Monday, June 27, 2011

Loving As Many Things/People/Places as Possible

Sunset Approaches Capulin Volcano Under Smoky Skies
I am looking at all the images of smoke and flame and reading news of fires burning here in the southwest, realizing that I am a bit stressed. I live 38 miles east of Raton, New Mexico where the Raton Track Fire burnt over 27,792 acres and still burns, though 90% contained at this time, down 8% since last week... 

Having smoke in your house from fires burning in more that five areas of New Mexico, not including AZ and OK and TX, is a stress.

I recently read in The New Mexican that the New Mexico tourism office is fielding concerns from the tourism industry regarding cancellations of reservations. It appears to those outside of our area that the "whole southwest is burning". So, with this in mind I am inspired to create some non-flammable fireworks of my own. 

I'm headed over to my studio where I am working on a new series of pastel paintings on canvas. The colors in the piece I am working on now are so bright they could pass as fireworks!

I'm feeling philosophical about all the disasters that are happening all over the earth... It has occurred to me that until we treat the earth as we treat our most cherished family we will continue to feel her anger. I've long thought of Mother Earth as a sacred cherished sentient being. I imagine our planet has endured our greedy exploitations of her life blood for too long, waiting for us to feel satiated. She perceives now that we have not learned to use her gifts with empathy, compassion and gratitude... and now, like a dog who is overrun with fleas, she shakes herself to rid herself of the infestation.

I am heartened to learn of the green initiatives going on in Sweden... I know there are so many of us who long to be able to live with Nature and in harmony with what we have...

As we live through our personal experiences of disaster, I trust we will gain new understanding for what it is that really matters. This story about a group of Russian "babushkas" underlines that idea, that from our pain we can find ways to be more compassionate and hopeful.
I also know that we must continue to live with hope and love in our hearts... and to enjoy all the wonderful opportunities we have in our worlds. This weekend Tim and I went into Raton to see The Santa Fe Trail School for the Performing Arts' production of Little Shop of Horrors. What a hoot! I'd never seen the show though I knew the music, so it was fun to finally experience the story that connects those crazy songs. The production was really well done. Read about it on Tim Keller's Blog, where you will also see photos from the show. If you live in our area, go check it out!

So, with a prayer for healing for Mother Earth and all humanity~

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