Saturday, June 15, 2013


LaCa, land of quiet mornings in the Pacific Palisades, early morning writings and today, menu planning. It's been three years since my last visit. Feels great to be on vacation with a wide open schedule and no particular place to go. Truly vacation time!  Much gratitude for this break from my "normal" life! Lots to ponder here in the early morning mist.

Our life in Raton is so vibrant and rich, just some of the things to ponder: We've made a huge leap with Poets In The Schools, one of my pride and joys. We've settled into a wondrous new home which is slowly showing it's true glory as summer unfolds and the gardens' secrets are revealed. Sorrows too, as we've found ourselves mourning the departure of some good friends and wonderful citizens whom we looked forward to spending time with...

So... this little note serves as the toe-step into the waters of blogging. I've been away from this site for just about two years. Consider this a ping. And thanks for keeping the faith. I know you're out there.