Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feeling New

What a lovely day today has become!

I have a free ticket to Post Comedy Theater, playing this coming Sunday afternoon at The Shuler Theatre in Raton New Mexico.

Send me a joke and be the first to make me laugh and I will give it to you. See how easy that is? Come on, make me laugh!

That said, I promised that I would give you the show schedule in this post but I've still got work to do on it... so I'll keep this entry short so I can get to it.

We have some beautiful glass jewelry in the gallery and more on the way and I am getting closer to being at the shawl factory. Thanks to Elissa for showing off some samples for us!

Tim Keller, photographer, writer, and now journalist has been expanding his horizons even further with his review of the Raton Youth Theater's latest performance. Check out his blog for the latest details.

Avery Christy, Union County Leader reporter, stopped into the gallery this afternoon looking for stories. He said that his door is "always open" for your stories. Send him an email with your news.

Are you feeling the spring in the air and seeing the green popping up from the earth? If not I encourage you to put on a jacket and go outside to peek at all the new growth beginning to show. I've noticed that there are tulips on the way.

Would you like a little inspiration? Check this out for cool, as in, "Cool as a cucumber."

Keep checking back this weekend since I'll decide the schedule and update this post rather than wait till next week.

Cheers for now,


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Keeping the Faith~

Cold weather has come back to Des Moines and my gallery is chilly so wear a big fuzzy sweater when you stop in this weekend.

I've been really busy during the week working for Art Plays It's Part! at Des Moines School and am in the midst of forming an ArtsTeam to help build the program. Several people are already committed to help and we are still looking for more arts lovers to rock art! We will meet next Wednesday @ 3:30 at the school. If you want to support the arts for our students you are welcome. Send me an email and I'll give you details.

I've also been working with a group of citizens and students to bring a recycling program to our community. We've been making the rounds to our village and the school board to generate support and partnerships.

Then too, I've been thinking about Studio C's Summer Art! classes and the Places of Wonder program which partners Studio C with Rainbow Ranch in Folsom. Please send your suggestions for classes so I can know what you are interested in before the schedule gets set.

Now, last week I promised to let you know our line-up for Live! @ Studio C so here it is:

Our open mike starts each night so bring your contribution and give us an opportunity to shower you with applause. The sound in the gallery is so good we've dispensed with the microphone but I'm still calling it an "open-mike". Ideas to rename it are welcome!

March 28: Features Dino Cornay with his new acoustic group with a Spotlight: Kathryn Engel
April 25: Features Kathryn Engel & her one woman show: The Women of Tennessee Williams
May 30: Features Russ Ballew with a Spotlight: Karen Anderson
June 27: Features Karyna Cragin with a Spotlight: Tim Keller
July 25: Features Tim Keller
August 29: Features Gabrielle Louise
September 27: Feature and Spotlight TBA
October 31: Features Peter Burg
November 22: 3rd Annual Show of Gratitude: Features Karen Anderson

I'm keeping the cover charge at $3.00. We'll also be passing the hat for our featured acts. I'll ask you to consider the price of live entertainment and give generously. Let's build Live! @ Studio C into a great gig that entertainers love to come to. Think of the gas money you're saving! We can look forward to years of wonderful entertainment coming direct to downtown Des Moines, New Mexico as we show our appreciation generously.

Now do you see why I'm so exited about the upcoming Live! @ Studio C? I'm working on the Spotlights and September - November so let me know if you want to be an act or know a great act that I should know about!

Did you know: Studio C carries Western Horseman now! Stop in for a copy and a cup of coffee and I'll let you in on the gallery shows I've got planned. (I'm saving that for next week!)

Till then, or till we meet here, Walk in Joyful Song!


Friday, February 6, 2009

The Artist is In!


I've been away from my blog for a while so let me thank you for returning and welcome you to my new year. I appreciate all the wonderful support I have coming in for Studio C's ongoing growth.

While on winter break I was able to travel to Adams State College in Alamosa, Colorado on January 25th & 26th to take a course from Allan McConnell called No More Starving Artists about the business behind being an artist. Wow! Did I get an amazing amount of useful information.... all geared towards helping artists make a good living with their art.

Now here's the thing: I've found that I'm learning how to be an artspace owner and there is a lot to learn! I opened the gallery & ArtSpace thinking I could do my art while waiting for visitors to come through the door. Naive, I know now, but this journey is one I am blessed to be on.

I've been working on the schedule of events for 2009 and see that I will have to cut some of the plans down so that I have time to work on my art. I am challenged to create a thriving ArtSpace and work on my own style and vision. Some think it cannot be done and that I have to choose. Their opinions have been duly considered and I'm committed to seeing my vision become reality. I've had this dream that both are going to happen and I intend to follow it to the end.

So, welcome to this glorious new year! I look forward to your visit. I'm working hard to create an exciting and welcoming space for lots of local, regional and friend artists to show their art, grow their style, develop their artistic voice and share their talents and to grow myself as an artist. Studio C is a perfect place for both to be happening! All are welcome to share ideas, visions and fun. Come by, see what we've got and join in the going!

Next week I'll give you a listing of the upcoming events, classes and show opportunities. In the meantime, mark your calendars for our monthly performance event now called Live! @ Studio C. We resume in March, on the 28th, at 5:30 with Dino Cornay's new acoustic group! Featured acts are booked through July and we have a GREAT line up for you. Don't forget our open mike starts the show... why not get out a pen & paper and put down some new poems, songs, stories, ideas and plan on sharing this year!

Till next week,

Walk in Grace, with Joy!


P.S. While I'm thinking about it, leave me a comment and let me know what kind of classes you would love to take this summer. Thanks! Mucho!