Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Coffee is up! Come on by and enjoy a cup for free while you visit, then buy a cup to go or a pound or two or three of our delicious organic fair trade whole beans home so you can wake up to a freshly ground cup of gourmet coffee in the comfort of your home. After all, what is life for if not to enjoy the bounty that we humans are all blessed with… especially if no humans, animal or nature have been abused in the process of getting the bounty to you!

Step into the gallery this weekend to see our current gallery show: The Upper Right Corner ~ Photography by Tim Keller. All images are archival prints framed under museum preservation glass with white mats and a simple black wood frame. Last week’s opening reception was a wonderful success! Thanks to everyone who came to share in our excitement. The show will be up through November 24th and we are looking forward to having you stop in to see the work.

Today is the day for all the little goblins to run around in costume and collect candy or smart snacks, depending on the givers’ inclinations. Personally I’m opting to hand out toothbrushes. Not really. But next year that's what I plan to do!

Speaking of toothbrushes, being an ArtSpace out in “the middle of nowhere”, I have decided to add some practical items to our shelves. Toothbrushes and sturdy leather work gloves, and some fancy show gloves are coming in the future. I am here to serve travelers and our community and I’ve been listening when friends make suggestions. You can’t read your poetry well if your teeth are fuzzy, and a great pair of gloves makes all the difference in bending wire, barbed or not, as well as those fancy nights out on the town. Support our local economy, our local and regional artists and organic, fair trade products that help our planet by supporting humane economic growth and environmental stewardship. I appreciate your support and look forward to growing the business into a destination gallery here in Des Moines. Shop at Studio C and you will help make that dream a thriving reality.

Date change: my report to the Union County Community Development Corporation will be Wednesday, November 19th at 6:00 p.m. That is a week later than I stated in my update last week, which I will be updating with the correct date. Please update your planners and let us know you are coming.

Speaking of changes, I am thrilled to be adding a solar radiant heat system to the gallery. Nate Green and his brother in law Kyle are pouring cement thermal mass blocks with flexible pipe running in them. They’ll be installed against the inside cinder block wall in our two galleries and the studio/classroom. A solar panel will go up on the roof. Water will be heated by the sun through the solar panel then circulated through the cement panels. Once the system is up and running we expect the building to be kept much warmer than it was last winter. This is phase one of my plan to have Studio C retrofit to be able to produce all the energy that it needs to function. You may find us in a bit of a mess when you stop in but don’t let that stop you! Nate and Kyle predict the system will be completed and turned up by late next week. I’ll keep you posted!

Mary Ann Louden will be giving two workshops on making tin can lids into “StarFlowers”. Saturday November 8th and Saturday November 15th. Each workshop will be from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Studio C in the studio/classroom.

Mark your calendars for our November Live Poetry! The date is Saturday November 22nd. Sharon Niederman is our featured artist and will be reading new poetry and also from her books. We have added her books, A Quilt of Words, Return to Abo, and The Santa Fe and Taos Book from the series Great Destinations to our shelves and she will be signing that night too. My sister Karyna Cragin will be in the spotlight. She is an amazing musician and vocalist and is working on an act with a friend. I am not yet sure if she is bringing her friend or doing a solo. This will be the second annual Show of Gratitude and will again be a potluck event with no cover charge. Studio C will provide the turkey and all the trimmings so bring what ever you love to have with the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Last year’s event was just wonderful and I am so pleased to be able to build on such a lovely beginning. This is my way to extend my thanks for the support that everyone has given Studio C over the year.

With that note let me sign off by quoting Lynne Twist, “ When you are in the house of sufficiency you live in a state of perfect ecstatic gratitude.”

In Creativity,


Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Upper Right Corner


Studio C is proud to present our new gallery show: The Upper Right Corner ~ Photography by Tim Keller which opened yesterday. We feature Tim in his first ever show of photography. The gallery is filled with Tim’s vivid images from the northeastern corner of New Mexico and southeastern Colorado. Tim's artistic vision is rooted in the land, the people who have worked to make a living on it and the spaces that happen as time passes.

Last night’s opening reception was a wonderful success! You simply must come see the show! We sold two pieces last night and I dare say you too will want to purchase a piece. Add to your collection or maybe start the collection of art by New Mexico artists that you’ve been thinking about. We are here to serve your art needs and appreciate the business you bring to our community. The show will be up through November 24th.

You can see one of Tim’s photographs, Ford Flatbed, hanging in the branch office of the Farmers and Stockmans Bank here in Des Moines, New Mexico. Studio C has a primo space in the office to hang art work from our currently featured artist. I am fortunate to work with Angela Garcia Lucero at the bank to make this happen. Much thanks goes Angela and the Farmers and Stockmans bank for working with Studio C. They give our featured artists a place to hang that lots of people see and, we hope, will want to come to the gallery to see more.

Today is the day for The Fall Harvest Festival and All Things Pumpkin Party, our partner project at Sunny Hill’s Rainbow Ranch; 3:00 p.m. to deep in the night there will be fun activities, food, story-telling and poetry, and stargazing. Bundle up in layers and stop by Studio C on your way. You’ll be in our area and will want to pick up some coffee, chocolate, gifts and art to bring a sparkle into your home. When you shop at Studio C you are supporting our local economy and our local and regional artists as well as organic, fair trade products which help our planet by supporting humane economic growth and environmental stewardship. You really can’t go wrong!

It’s official: my report to the Union County Community Development Corporation will be Wednesday, November 19th at 6:00 p.m. I’ll be presenting a distillation of the information I picked up at the recent International Conference on Creative Tourism in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
I spoke to Ruby Dorsey Gonzales about inviting interested community members to which she replied, “ The more the merrier.” Interested? Give Ruby or me a call so she will know how many people to plan for in addition to her board.

Some of you will be coming out to tell your tall tales tonight and will be wearing your Halloween costumes. Good for you!!! We are going to try to elicit some real scary tales from you… stories from your life, that were really scary, that you lived through. We tested the idea out last night at the reception and heard a really scary tourist story dealing with Palenque’s tomb in Guatemala.

So, see you later, see you soon, see you making creativity and art a part of your life!

Be Happy!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Chilly Breezy Day


I was just about to sit down to write my weekly update when I realized my sunny day sandals were not keeping my toes warm and that it is truly nippy in the studio! Since my intention is to live a sustainable and green life I'm going to run home to get some socks and a sweater so I can sit down comfortably and give you the news from Studio C this weekend....

Much Better! Now I can really appreciate this fall day and reflect on upcoming events at Studio C while saving on propane when it is not yet necessary.

This weekend our show of artwork from our summer programs of Summer Art! and Places of Wonder will come to a close. This show comes down after Sunday. We'll be hanging The Upper Right Corner ~ Photography by Tim Keller and opening the show with a reception for the artist on Friday October 24th from 4:30 to 6:30. Tim will be giving a free mini-concert to begin at 5:30. We will be serving refreshments and celebrating Tim's first ever gallery show of his photography. Photography is his new passion and Studio C is honored and privileged to launch his career as a fine art photographer. I invite you to come out to Des Moines to join us in celebrating this wonderful new beginning for Tim. Some of you may wonder at the personal way I am speaking of Tim... since he is my best friend and husband I simply cannot help it. His show is gorgeous and I cannot wait to share it with all of you and all of the wonderful travelers who stop in the gallery wondering what they will find at this art gallery in the middle of nowhere.

Stop in today or tomorrow and enjoy the student show and plan to come back on Friday for Tim's opening.

Next weekend is a truly exciting busy weekend starting with Tim's opening on Friday. Saturday the 25th brings us to the second and final event of our first Fall Harvest Festival, the All Things Pumpkin day at Rainbow Ranch in Folsom. I hope you'll stop by Studio C to pick up some yummy endangered species chocolate on your way to Rainbow Ranch in Folsom where the pumpkin fun will be going on all day long! There will be:

Food, fun, and games for all ages
Pick your pumpkin from the pumpkin patch!
You can carve or decorate it right here!
We will have pumpkin cookies for you to decorate too!
Lots of fun activities:
Pumpkin-chunkin, -rolling, and -carrying contests; sack races;
giant bubble making; apple bobbing, and more!!!
On the bonfire:
We will be roasting fresh ears of corn, chilis, hot dogs,
marshmallows, & s’mores.
bbq hot off the smoker with all the trimmings, and of course pumpkin!
(A meal ticket is only $5.00 for adults. Kids eat free!)
Around the bonfire:
Studio C’s “live poetry” and open mike night!
Bring your musical instruments, poetry and tall tales to share!
Wear your Halloween costume if you like...
At dark there will be stargazing!
Hosted by the Folsom Museum.

Then on Sunday October 26th, we also have a half-marathon run for you at Capulin Volcano National Monument! This event is the first of an annual event sponsored by and raising funds for The Folsom Museum.

For more details visit the website: The Folsom Museum

These two events will be annual events from this fall forward. I invite you to tell your family and friends about them and to bring a guest with you. We are excited about growing these community building events. Your participation this year will help us to get off to a great start.

Finally, if you are local, tune your radio into FM 93.9 KRTN Enchantment radio RIGHT NOW! The best live country radio show is on: Little Sharon's Country Cafe, hosted by Sharon Niederman. She brings out the best of real country in a friendly and familiar style that is worthy of gathering with friends and family to listen for two hours of pure musical bliss. Saturdays 2:00 - 4:00 pm... come on out to Studio C where we always are listening to Sharon's wonderful introductions and local news. Tune in from your home, office, shop or car or come on by... whatever you do, TUNE IN! You will be glad you did and be hooked just like I am.

So, that is it for this week. Call me with questions and be creative in all you do. Remember, we are all born creative! Honor this truth in your life and you will see your world expand in joy and wellness.

See you soon!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Festivities: Artist Reception for Students & Fall Harvest Festival & Street Fair

Hello Friends and Neighbors!

It is a blustery, perfectly broody fall day here at Studio C in Des Moines, New Mexico. What is it like in your neck of the woods?

I've been so busy taking care of last minute details for our festival Sunday that I was not able to write my update yesterday so finally I'm catching up with my weekly update.

In the gallery our student work is bringing smiles and wonderful conversation with our visitors. I'm still working on some last minute display so there will be even more to see tomorrow when I put out the chips and salsa, sweet breads and brew up a pot of our wonderful big bend coffee roasters organic fair-trade coffee. I'm looking forward to seeing you between 1:00 and 4:00 tomorrow; earlier if you just can't wait! The gallery is open on Sundays from noon to four so do come at noon if that suits you better. Don't forget that I am happy to open by appointment so if you are not able to come during regular hours Friday & Saturdays from 10:am - 6:p.m. and Sundays noon - 4:p.m. then give me a call and we'll work out a date & time that works for both of us. I love to open up for you and your friends!

Tomorrow is our first ever Fall Harvest Festival and Street Fair. I've ordered up a miraculously sunny, warm and still day but, just in case the weather forecasts are right we'll have several vendors set up at Village Hall. Both sites will be sending visitors to each-other.... it's just a two block walk on Broadway Avenue which just happens to be NM State Highway 64/87 also. Wear your yummy fall warmers and add some steps to your walking plan. You'll enjoy a wonderful community event and add to your health all at once.

Notice in the photo that there are two dates for our Fall Harvest Festival? We are kicking things off here at Studio C on October 12th. We anticipate that you will want to come back soon so we are having another party at Rainbow Ranch, where Sunny Williams has an amazing garden and has been bringing produce from on Sundays here at Studio C in Des Moines, Capulin Country Store in Capulin, the First Street Market in Raton and the Trinidad Farmers Market in Trinidad, Colorado just over Raton Pass. Tomorrow will be the last Sunday that Sunny will have her fresh baked breads, produce and beautiful flowers here. Think of the All Things Pumpkin Festival as a final fall festivity to celebrate the wonderful bounty of the summer that is just past.

The wonderful thing about these events is the community cooperation that is happening. Tomorrow's event is sponsored by The Farmers & Stockmans Bank, Rainbow Ranch and Studio C with help from Des Moines Village and Des Moines School Rural Revitalization Initiative. Our event on the 25th brings in partnership with the Folsom Museum in Folsom, New Mexico and the Trinidad Farmers Market. I've attached our flyers for both events with details. As you can see, there is so much our community has to offer... we are proud to show it off this October and looking forward to growing the event with more and more participation amongst our community members.

So, that about does it for this weekend update. Till tomorrow!

Stay warm and cozy,


Friday, October 3, 2008

Weekend Inspiration @ Studio C

Fall is in the air and the gallery is full of wonderfully weird creations made by students in this summer's Found Assemblage class in our Places of Wonder program, taught by Inge Bobek and sculptures made in our paper-mache sculpture class in our Summer Art! program, which I taught. See what our students created with things found on a day of wandering Rainbow Ranch in Folsom and plain old newspaper and flour paste and paint, all made right here in the classroom at Studio C. I'm still wrangling student work in from the egg painting class. If you're a parent or student reading this letter please call me and let me know when you can come by this weekend to drop off your work. Thanks! We will celebrate the students on Sunday October 12th from 1:00 pm -4:00 pm with a reception for the artists. Please come out to show your support of these wonderful students' creativity!

On the same day we will be holding our first Fall Harvest Festival and Street Fair at Studio C here in Des Moines, New Mexico brought to you by Vital Roads, Studio C and The Farmers & Stockmens Bank. Everyone is invited to come out and enjoy the fun and even to sell your crafts, art, services, and even your garage sale items... just bring a blanket or table to set up your goods on and plan to man your table.... or just come see what your friends and neighbors have. We'll have games and a costume drawing contest, and start a new community mural and it is FREE! It is the first day of our Harvest Festival Days....The second day to mark your calendars is Saturday October 25th for our Fall Harvest Festival “All Things Pumpkin” Party held at Rainbow Ranch in Folsom, New Mexico from 3pm - 9pm. We'll have more games, food and fun all afternoon and evening. Also, Live Poetry! will be gathering around the campfire that evening at Rainbow Ranch. Everyone is invited to wear your Halloween costume and tell your scary stories in the light of the fire. We may even give out prizes for the most original, scary and best impersonation costumes... let me know if you are interested in this idea!

Thanks to The Farmers & Stockmens Bank for their generous support of this new community event!

I know you don't want to wait that long to come by the gallery though! I have wonderful hand-batiqued, tie-dyed t-shirts that are perfect for these festival fall days. Come by this weekend, mention this email and I'll give you a 15% discount on these wonderful shirts!

Don't forget our Farmer's Market on Sunday. Come by for fresh produce, home baked breads and other goodies brought to you by Sunny of Rainbow Ranch in Folsom. She is here from 10:am - 3:pm and always has a variety of good foods to choose from.

I am just back in the gallery after attending the last day of the Santa Fe International Conference on Creative Tourism where I heard Becky Anderson speak to growing economically through place based creative and harvest based enterprise through trails and tours. She was warm and inspirational. If you are interested in her work check out this website:
I want to thank Ruby Dorsey-Gonzales at Union County Community Development Corporation, Angela Garcia Lucero at The Farmers & Stockmens Bank, and the Village of Des Moines Council for their help getting me to Santa Fe. I'll be reporting back to the folks at UCCDC and will be happy to share my experience with you too. If you'd like to know more about the conference, check out this website:

Studio C is open Fridays 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Saturdays 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, and Sundays 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm. Stop in for a visit and find something wonderful to go home with. Our organic, fair-trade coffee is always fresh and the endangered species chocolate continues to satisfy!

We have free wi-fi for our customers now!

Well, that does it for this week's news... call me if you have questions... or better yet, come by the gallery for a great cup of coffee, some chocolate and a fun place to be.

Thanks again to KRTN: Enchanted Air radio for their generous support!

Be Creative and have Fun!