Monday, September 26, 2005


Fall rides in on these chill winds. Indian summer sun warms my skin even as goose flesh raises during pumkin patch wanderings. Chimes deliver poetry capriciously changing directions.

Strident light streams silently, severing past from dark. Designing the way to Fall's brilliant color. We welcome loved ones, anticipate hot apple cider sipped in vibrant conversations. Walls are painted freshly, recipes reviewed, and guest beds made.

Emotions run swiftly along Life's edge. Splashing on banks of change we challenge ourselves to be better to each other. Times call upon us to be activists in our society, to slow down, to watch the world in which our children grow... watch the lettuce grow. A miracle we must teach.

Dreams ripen into crisp relief. Blossoms prevail. Fruits fall. Harvest bears. This feast is ours.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Burn it up!

Fiesta de la Santa Fe... Viva La!

Nuestra Senora de la Paz reigns after La Conquistadora and her Conquistadors realize the offense that may be taken by the people who were "conquered".

The event celebrates the peace that has come to be between the 3 main cultures in the state, Spanish, Native American, and Anglo. The event also celebrates, unofficially, the end of the summer season de las touristes... or so I have long understood it as a native born and much in love with the city. Long since discovered by the same visitors, Santa Fe swells with festival seekers and is departed by locals who have seen it all too often.

I finally returned for a Fiesta visit after perhaps 23 years since the last time I braved the crowds who flood the city to see the spectacle of Zozobra burning.... missing that event but making the official entry of the Fiesta Royalty and the blessed Nuestra Senora de la Paz... ending my visit to see the new spectacle created by friends who are creating their own Zozobra event.

A smaller, closer Zozobra a la West, burning it in a more hospitable venue... This version looks like he belongs to the West clan even... and, their burning is more like the Ft. Marcy park events I remember from my childhood.

Viva la baby Zozobra! Viva la Familia! Viva Nuestra Senora de la Paz!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Prayer for Global Humanitarian Healing

Though yet the known world prevails,
an undercurrent runs strong in all I experience
Each Heart yearns & dreams for love & light,
That kindness prevail in Wisdom's Flight.

And tis this river running in our cells
Brings moments of Sacred Bliss alive on Earth,
When industrious minds are filled with Joy
and able bodies work with pride.

Such faith have I in Beauty, Earth, and Humanity
that some day we will wake upon the rainbow's appearance.
Quiet Glory gleaming upon The Dream made REAL,
A River of Wisdom running clear wit Love throughout all lives.

Blessed Be!

Friday, September 2, 2005

Memorial to New Orleans

Upon waking from a dream... I comprehend more fully that I have found my mate and I am deeply in love. My life is full and I have no more room for mementos filled with despair and regret.

We have only today ~ for what if today brings disaster and tragedy? What if suddenly here we had to survive? Would our days prior be lived well and have brought us strength? Would our memories keep us happy with the new challenges we would face?

I choose now. I choose flow. I choose Joy.

~Blessed Be!