Friday, December 26, 2008

Weekend Slice!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Blessed Yule, Merry Merry!

Anyway you slice it, the warmth and joy in your heart that this time of year brings is a great feeling to have. Here's hoping all of you have had some wonderful quality time with your family, friends and community.

I've got a great sale going on here at the gallery! Everything in the gallery is 20% off for this weekend only. Over 30 artists are represented in the gallery. All the artists at Studio C are known to me either locally, regionally or by way of my friends' or my own travels.

We have local landscape art cards, JR Gilstrap prints and the memorial 18 month calendar(2009-2010), leather gift tags, natural goat milk soaps, naturally scented soy based candles, stained glass mobiles, wind chimes, a gorgeous stained glass window, antique bottle ornaments, fused glass earrings & window hangings, slumped glass candle screens, hand blown glass ornaments, and vases, bead bracelets, necklaces and earrings, pottery, poetry, books, music, pastels, imported hand-batiqued t-shirts, star flowers, archival photo prints, fresh-roasted, freshly ground fair-trade gourmet coffee beans and chocolate, Father Christmas dolls, accent pillows, incense(Nag Champa), sweet grass braids, watercolors, landscape prints on canvas, and…more!

Your patronage supports an array of artisans and artists and of course the dreamer who believes that an ArtSpace in the middle of nowhere is a great idea. That dreamer just happens to be an artist too. Thus, I'm building my model on an artisan/artist-first framework. What I'm building here, with the help of so many talented individuals is an oasis for the imagination. Can you think of a finer reason to choose to shop here? By shopping here you are making a stand for beauty, innovation, independence, freedom and creativity! You are actively engaged in community and economic development here in Union County New Mexico. Studio C is where creativity grows. Come on in and feel it yourself.

I'll be stoking my own creative fires in January. Studio C will be open by appointment only for the first 4 weeks of 2009. We are taking a winter break. That will give me a chance to work on some ideas I've had percolating for months now but haven't been able to attend to. It all feeds into the ongoing plans for creating a thriving business here in Des Moines, New Mexico, the place my husband Tim Keller and I have adopted as our home. We've been here over nine and a half years. Each new day is an affirmation of the rightness of our move.

Speaking of Tim, his gorgeous framed archival prints are currently hanging in the gallery. This would be a great weekend to come visit the gallery and take one home with you!

My friend Nancy the nurse stopped in on Tuesday and asked me how Tim & I ended up in Des Moines. She heard the whole story and the telling reminded me of the faith in dreams that brought us to this beautiful landscape. It comes as no surprise to me that so many of the people who live here are blessed with a deep respect for the land and its beauty. Nancy is a relative new-comer too and has been very successful in helping to bring a school-based health center to our town. There is so much opportunity here. It is great fun to be part of a new blooming that is happening in the area.

As you can imagine, part of the bloom involves the arts. The Raton Arts & Humanities Council is one of two local arts councils in our area. Drive 38 miles west of Des Moines to get to Raton, New Mexico, at the crossing of I-25 and highways 64/87. It is a small town of just over 6500 people. There is a bustling arts community which is striving to bring arts-based economic development to our area. They are currently engaged in application for Arts & Cultural District designation for the downtown area. Gaining this status will be a big step towards increased visibility on the arts map. I invite you to visit their gallery in Raton: The Old Pass Gallery. Then come on east to visit me here. I will be here all weekend after which I'll be happy to open by appointment during my winter break.

One last bit of news... I am expanding our regular hours! When we open on January 29th our regular hours will be Thursday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and Sunday's noon - 4:p.m. I'm always open by appointment if you are coming through town Monday through Wednesday.

I plan on keeping my blog updated weekly during my break so keep watching for news and cool links to follow... use your browser's back button to return to the post. I'll keep you updated with what I'm up to. Don't forget that I'd love to hear from you! Please leave a comment.

Blessings & Beauty,


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Around the World at this Time

The biscochitos are here! A plate of fresh New Mexican anise cookies, made by my neighbor and friend awaits your visit.

I've been busy with customers and visitors all weekend long... have family visiting for Tim's birthday which is today! This explains the late update. Please forgive me.

I have lots to share though... first of all Studio C will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for your holiday shopping convenience. Now we are not normally open those days but with Christmas just days away I wanted to be open for all you last-minute shoppers.

My mom has a great saying, " If it weren't for the last minute a lot of things just wouldn't get done." So come on out to Des Moines, New Mexico to do some great shopping. I have hot coffee, cider, hot chocolate and biscochitos here for you to enjoy while you visit.

The gallery was a studio earlier today with Tim Keller (the birthday boy) shooting portrait and product photos for the website we will be developing over the next quarter. He brought light to Peter Burg's beautiful pottery, poetry and cd Dizzy Light.

I've also put out new items for your shopping pleasure. Fused-glass tree ornaments by Anne Norvell, antique glass bottle ornaments, more pottery, cd's and poetry books from Peter Burg and music by Russ Ballew . Much more is here waiting to go home with you as a special gift for someone you love... or a treat for you!

So! That's the big news. I'm here for you.

Come by, stay a while, enjoy the art on the walls and take home some great gifts.

Leave a comment so we know you were here.

Blessings of the season to all!


Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Here!

Tis the season to celebrate miracles, compassion, love and harmony.

This Yule ornament was created by glass blower Keith Stuart of San Jose, New Mexico. We have several still for sale this season.

The magic of sand turning into a translucent molten blob that you can blow into all kinds of shapes has always been one thing that mesmerized me as a child. We lived near a glass foundry when I was in second grade in Santa Fe. It was close enough that mom & dad allowed me to walk there after school. These beautiful ornaments remind me of those days.

What memories do your holidays bring up for you? Leave a comment and share your favorites.

The branches in the background are from the Piñon trees that are here for sale. If you haven't gotten yours yet stop by and pick one up. Call the number on the front door and seal the deal with my neighbor!

I have a beautiful array of holiday gifts for your shopping pleasure. All are hand crafted by wonderful people so you can feel three times joyful when you shop at Studio C in Des Moines, New Mexico.

Some of you have been waiting for JR Gilstrap's memorial calender. Wait no more. It is here. 18 months starting with January 2009. Images selected from JR's sketch books by his wife JJ and her children to commemorate JR's life. I am also pleased to announce that JJ is now one of Studio C's artists! She brought in some Christmas gift tags in leather and is expanding into making vests with leather. Soon she'll be bringing those in too!

The January issue of Western Horseman has just reached the newsstands with Tim Keller's photographs and article on a recent cattle drive, titled "Driving on Blacktop". Buy a copy here at the gallery. I've decided to carry the magazine in the shop so come by each month to pick up a copy. I'll be developing a reading area so you can come by the shop and enjoy a restful and inspiring visit with lots of interesting magazines and books to explore.

Studio C will be open extended hours during the holiday. Regular hours are Friday, Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and Sundays 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. I will be open Monday December 22 through Wednesday December 24 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. so you can shop for gifts right up to the last minute! During those days I'll have biscochitos and hot chocolate in addition to coffee and tea for my visitors. My friend and neighbor Mrs. Bachicha will be making the biscochitos for us. Yum! So really, you simply must come in to visit.

I hope you have a moment and will leave a holiday memory in the comments.... We'd love to hear your stories.

Keep warm!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Seasonal Sensational

Wow! It was synchronicity to a spectacular degree! I was putting Anne Norvell's new earrings, just tagged and priced, into a lovely wide basket for display in the gallery when I heard the "you've got mail" blip on my computer. What a lovely surprise! K. Tompkins with news of her newest endeavor.... a day of play with the new pastels she credits me with inspiring her to buy. Well, let me tell you, this young woman, studying for her PhD in veterinary medicine is also a gifted artist. She was here in the summer helping out at Rainbow Ranch and made some gorgeous signs for our Fall Harvest Festivals. After returning home to take up her studies she painted a landscape to remind her of New Mexico which seems to have captured her heart. BTW: the photo above is K. wearing a pair of Anne Norvell's fused glass earrings. Aren't they lovely? I just put out 20 + pairs in a variety of styles and colors. Since the website to order from is not up yet you'll have to come by to see... or email me and I'll send you pictures!

Studio C ~ ArtSpace & Gallery
Where Creativity Grows! Thanks K. for sharing your testimony to the truth of the mission here at 517 Broadway Avenue in Des Moines, New Mexico.

Of course we are all thinking about the holidays and how we will handle gift giving. My friend Sally and her husband are doing a "materialism free" holiday. I applaud them. This is a great time to examine our spending habits and make commitments to live in sustainable ways. Sustainability is a factor in all aspects of our lives, home, community, nation, planet and spirit.

When you shop it is important to consider who and what your dollars are supporting. The coffee and chocolate we sell at Studio C is organic and fairly traded. All the art and the crafts are made by artisans and artists who are local, regional or met on my travels with my husband Tim Keller. When you choose to buy from Studio C you are supporting artists and a small business in the tiny town of Des Moines, New Mexico. You are helping to build our local economy. I am so proud of the artists represented by the gallery. I would love it if you come in and shop for your holiday gifts this year. I hope you will. Come on by and I'll give you 10% off your purchase of $30.00 or more if you mention this blog!

Tim has been keeping a blog at his new website where you can buy prints of his wonderful photographs. Check out the latest entry. It's quite interesting. :-)

More news on the sustainability front: the installation of the new radiant solar heat system is done and the system is now "charging". This requires 3 - 5 days of sunny weather which we have not been getting. Slowly but surely the thermal storage panels will gather heat from the hot water piped through them. Once they have a chance to really soak up some heat they will then radiate it back into the building slowly.

So, dark has come across the village and holiday lights are sparkeling here and there. Time to head home and enjoy some time with Tim and the pups, cat and kitten in the warmth of our woodstove heated house. Hope you are enjoying a lovely time with your favorite people.

Wishing everyone all around the world a glorious holiday season, no matter what tradition you celebrate. Let's every one of us work together to bring all the soldiers home, not just for the holidays but forever. We can do it. I know this in the very marrow of my bones.

Blessings on all~


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you! ~ Thank you to everyone who has had a part in growing Studio C! To all the artists, teachers, students, parents, visitors, customers, performers, suppliers,
advisers, student business consultants, interested professors, family, neighbors and especially this wonderful country where it is all possible! Studio C opened its doors to guests for the first time in May of 2007 to host a poetry book launch for Tim Keller. We've gathered together every month since then on the last Saturday for Live Poetry!, our open mike and performance event. We held Summer Art! classes during the summer months on my days off (I was still working full time for Baca Valley Telephone Company then). All this led us to take the step of creating a gift shop & gallery which previewed last year during the holiday season to great support from all our friends and neighbors here in Des Moines, New Mexico. Thanks to ongoing support for this ArtSpace in the middle of nowhere, I quit my job at the phone company and opened Studio C on March 14th three days a week, regular hours: Fridays, Saturdays 10:00 - 6:00, and Sundays 12:00 - 4:00. We expanded our Summer Art! class offerings and started a new arts and environment conservation summer class series: Places of Wonder. We've been "regular" for just 9 & 1/2 months now and it is a wonderful gift to know that we are headed towards a brilliant future for Studio C!

Last Saturday's Show of Gratitude was marvelous! Sharon Niederman's poetry painted vivid portraits of people she has known. Laughter and recognition spread through our audience as people recognized friends, family and even themselves in the poems. Roni Duran came out with her whole family to read her personalized version of the famous monologue from Shakespeare's Hamlet To Be or Not to Be. Her version is an amazing testament to difficult choices in our youths' lives these days. All of this was preceded by my sister Karyna Cragin's wonderful playing on the African balaphone which inspired a spontaneous standing ovation. Thank you everyone for coming out to Des Moines, bringing delicious food and sharing a meal together here in the gallery. We are all blessed to enjoy creativity, talent and community.

So, the holiday season has begun. What better time to receive and put out new wonderful arts for you to see in the gallery. The cute horse in the photo above made by Amy Caldwell "drinking" from the hand-blown glass bowl (made by her partner Keith Stuart) was here only a short time before going home today with a happy holiday shopper!

What is your gift giving pleasure? What are your holiday traditions? I invite you to share in the comments here. Let's strike up a conversation about this special season. All around the world people are engaged in honoring the great traditions of community and devotion. I love getting to know about the myriad cultural celebrations that are celebrated around the world!

We are thrilled to announce that Tim sold five of his framed archival prints from the gallery during his show. He has just launched his new website: You'll be able to buy prints directly from him. Be sure to visit it as you make up your holiday gift lists.

I'm listening to Little Sharon's Country Cafe right now... another great afternoon of classic country music, history and storytelling on the best local radio station in our area: KRTN Enchanted Air @ 93.9 FM. Check out their morning show: This, That & the Other Monday - Saturday 8:am - 9:00 or longer depending on the visitors who stop in to share their news with the community. It is talk radio at it's best!

I am putting out a call for Holiday art to artists and artisans!

Small Works, Local Flavors ~ A Holiday Show of small works and holiday gifts.
Call or email for details.

Finally, a couple of announcements:

Live Poetry! is changing its name to Live @ Studio C!
It will also be going "off-line" for the next three months. December – February will be “dark” on the last Saturday of the month.
Dark is theatre-speak for: Let’s take a break.

It's time to honor the cycles of creativity. Give your muses permission to dance, play, nap, read, eat good food, experiment with new media, laugh, sleep, watch sad movies… enjoy the rest of a nice long winter sleep… Do whatever it takes to stay cozy and nurture your creativity. Come back in March full of wonderful “stuff” to share at our open mike. The New Year is packed with great entertainment for you. Mark your 2009 calendars' last Saturdays for Live @ Studio C! ~5:30 pm in the gallery starting March 25th.
I'll give you the line-up next week!

So, that wraps it up for this week... a whole lot of thanks and news.... thanks for your comments and for sending people to visit the blog.

Keeping it FRESH!


Friday, November 21, 2008

A Show of Thanks!

Thank you! That's a Tim Keller photograph of my rooster bell here at the studio. It crows my thanks and jubilation on a clear winter day.

I am so grateful for this wonderful life I have been blessed with. Studio C has been a dream I've held for a long time and it is coming true bit by bit. In fact it continues to grow thanks to everyone who stops in and finds something that delights and inspires.

Tomorrow is the big day! Join us for the 2nd annual Live Poetry! ~ A Show of Gratitude.

Sharon Niederman will be reading poems and excerpts from her books that will be available for sale. She will be happy to sign books of hers that you already own so bring them with you…. maybe mark a favorite passage and she can read it for us all! Sharon will share the Studio C stage with Roni Duran, her student at New Mexico Highlands University. Roni also studied with my husband Tim Keller at Raton High School. This makes her a star in our eyes and we look forward to hearing her work.

I am so thrilled to present my sister Karyna, a gifted musician, songwriter and vocalist who will bring her beautiful and heartfelt music to the studio.

I’m keeping it short today since I’m putting out some new items and have a lot to do to be ready for our big show tomorrow…. Come by and see what I’m up to!

See you soon~

And remember, being thankful for what you have is the best way to see just how blessed you are!


Friday, November 14, 2008

The Season of Gratitude

No longer can I deny that winter is upon us! Windy & snowy, today’s chilly air is dancing with bright sunshine… a typical New Mexico crazy weather day in the tiny village of Des Moines here in the northeastern corner of Union County in the enchanting state of New Mexico.

I’m keeping warm drinking delicious organic, fair-trade coffee as I sit here at the computer, which is next to the propane heater in the studio. The new radiant solar heating system is not yet installed, the process stalled by parts-on-order, so I am grateful to have the current heater now. I am looking forward to it becoming a back-up source rather than the main source and eventually not needing it at all. That’s years down the line but as sustainability is a goal for Studio C, bringing solar energy into the gallery is a step toward making the dream come true. In the mean time I am wearing warm sweaters and winter woollies rather than turning up the thermostat.

Mary Ann Louden will be here tomorrow to teach her StarFlower art. We have plenty of room so call me to sign up. She’ll be here 10:00 am – 3:00 pm and so too, I hope, will you.

Coming up next weekend is our second annual Live Poetry! ~ A Show of Gratitude. Sharon Niederman will be reading new poems and fiction and excerpts from her books, which will be available for sale. She will be happy to sign books of hers that you already own so bring them with you…. maybe mark a favorite passage and she can read it for us all! Sharon will share the Studio C stage with Roni Duran, her student at New Mexico Highlands University. Roni also studied with my husband Tim Keller at Raton High School. This makes her a star in our eyes and we look forward to hearing her work.

I am thrilled to present my sister Karyna Cragin, a gifted musician, songwriter and vocalist who will bring her beautiful and heartfelt music to the studio.

There will be door prizes too! You must be present to win so be sure you come out to Des Moines for this event.

Showing through November 23rd, The Upper Right Corner, Tim Keller’s show of photography; come by the gallery to witness his vision of stark, vibrant, compelling images taken from within a 50 mile radius of Studio C.

Coming up in the gallery:

Small Works, Local Flavors ~ A Holiday Show Small works and holiday gifts.

Coming up in the community:

The Des Moines School presents a Holly-Day Bazaar to raise funds for the school library Tuesday, December 2nd in the school gym from 3 pm to 8 pm during and after the Des Moines vs. Clayton Basketball Games. Individuals and groups are invited to participate by buying and/or selling goods and/or activities. Ten percent of proceeds go to the Des Moines School Library.
Studio C will be there with coffee and chocolate. Are you interested in setting up a booth or table? Send me an email and I'll forward it to Betty and Janet.

The Folsom Museum invites you to check out their new website for the new annual fund raising event: The Capulin Volcano marathon: The dates for the 2009 run will be published in the next couple of months so be sure to bookmark the site and check back frequently.

Studio C is the place to see the work of local, regional and guest artists and artisans. Curious about what we have in the gallery? Give me a call and I’ll be happy to give you directions to the gallery or give you a phone tour.

My mission for this blog? To keep you informed about goings on at the gallery and in our wonderful community. Why? Well, let’s just say I love to share our good news!

See you soon~ Send your friends and family ~ Shower your inner child with Love!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Creative Change!

It is finally getting cold and the holiday cheer is sprouting up in all kinds of places.
StarFlower ~ Tin craft by Mary Ann Louden~ Come by Studio C tomorrow, Saturday November 8th, for our first StarFlower workshop from 10:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. Participants will learn this special craft from master artisan and local luminary Mary Ann Louden. Mary Ann will give you all the information and tricks you need to make regular tin can lids into art. I predict you'll reuse your lids rather than send them to your local recycle transfer station. (If you have one… and if you don’t then please work to make one happen in your community. Call me if you are in the Des Moines, New Mexico area; we need your support!) The fee for Mary Ann’s class is $15.00. We'll be giving this workshop again on Saturday November 15th. 575-278-3517 to register

Tim Keller's show, The Upper Right Corner, continues through November 24th so be sure to stop in to see his beautiful photographs.

Thanksgiving is soon here! This brings thoughts of our great country and the small band of courageous people looking for freedom from tyranny and their story of how they braved a difficult and uncertain ocean crossing to land at Plymouth Rock. They were blessed to find a community of Native Americans willing to help them learn to survive in their adopted homeland. As we come together to celebrate the community that these forebears forged in their transformational quest for a new and better nation let us reflect on collaboration. I bet we can all agree that sharing a meal with friends and neighbors is an effective way to build community.

Studio C will celebrate the second annual Show of Gratitude on November 22nd. This will also be the night for Live Poetry! with our featured artist, New Mexico author Sharon Niederman, and spotlight artist, musician Karyna Cragin. Of course, starting off the evening will be the open mike, giving you the chance to shine! This month there is no cover charge and we'll share a potluck dinner as my way to thank everyone who has supported Studio C. Studio C will provide the turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. You are invited to bring your favorite Thanksgiving dish to add to the feast. Please call so we know you are coming then get out your pen and paper, paints and brushes, musical instruments and create something you can share on the themes of gratitude and gratefulness.

I encourage you to take some time this weekend to celebrate your own creativity in a way that brings you renewed energy. Make a commitment to honoring your life and your community by growing your imagination and your personal truth.

Come by Studio C and share your inspiration with the wonderful people who gather together to share and experience a collective reverence for the good that comes when people communicate with courage, respect each other and recognize the sacred in each other. Did you know we have a piano here, waiting for players to play? We do!

Studio C is so pleased to be able to offer our community a place to gather in the pursuit of artistic excellence. Remember, the C is for creativity, and Studio C is Where Creativity Grows!

See you soon~


Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Coffee is up! Come on by and enjoy a cup for free while you visit, then buy a cup to go or a pound or two or three of our delicious organic fair trade whole beans home so you can wake up to a freshly ground cup of gourmet coffee in the comfort of your home. After all, what is life for if not to enjoy the bounty that we humans are all blessed with… especially if no humans, animal or nature have been abused in the process of getting the bounty to you!

Step into the gallery this weekend to see our current gallery show: The Upper Right Corner ~ Photography by Tim Keller. All images are archival prints framed under museum preservation glass with white mats and a simple black wood frame. Last week’s opening reception was a wonderful success! Thanks to everyone who came to share in our excitement. The show will be up through November 24th and we are looking forward to having you stop in to see the work.

Today is the day for all the little goblins to run around in costume and collect candy or smart snacks, depending on the givers’ inclinations. Personally I’m opting to hand out toothbrushes. Not really. But next year that's what I plan to do!

Speaking of toothbrushes, being an ArtSpace out in “the middle of nowhere”, I have decided to add some practical items to our shelves. Toothbrushes and sturdy leather work gloves, and some fancy show gloves are coming in the future. I am here to serve travelers and our community and I’ve been listening when friends make suggestions. You can’t read your poetry well if your teeth are fuzzy, and a great pair of gloves makes all the difference in bending wire, barbed or not, as well as those fancy nights out on the town. Support our local economy, our local and regional artists and organic, fair trade products that help our planet by supporting humane economic growth and environmental stewardship. I appreciate your support and look forward to growing the business into a destination gallery here in Des Moines. Shop at Studio C and you will help make that dream a thriving reality.

Date change: my report to the Union County Community Development Corporation will be Wednesday, November 19th at 6:00 p.m. That is a week later than I stated in my update last week, which I will be updating with the correct date. Please update your planners and let us know you are coming.

Speaking of changes, I am thrilled to be adding a solar radiant heat system to the gallery. Nate Green and his brother in law Kyle are pouring cement thermal mass blocks with flexible pipe running in them. They’ll be installed against the inside cinder block wall in our two galleries and the studio/classroom. A solar panel will go up on the roof. Water will be heated by the sun through the solar panel then circulated through the cement panels. Once the system is up and running we expect the building to be kept much warmer than it was last winter. This is phase one of my plan to have Studio C retrofit to be able to produce all the energy that it needs to function. You may find us in a bit of a mess when you stop in but don’t let that stop you! Nate and Kyle predict the system will be completed and turned up by late next week. I’ll keep you posted!

Mary Ann Louden will be giving two workshops on making tin can lids into “StarFlowers”. Saturday November 8th and Saturday November 15th. Each workshop will be from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Studio C in the studio/classroom.

Mark your calendars for our November Live Poetry! The date is Saturday November 22nd. Sharon Niederman is our featured artist and will be reading new poetry and also from her books. We have added her books, A Quilt of Words, Return to Abo, and The Santa Fe and Taos Book from the series Great Destinations to our shelves and she will be signing that night too. My sister Karyna Cragin will be in the spotlight. She is an amazing musician and vocalist and is working on an act with a friend. I am not yet sure if she is bringing her friend or doing a solo. This will be the second annual Show of Gratitude and will again be a potluck event with no cover charge. Studio C will provide the turkey and all the trimmings so bring what ever you love to have with the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Last year’s event was just wonderful and I am so pleased to be able to build on such a lovely beginning. This is my way to extend my thanks for the support that everyone has given Studio C over the year.

With that note let me sign off by quoting Lynne Twist, “ When you are in the house of sufficiency you live in a state of perfect ecstatic gratitude.”

In Creativity,


Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Upper Right Corner


Studio C is proud to present our new gallery show: The Upper Right Corner ~ Photography by Tim Keller which opened yesterday. We feature Tim in his first ever show of photography. The gallery is filled with Tim’s vivid images from the northeastern corner of New Mexico and southeastern Colorado. Tim's artistic vision is rooted in the land, the people who have worked to make a living on it and the spaces that happen as time passes.

Last night’s opening reception was a wonderful success! You simply must come see the show! We sold two pieces last night and I dare say you too will want to purchase a piece. Add to your collection or maybe start the collection of art by New Mexico artists that you’ve been thinking about. We are here to serve your art needs and appreciate the business you bring to our community. The show will be up through November 24th.

You can see one of Tim’s photographs, Ford Flatbed, hanging in the branch office of the Farmers and Stockmans Bank here in Des Moines, New Mexico. Studio C has a primo space in the office to hang art work from our currently featured artist. I am fortunate to work with Angela Garcia Lucero at the bank to make this happen. Much thanks goes Angela and the Farmers and Stockmans bank for working with Studio C. They give our featured artists a place to hang that lots of people see and, we hope, will want to come to the gallery to see more.

Today is the day for The Fall Harvest Festival and All Things Pumpkin Party, our partner project at Sunny Hill’s Rainbow Ranch; 3:00 p.m. to deep in the night there will be fun activities, food, story-telling and poetry, and stargazing. Bundle up in layers and stop by Studio C on your way. You’ll be in our area and will want to pick up some coffee, chocolate, gifts and art to bring a sparkle into your home. When you shop at Studio C you are supporting our local economy and our local and regional artists as well as organic, fair trade products which help our planet by supporting humane economic growth and environmental stewardship. You really can’t go wrong!

It’s official: my report to the Union County Community Development Corporation will be Wednesday, November 19th at 6:00 p.m. I’ll be presenting a distillation of the information I picked up at the recent International Conference on Creative Tourism in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
I spoke to Ruby Dorsey Gonzales about inviting interested community members to which she replied, “ The more the merrier.” Interested? Give Ruby or me a call so she will know how many people to plan for in addition to her board.

Some of you will be coming out to tell your tall tales tonight and will be wearing your Halloween costumes. Good for you!!! We are going to try to elicit some real scary tales from you… stories from your life, that were really scary, that you lived through. We tested the idea out last night at the reception and heard a really scary tourist story dealing with Palenque’s tomb in Guatemala.

So, see you later, see you soon, see you making creativity and art a part of your life!

Be Happy!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Chilly Breezy Day


I was just about to sit down to write my weekly update when I realized my sunny day sandals were not keeping my toes warm and that it is truly nippy in the studio! Since my intention is to live a sustainable and green life I'm going to run home to get some socks and a sweater so I can sit down comfortably and give you the news from Studio C this weekend....

Much Better! Now I can really appreciate this fall day and reflect on upcoming events at Studio C while saving on propane when it is not yet necessary.

This weekend our show of artwork from our summer programs of Summer Art! and Places of Wonder will come to a close. This show comes down after Sunday. We'll be hanging The Upper Right Corner ~ Photography by Tim Keller and opening the show with a reception for the artist on Friday October 24th from 4:30 to 6:30. Tim will be giving a free mini-concert to begin at 5:30. We will be serving refreshments and celebrating Tim's first ever gallery show of his photography. Photography is his new passion and Studio C is honored and privileged to launch his career as a fine art photographer. I invite you to come out to Des Moines to join us in celebrating this wonderful new beginning for Tim. Some of you may wonder at the personal way I am speaking of Tim... since he is my best friend and husband I simply cannot help it. His show is gorgeous and I cannot wait to share it with all of you and all of the wonderful travelers who stop in the gallery wondering what they will find at this art gallery in the middle of nowhere.

Stop in today or tomorrow and enjoy the student show and plan to come back on Friday for Tim's opening.

Next weekend is a truly exciting busy weekend starting with Tim's opening on Friday. Saturday the 25th brings us to the second and final event of our first Fall Harvest Festival, the All Things Pumpkin day at Rainbow Ranch in Folsom. I hope you'll stop by Studio C to pick up some yummy endangered species chocolate on your way to Rainbow Ranch in Folsom where the pumpkin fun will be going on all day long! There will be:

Food, fun, and games for all ages
Pick your pumpkin from the pumpkin patch!
You can carve or decorate it right here!
We will have pumpkin cookies for you to decorate too!
Lots of fun activities:
Pumpkin-chunkin, -rolling, and -carrying contests; sack races;
giant bubble making; apple bobbing, and more!!!
On the bonfire:
We will be roasting fresh ears of corn, chilis, hot dogs,
marshmallows, & s’mores.
bbq hot off the smoker with all the trimmings, and of course pumpkin!
(A meal ticket is only $5.00 for adults. Kids eat free!)
Around the bonfire:
Studio C’s “live poetry” and open mike night!
Bring your musical instruments, poetry and tall tales to share!
Wear your Halloween costume if you like...
At dark there will be stargazing!
Hosted by the Folsom Museum.

Then on Sunday October 26th, we also have a half-marathon run for you at Capulin Volcano National Monument! This event is the first of an annual event sponsored by and raising funds for The Folsom Museum.

For more details visit the website: The Folsom Museum

These two events will be annual events from this fall forward. I invite you to tell your family and friends about them and to bring a guest with you. We are excited about growing these community building events. Your participation this year will help us to get off to a great start.

Finally, if you are local, tune your radio into FM 93.9 KRTN Enchantment radio RIGHT NOW! The best live country radio show is on: Little Sharon's Country Cafe, hosted by Sharon Niederman. She brings out the best of real country in a friendly and familiar style that is worthy of gathering with friends and family to listen for two hours of pure musical bliss. Saturdays 2:00 - 4:00 pm... come on out to Studio C where we always are listening to Sharon's wonderful introductions and local news. Tune in from your home, office, shop or car or come on by... whatever you do, TUNE IN! You will be glad you did and be hooked just like I am.

So, that is it for this week. Call me with questions and be creative in all you do. Remember, we are all born creative! Honor this truth in your life and you will see your world expand in joy and wellness.

See you soon!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Festivities: Artist Reception for Students & Fall Harvest Festival & Street Fair

Hello Friends and Neighbors!

It is a blustery, perfectly broody fall day here at Studio C in Des Moines, New Mexico. What is it like in your neck of the woods?

I've been so busy taking care of last minute details for our festival Sunday that I was not able to write my update yesterday so finally I'm catching up with my weekly update.

In the gallery our student work is bringing smiles and wonderful conversation with our visitors. I'm still working on some last minute display so there will be even more to see tomorrow when I put out the chips and salsa, sweet breads and brew up a pot of our wonderful big bend coffee roasters organic fair-trade coffee. I'm looking forward to seeing you between 1:00 and 4:00 tomorrow; earlier if you just can't wait! The gallery is open on Sundays from noon to four so do come at noon if that suits you better. Don't forget that I am happy to open by appointment so if you are not able to come during regular hours Friday & Saturdays from 10:am - 6:p.m. and Sundays noon - 4:p.m. then give me a call and we'll work out a date & time that works for both of us. I love to open up for you and your friends!

Tomorrow is our first ever Fall Harvest Festival and Street Fair. I've ordered up a miraculously sunny, warm and still day but, just in case the weather forecasts are right we'll have several vendors set up at Village Hall. Both sites will be sending visitors to each-other.... it's just a two block walk on Broadway Avenue which just happens to be NM State Highway 64/87 also. Wear your yummy fall warmers and add some steps to your walking plan. You'll enjoy a wonderful community event and add to your health all at once.

Notice in the photo that there are two dates for our Fall Harvest Festival? We are kicking things off here at Studio C on October 12th. We anticipate that you will want to come back soon so we are having another party at Rainbow Ranch, where Sunny Williams has an amazing garden and has been bringing produce from on Sundays here at Studio C in Des Moines, Capulin Country Store in Capulin, the First Street Market in Raton and the Trinidad Farmers Market in Trinidad, Colorado just over Raton Pass. Tomorrow will be the last Sunday that Sunny will have her fresh baked breads, produce and beautiful flowers here. Think of the All Things Pumpkin Festival as a final fall festivity to celebrate the wonderful bounty of the summer that is just past.

The wonderful thing about these events is the community cooperation that is happening. Tomorrow's event is sponsored by The Farmers & Stockmans Bank, Rainbow Ranch and Studio C with help from Des Moines Village and Des Moines School Rural Revitalization Initiative. Our event on the 25th brings in partnership with the Folsom Museum in Folsom, New Mexico and the Trinidad Farmers Market. I've attached our flyers for both events with details. As you can see, there is so much our community has to offer... we are proud to show it off this October and looking forward to growing the event with more and more participation amongst our community members.

So, that about does it for this weekend update. Till tomorrow!

Stay warm and cozy,


Friday, October 3, 2008

Weekend Inspiration @ Studio C

Fall is in the air and the gallery is full of wonderfully weird creations made by students in this summer's Found Assemblage class in our Places of Wonder program, taught by Inge Bobek and sculptures made in our paper-mache sculpture class in our Summer Art! program, which I taught. See what our students created with things found on a day of wandering Rainbow Ranch in Folsom and plain old newspaper and flour paste and paint, all made right here in the classroom at Studio C. I'm still wrangling student work in from the egg painting class. If you're a parent or student reading this letter please call me and let me know when you can come by this weekend to drop off your work. Thanks! We will celebrate the students on Sunday October 12th from 1:00 pm -4:00 pm with a reception for the artists. Please come out to show your support of these wonderful students' creativity!

On the same day we will be holding our first Fall Harvest Festival and Street Fair at Studio C here in Des Moines, New Mexico brought to you by Vital Roads, Studio C and The Farmers & Stockmens Bank. Everyone is invited to come out and enjoy the fun and even to sell your crafts, art, services, and even your garage sale items... just bring a blanket or table to set up your goods on and plan to man your table.... or just come see what your friends and neighbors have. We'll have games and a costume drawing contest, and start a new community mural and it is FREE! It is the first day of our Harvest Festival Days....The second day to mark your calendars is Saturday October 25th for our Fall Harvest Festival “All Things Pumpkin” Party held at Rainbow Ranch in Folsom, New Mexico from 3pm - 9pm. We'll have more games, food and fun all afternoon and evening. Also, Live Poetry! will be gathering around the campfire that evening at Rainbow Ranch. Everyone is invited to wear your Halloween costume and tell your scary stories in the light of the fire. We may even give out prizes for the most original, scary and best impersonation costumes... let me know if you are interested in this idea!

Thanks to The Farmers & Stockmens Bank for their generous support of this new community event!

I know you don't want to wait that long to come by the gallery though! I have wonderful hand-batiqued, tie-dyed t-shirts that are perfect for these festival fall days. Come by this weekend, mention this email and I'll give you a 15% discount on these wonderful shirts!

Don't forget our Farmer's Market on Sunday. Come by for fresh produce, home baked breads and other goodies brought to you by Sunny of Rainbow Ranch in Folsom. She is here from 10:am - 3:pm and always has a variety of good foods to choose from.

I am just back in the gallery after attending the last day of the Santa Fe International Conference on Creative Tourism where I heard Becky Anderson speak to growing economically through place based creative and harvest based enterprise through trails and tours. She was warm and inspirational. If you are interested in her work check out this website:
I want to thank Ruby Dorsey-Gonzales at Union County Community Development Corporation, Angela Garcia Lucero at The Farmers & Stockmens Bank, and the Village of Des Moines Council for their help getting me to Santa Fe. I'll be reporting back to the folks at UCCDC and will be happy to share my experience with you too. If you'd like to know more about the conference, check out this website:

Studio C is open Fridays 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Saturdays 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, and Sundays 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm. Stop in for a visit and find something wonderful to go home with. Our organic, fair-trade coffee is always fresh and the endangered species chocolate continues to satisfy!

We have free wi-fi for our customers now!

Well, that does it for this week's news... call me if you have questions... or better yet, come by the gallery for a great cup of coffee, some chocolate and a fun place to be.

Thanks again to KRTN: Enchanted Air radio for their generous support!

Be Creative and have Fun!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Indian Summer Day


It is a perfect Indian Summer day here in Des Moines, New Mexico. I am looking forward to a weekend full of fun. There are many new things to see and do here at Studio C ~ArtSpace & Gallery.

I am in the process of hanging our Summer Art! and Places of Wonder student art this weekend so the gallery will be full of wonderful youth art.

Tomorrow evening is Live Poetry! and we are stepping out. Some of us are meeting here and carpooling up to The Mandala Center for the Fall Evening Concert with Randi Whitman, flute; Eileen Terry, piano; and Valerie Powell, soprano. Others will drive directly to The Mandala Center; we are trying to conserve our gas on this outing. We are even picking one of our regular guests up along the way. There is a donation requested for the concert, after which there will be a wine & cheese reception, so bring some cash and enjoy something different while we support another wonderful business in our area.

I am currently fundraising for a new art program at Des Moines Schools called Art Plays Its Part! The normal $3.00 cover for Live Poetry! will again be split 50/50, after proceeds, towards this fundraising effort. Live Poetry! has raised $54.50 with the last two shows so far. We thank you for your generosity and will keep you informed about our goal.

Sunday we hope you will come by for fresh produce, home baked breads and other goodies brought to you by Sunny of Rainbow Ranch in Folsom. She is here from 10:am - 3:pm and always has a variety of good foods to choose from.

Studio C is open Fridays 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Saturdays 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, and Sundays 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm. Stop in for a visit and find something wonderful to go home with. Our organic, fair-trade coffee is always fresh and the chocolate continues to satisfy!

We even have free wi-fi for our customers now!

Come on by and sit a spell!

Thank you for supporting your local economy!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Ode to Frida Kahlo ~ Detail of Mask

Mask, originally uploaded by Jaguarposa.

I have finally set up my installation Ode to Frida ~ A Prayer for Joyful Dancing.  It is in Studio C and awaits word from Raton Arts & Humanities Council... I've submitted it for entry in their annual Women in the Arts Show. My husband Tim has taken beautiful pictures of it... 

In the meantime it dances in the quiet of the gallery.