Friday, April 30, 2010

It's spring inside the gallery here at Studio C... looking like another chilly winter day outside.

This week we have freshly roasted great coffee beans so I'm looking forward to seeing local customers come in to take advantage of the opportunity to buy organic fair trade whole beans here in Des Moines, New Mexico.

I had a lovely first Live @ Studio C! event last Saturday. It was an intimate gathering with almost everyone sharing something during the open mike. I want to thank Katherine Engel especially for her spotlight appearance and to Tim Keller for reading from Us Nesters in the Land of Enchantment, compiled by Mrs. N.H. (Cora) Click, edited by Mrs. Charles E. (Nita) Leierer. We welcomed new guests Rosalie and Steve who joined Lori in bringing the evening to fruition. Thank you all for supporting this event. Our next Live @ Studio C! will be on May 29th. Details to come soon. Now June's event, on June 26th, will feature Jim Irwin reading from his memoir: Eighty years in New Mexico. I met Jim through my friends Tom & Jan who suggested him as a good match for the Live @ Studio C! event. Jim grew up in the small town of Mt. Dora east of here. He's lived a long, happy, rich life and he loves to talk about it. I'm happy to highlight local history as experienced by Jim. Be sure to mark your calendars for this date and join in the fun. Bring a friend and if you like, something to contribute to the open mike portion of the show.

You may have noticed that I've been noting local events in many of my blogs past, and I love doing that however, it has occurred to me that I need to focus on what is going on here at Studio C! I'm going to be investing more of my time and energy to the gallery in the upcoming months although there are still a couple of obligations I have which will get time and energy for a while. It feels right to be editing my task list in this way.

I've been working on a website finally.... Mike has worked to create the frame work and get me up to speed on the development. I've got to flesh out the site and this will require regular work-sessions. I hope to go live with the site this summer. Will keep you posted as it takes form.

I'm also hanging works I've created in the galleries. The photograph for today is a detail from a piece I call Ode to Frida ~ For Joyful Dancing.

And probably most importantly I have to get the class schedule for Summer Art! set and publish the information so that we'll have a summer full of great art and creativity flowing around here. So that brings me to a close here at the blog today! You can guess what I'm moving on to next.

Be Well and Happy!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Songs~ Heart Strings

Happy Earth Day!

Today is the 40th annual Earth Day. I remember the first earth day event I went to with my family at Ft. Marcy's field in Santa Fe. There were so many ideas for conserving energy and making sure our air, water and land stay clean and beautiful. It was a bright sunny day and we had fun learning about ways to protect the Mother Earth we live on.

I'm enjoying the day sitting here in the studio side of Studio C. I started the day with a conversation with Arts in Education Specialist Terry Liu of the National Endowment for the Arts. He gave me feedback on the Learning in the Arts grant application I wrote on behalf of the Des Moines Schools. Our grant was not funded this cycle but Mr. Liu's commentary and suggestions will inform future grant applications. Mr. Liu encouraged me to pursue the program as it shows great potential to provide excellence in learning through arts in the community. I appreciate his time and am inspired to continue my work in this field.

Once the blog is up I'll be preparing for my night of poetry and song coming up this Saturday, April 24th. Live @ Studio C! offers live entertainment in Des Moines, New Mexico including an "open mike" section when anyone can share song, story, music, poetry, history, or even dance and visual arts. We'll be adding a local history segment with Tim Keller reading from Us Nesters in the Land of Enchantment, compiled by Mrs. N.H. (Cora) Click, edited by Mrs. Charles E. (Nita) Leierer. The stories were written c1967-8, though they weren't published until 1980. Most focus on the period 1906-1916, more or less, when Des Moines was a rapidly-growing hub. Thanks to Tom Pryor for sharing. In the spotlight Saturday night will be Kathryn Engel with original and earth inspired poetry. I'm looking forward to hearing all the wonderful talent that gathers for this special monthly event. If you have questions send an email to

This weekend is a busy one with the Shuler Theatre celebrating its 95th anniversary with four days of celebratory events. Studio C says congratulations to a wonderful venue, a true treasure of northeastern New Mexico. Salutations to everyone who has played a part in keeping this beautiful theatre alive and thriving!

Cimarron's ShortGrass Music Festival is holding an all school art contest for the cover image for the fall concert weekend program. Entries are due May 15th, three weeks away. Students of elementary, middle and high schools of Colfax, Union, Harding and Mora counties are eligible to enter. Questions: Email or Email

I checked out a book at the Rural Bookmobile parked at Des Moines Schools yesterday. I'm always thrilled to see the Bookmobile drive into town. The New Mexico State Library which is a division of the Office of Cultural Affairs provides rural New Mexico with monthly access to books. They take requests and will bring you what you want. I've been waiting for some books on Andy Goldsworthy, an environmental artist whose work stuns me with it's breathtaking creativity. The bookmobile is a tremendous service to the citizens of New Mexico.

I love living in remote rural New Mexico and I love that New Mexico provides literary outreach to residents here in the volcanic high plains. Truly this land is enchanted. Truly this Earth is a blessed place to seek spiritual awakening. Each of us have our destiny. Each of us walk in Beauty. May we see in each other a friend and an inspiration. May we welcome each other into our dreams for peace and sustainability.

Happy Earth Day!


Friday, April 16, 2010

On Angels' Wings Come Joyful Songs~

On this rainy breezy Scottish day in New Mexico I'm giving thanks to all the wonderful people who've walked through the doors here at Studio C in northeastern New Mexico.

Yesterday Roxie, Mike, Georgia, Brianna, Derek & David brought new ideas and energy into the gallery during a full day of visits and sharing. Today I am feeling the afterglow that genuine connections spark. Add to that, I sent Mike home with his new pastel. What a great day!

Today's image comes from last Sunday when the gallery opened up to three guest vendors for the second event of what we plan to repeat every 4 to 6 weeks. Studio C had a steady stream of guests and business was steady for the guest vendors. Margaret, Marsha & Nicole brought gifts that everyone can enjoy and presented their products elegantly; with their warm and friendly salesmanship the energy in the galleries was enhanced. I was inspired! We're all so excited about how things are going with these Open Houses that we've booked Sunday June 13th for the next one. Mark your calendars!

That's it for now!

Enjoy the mist and be warm~


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Authenticity ~ Finding Flow

The sun shines on a beautiful day here in northeastern New Mexico.... though inside my hands are stiff with the cold.

Today is typical New Mexican spring time... cold in the shadows and warm in the sun. So, as it is a magical day and upstairs Suite B's porch is warm and sunny, I'll move outside to warm up these flying fingers.

Mucho better!

I'm feeling rejuvenated after a mini-holiday with my love (he's on Spring break this week) spent at Heart's Desire B&B in Raton New Mexico.

We stayed in the Victorian room for two days and had a wonderful time. Barbara Riley is the owner and hostess at this most cozy & charming inn. We highly recommend it to all who travel though the area.

Friday evening is the reception for The 4th Annual Ralph Solano Memorial Photography Show. Photographers, artists and the public will be on hand to congratulate the award winners as they are announced during the event. I'm looking forward to being there and to seeing who takes home what award. The show has a strong mix of images which gurantees that everyone will find something to enjoy. I encourage you to plan on being there to mingle and support the arts in our region.

Saturday the West Gallery in Studio C will transform into a photography studio as Tim Keller brings in a client who has commissioned some portraits. I'm thrilled to see the space being used in so many different ways to support the arts and artists in our community. If you are interested in booking an event at Studio C send an email to and we can work it out.

Sunday is another exciting event: our second Open House for Guest Vendors. Come by from noon to four to see what we have in addition to our regular art & crafts. Margaret, Nicole & Marsha are looking forward to sharing their wares with you. We might have a couple more vendors show up so do stop by for a visit.



P.S. About the photograph: A pastel I did several years ago to help promote the Art & the Volcano project which partnered The Mandala Center, Capulin Volcano National Monument and the Des Moines Schools.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Community in Joy

Fresh from Rusty Southard's kiln to Studio C ~ Handmade coffee & tea mugs. Come by for a cup on the house while you visit!

I'm excited to have new coffee mugs for my guests to sample the wonderful coffee available for sale in the gallery... and to share the energy of spring coming into the door these days.

I've been talking to local artists about teaching classes this summer and have Sasha Jensen and Lori Coon on board. Check out the new flyer for additional details.

Next Sunday we hold another
Open House with Margaret Chacon, Nicole Girardin, and Marsha Strom bringing in jewelry, soaps, tie-dye, incense and more! Join us on the 11th from 1:00 to 4:00. There'll be something for everyone as I open up the gallery to these wonderful women. You won't want to miss it if you are in the area.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I'll be spending the afternoon working on some decorative eggs. I invite you to come spend some time with me Sunday April 4th from 1:00 - 3:30 pm. I'll have blown eggs and all kinds of materials to decorate the eggs with. Sunday Afternoon Fun! Come check it out!

Speaking of coffee! It's freshly ground and freshly perked and ready to pour... and my cup is empty so give me just a jiff to fill it up again and continue on with the news!

And... I'm back and happy~ I just love a great cup of coffee... which is why I sell big bend coffee roaster's fair-trade organic whole bean coffees and brew it up fresh each day for you to enjoy here or to-go. It's been an adventure to take on coffee sales in addition to art and locally produced crafts and I'm thrilled to be growing Studio C here in Des Moines New Mexico.

I'm also excited to have the studio reaching a new degree of organization and readiness to make art in. I fully intended to make art here... but the business of learning to run a business has taken me on a long detour which I am happy to report is now returning me to the original intent.

I love to teach through art in a mixed setting where children and adults are equals as students even as experience and abilities vary. My observation in presenting class over the years shows that adults have much to gain from the creative freedom children possess while children are empowered to realize that adults like to learn! It's a win win situation that inspires me. This summer will be a new chapter in Summer Art! here at Studio C in Des Moines. I look forward to seeing what happens! I hope you'll take a class and if you are interested in teaching one that you'll send me an email at

Tim Keller will be stopping by on his way to the Spahn Bison Ranch to work on some portraits in his current creative quest. We'll be spending some time at Heart's Desire B&B later in the month.... another great place to know about as you decide to visit our area and plan to stay awhile.

And now to set up my installation piece Ode to Frida in honor of Spring's return and the renewal we all have access to in this season.

With Joy in Community~