class. It is a "win-win" booking device. I'll cap the maximum students per class to seven students so every student receives quality time and attention. And, I'll thank you in advance for helping me to book these classes. I appreciate your support and look forward to art happening here!

I am bringing in three visiting teachers to teach classes in Dramatic Technique, Found Assemblages and Computer Art. Kathryn Engel will teach Dramatic Technique, Inge Bobek will teach Found Assemblages and Sasha Jensen will teach Computer Art. Dramatic Technique class is available June 10 - 12 and the Found Assemblages class is available June 25 - 26. Sasha's Computer Art class can be booked as best fits your schedule within our class times.

There is a materials fee for the Hand-painted T-Shirts and the Mask Making classes. Students must provide their own cameras for the Digital Photography class and their own laptop for the Computer Art classes. Studio C provides printing services at reasonable costs.

If you have questions I'm happy to answer them! Give me a call here at the studio at 575-278-3517. Leave a message on the voice mail or better yet, call during regular gallery hours Thursday - Saturday 10:00 - 4:00 mst, or Sunday noon - 4:00.

I'm looking forward to a great summer of making art and facilitating creativity in the community! Out of town guests are more than welcome. If you are interested in visiting Des Moines, New Mexico and would like to plan a week of art classes, sightseeing, and experiencing life in small town rural America, give me a call and I'll help you plan a wonderful visit to our community.

So, there it is!

Friday, April 30, 2010

It's spring inside the gallery here at Studio C... looking like another chilly winter day outside.

This week we have freshly roasted great coffee beans so I'm looking forward to seeing local customers come in to take advantage of the opportunity to buy organic fair trade whole beans here in Des Moines, New Mexico.

I had a lovely first Live @ Studio C! event last Saturday. It was an intimate gathering with almost everyone sharing something during the open mike. I want to thank Katherine Engel especially for her spotlight appearance and to Tim Keller for reading from Us Nesters in the Land of Enchantment, compiled by Mrs. N.H. (Cora) Click, edited by Mrs. Charles E. (Nita) Leierer. We welcomed new guests Rosalie and Steve who joined Lori in bringing the evening to fruition. Thank you all for supporting this event. Our next Live @ Studio C! will be on May 29th. Details to come soon. Now June's event, on June 26th, will feature Jim Irwin reading from his memoir: Eighty years in New Mexico. I met Jim through my friends Tom & Jan who suggested him as a good match for the Live @ Studio C! event. Jim grew up in the small town of Mt. Dora east of here. He's lived a long, happy, rich life and he loves to talk about it. I'm happy to highlight local history as experienced by Jim. Be sure to mark your calendars for this date and join in the fun. Bring a friend and if you like, something to contribute to the open mike portion of the show.

You may have noticed that I've been noting local events in many of my blogs past, and I love doing that however, it has occurred to me that I need to focus on what is going on here at Studio C! I'm going to be investing more of my time and energy to the gallery in the upcoming months although there are still a couple of obligations I have which will get time and energy for a while. It feels right to be editing my task list in this way.

I've been working on a website finally.... Mike has worked to create the frame work and get me up to speed on the development. I've got to flesh out the site and this will require regular work-sessions. I hope to go live with the site this summer. Will keep you posted as it takes form.

I'm also hanging works I've created in the galleries. The photograph for today is a detail from a piece I call Ode to Frida ~ For Joyful Dancing.

And probably most importantly I have to get the class schedule for Summer Art! set and publish the information so that we'll have a summer full of great art and creativity flowing around here. So that brings me to a close here at the blog today! You can guess what I'm moving on to next.

Be Well and Happy!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Songs~ Heart Strings

Happy Earth Day!

Today is the 40th annual Earth Day. I remember the first earth day event I went to with my family at Ft. Marcy's field in Santa Fe. There were so many ideas for conserving energy and making sure our air, water and land stay clean and beautiful. It was a bright sunny day and we had fun learning about ways to protect the Mother Earth we live on.

I'm enjoying the day sitting here in the studio side of Studio C. I started the day with a conversation with Arts in Education Specialist Terry Liu of the National Endowment for the Arts. He gave me feedback on the Learning in the Arts grant application I wrote on behalf of the Des Moines Schools. Our grant was not funded this cycle but Mr. Liu's commentary and suggestions will inform future grant applications. Mr. Liu encouraged me to pursue the program as it shows great potential to provide excellence in learning through arts in the community. I appreciate his time and am inspired to continue my work in this field.

Once the blog is up I'll be preparing for my night of poetry and song coming up this Saturday, April 24th. Live @ Studio C! offers live entertainment in Des Moines, New Mexico including an "open mike" section when anyone can share song, story, music, poetry, history, or even dance and visual arts. We'll be adding a local history segment with Tim Keller reading from Us Nesters in the Land of Enchantment, compiled by Mrs. N.H. (Cora) Click, edited by Mrs. Charles E. (Nita) Leierer. The stories were written c1967-8, though they weren't published until 1980. Most focus on the period 1906-1916, more or less, when Des Moines was a rapidly-growing hub. Thanks to Tom Pryor for sharing. In the spotlight Saturday night will be Kathryn Engel with original and earth inspired poetry. I'm looking forward to hearing all the wonderful talent that gathers for this special monthly event. If you have questions send an email to

This weekend is a busy one with the Shuler Theatre celebrating its 95th anniversary with four days of celebratory events. Studio C says congratulations to a wonderful venue, a true treasure of northeastern New Mexico. Salutations to everyone who has played a part in keeping this beautiful theatre alive and thriving!

Cimarron's ShortGrass Music Festival is holding an all school art contest for the cover image for the fall concert weekend program. Entries are due May 15th, three weeks away. Students of elementary, middle and high schools of Colfax, Union, Harding and Mora counties are eligible to enter. Questions: Email or Email

I checked out a book at the Rural Bookmobile parked at Des Moines Schools yesterday. I'm always thrilled to see the Bookmobile drive into town. The New Mexico State Library which is a division of the Office of Cultural Affairs provides rural New Mexico with monthly access to books. They take requests and will bring you what you want. I've been waiting for some books on Andy Goldsworthy, an environmental artist whose work stuns me with it's breathtaking creativity. The bookmobile is a tremendous service to the citizens of New Mexico.

I love living in remote rural New Mexico and I love that New Mexico provides literary outreach to residents here in the volcanic high plains. Truly this land is enchanted. Truly this Earth is a blessed place to seek spiritual awakening. Each of us have our destiny. Each of us walk in Beauty. May we see in each other a friend and an inspiration. May we welcome each other into our dreams for peace and sustainability.

Happy Earth Day!


Friday, April 16, 2010

On Angels' Wings Come Joyful Songs~

On this rainy breezy Scottish day in New Mexico I'm giving thanks to all the wonderful people who've walked through the doors here at Studio C in northeastern New Mexico.

Yesterday Roxie, Mike, Georgia, Brianna, Derek & David brought new ideas and energy into the gallery during a full day of visits and sharing. Today I am feeling the afterglow that genuine connections spark. Add to that, I sent Mike home with his new pastel. What a great day!

Today's image comes from last Sunday when the gallery opened up to three guest vendors for the second event of what we plan to repeat every 4 to 6 weeks. Studio C had a steady stream of guests and business was steady for the guest vendors. Margaret, Marsha & Nicole brought gifts that everyone can enjoy and presented their products elegantly; with their warm and friendly salesmanship the energy in the galleries was enhanced. I was inspired! We're all so excited about how things are going with these Open Houses that we've booked Sunday June 13th for the next one. Mark your calendars!

That's it for now!

Enjoy the mist and be warm~


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Authenticity ~ Finding Flow

The sun shines on a beautiful day here in northeastern New Mexico.... though inside my hands are stiff with the cold.

Today is typical New Mexican spring time... cold in the shadows and warm in the sun. So, as it is a magical day and upstairs Suite B's porch is warm and sunny, I'll move outside to warm up these flying fingers.

Mucho better!

I'm feeling rejuvenated after a mini-holiday with my love (he's on Spring break this week) spent at Heart's Desire B&B in Raton New Mexico.

We stayed in the Victorian room for two days and had a wonderful time. Barbara Riley is the owner and hostess at this most cozy & charming inn. We highly recommend it to all who travel though the area.

Friday evening is the reception for The 4th Annual Ralph Solano Memorial Photography Show. Photographers, artists and the public will be on hand to congratulate the award winners as they are announced during the event. I'm looking forward to being there and to seeing who takes home what award. The show has a strong mix of images which gurantees that everyone will find something to enjoy. I encourage you to plan on being there to mingle and support the arts in our region.

Saturday the West Gallery in Studio C will transform into a photography studio as Tim Keller brings in a client who has commissioned some portraits. I'm thrilled to see the space being used in so many different ways to support the arts and artists in our community. If you are interested in booking an event at Studio C send an email to and we can work it out.

Sunday is another exciting event: our second Open House for Guest Vendors. Come by from noon to four to see what we have in addition to our regular art & crafts. Margaret, Nicole & Marsha are looking forward to sharing their wares with you. We might have a couple more vendors show up so do stop by for a visit.



P.S. About the photograph: A pastel I did several years ago to help promote the Art & the Volcano project which partnered The Mandala Center, Capulin Volcano National Monument and the Des Moines Schools.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Community in Joy

Fresh from Rusty Southard's kiln to Studio C ~ Handmade coffee & tea mugs. Come by for a cup on the house while you visit!

I'm excited to have new coffee mugs for my guests to sample the wonderful coffee available for sale in the gallery... and to share the energy of spring coming into the door these days.

I've been talking to local artists about teaching classes this summer and have Sasha Jensen and Lori Coon on board. Check out the new flyer for additional details.

Next Sunday we hold another
Open House with Margaret Chacon, Nicole Girardin, and Marsha Strom bringing in jewelry, soaps, tie-dye, incense and more! Join us on the 11th from 1:00 to 4:00. There'll be something for everyone as I open up the gallery to these wonderful women. You won't want to miss it if you are in the area.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I'll be spending the afternoon working on some decorative eggs. I invite you to come spend some time with me Sunday April 4th from 1:00 - 3:30 pm. I'll have blown eggs and all kinds of materials to decorate the eggs with. Sunday Afternoon Fun! Come check it out!

Speaking of coffee! It's freshly ground and freshly perked and ready to pour... and my cup is empty so give me just a jiff to fill it up again and continue on with the news!

And... I'm back and happy~ I just love a great cup of coffee... which is why I sell big bend coffee roaster's fair-trade organic whole bean coffees and brew it up fresh each day for you to enjoy here or to-go. It's been an adventure to take on coffee sales in addition to art and locally produced crafts and I'm thrilled to be growing Studio C here in Des Moines New Mexico.

I'm also excited to have the studio reaching a new degree of organization and readiness to make art in. I fully intended to make art here... but the business of learning to run a business has taken me on a long detour which I am happy to report is now returning me to the original intent.

I love to teach through art in a mixed setting where children and adults are equals as students even as experience and abilities vary. My observation in presenting class over the years shows that adults have much to gain from the creative freedom children possess while children are empowered to realize that adults like to learn! It's a win win situation that inspires me. This summer will be a new chapter in Summer Art! here at Studio C in Des Moines. I look forward to seeing what happens! I hope you'll take a class and if you are interested in teaching one that you'll send me an email at

Tim Keller will be stopping by on his way to the Spahn Bison Ranch to work on some portraits in his current creative quest. We'll be spending some time at Heart's Desire B&B later in the month.... another great place to know about as you decide to visit our area and plan to stay awhile.

And now to set up my installation piece Ode to Frida in honor of Spring's return and the renewal we all have access to in this season.

With Joy in Community~


Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Snow Storm Brings Nine Inches to Des Moines New Mexico!

We had another snow storm yesterday and Hwy 64/87 is now open after being closed since 2:30 am yesterday.

I'm writing cozy at home where the inspiration is warm and toasty...
even as sparkling snow drifts are calling me to come with the snow shovel.

Snow drifts and bone chilling cold do not however stop the processes of creativity!

News from Yvonne O'Brien, one of Studio C's artists, is that she will be the juror for the the Ralph Solano Memorial Photography Show presented by The Raton Arts & Humanities Council. The prospectus is available with an entry deadline of April 2. Congratulations photographers! Yvonne will do a wonderful job in this role.

I'm taking a trip to Santa Fe in April to attend The Arts in Crisis a symposium presented by The Kennedy Center, Santa Fe Symphony and Chorus and The Santa Fe Opera at Stieren Hall on Tuesday April 13th. The event will give local arts organizations, advocates and citizens an opportunity to hear information presented by Kennedy Center president Michael Kaiser though their Arts in Crisis: A Kennedy Center Initiative and to dialogue with him during a morning event. Mr. Kaiser "will address the challenges facing non-profit performing arts organizations today though such areas as fundraising, building more effective Boards of Trustees, budgeting, and marketing." I'll be attending with three other local arts advocates, filling my Kia Optima with interested individuals. I have two seats still available so if you are in the Raton area and are interested in taking this day trip with me please email to reserve your seat. If we get more we'll make it a caravan!

Remember that Saturday is Live @ Studio C! our first gathering since our Show of Gratitude in November. We'll have our open mike and a storytelling circle so come with news to share, hearts open to songs and tales from friends and neighbors, and musical instruments to liven up the evening.

If you are in Trinidad you could decide to stay in town and see Jim Jones at Concerts for Causes event held Saturday March 27th at A Little Catering Company. Check out the poster for details.

So, that's my news for the week. I'll look forward to hearing your tales at Live @ Studio C! Saturday evening.... and if you come to this site from far off, feel free to leave a comment and even a poem or a song. I may even read it for you at the show.

Till Later,

Stay Warm and Give Thanks for all you enjoy~