Monday, September 26, 2005


Fall rides in on these chill winds. Indian summer sun warms my skin even as goose flesh raises during pumkin patch wanderings. Chimes deliver poetry capriciously changing directions.

Strident light streams silently, severing past from dark. Designing the way to Fall's brilliant color. We welcome loved ones, anticipate hot apple cider sipped in vibrant conversations. Walls are painted freshly, recipes reviewed, and guest beds made.

Emotions run swiftly along Life's edge. Splashing on banks of change we challenge ourselves to be better to each other. Times call upon us to be activists in our society, to slow down, to watch the world in which our children grow... watch the lettuce grow. A miracle we must teach.

Dreams ripen into crisp relief. Blossoms prevail. Fruits fall. Harvest bears. This feast is ours.

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