Monday, September 11, 2006

Dessert & Remembrances

The night was sweet and The City fun to be in. Darcy took us to a favorite coffee & dessert bar to treat us to after dinner sweets and more conversation...

The waiter in the bar who made my almond float brought back the memory of floats I used to draw all the time when I was a teenager~ His voice a deep Romanian visit to dark and opulent times, somehow reviving my vampire awareness. Almost as if the vampire, in living forever, holds the keys to the human culture. Preserving memories for us that we can not be trusted to remember thanks to our selfish nature and short attention span. Or perhaps our need to forget when the worst has become reality...

Violence and oppression living next to sensuous luxury that invisible slave labor produces... it continues does it not?

And so we arrive, the I that is we, arrives at ancient memories... & dreams are revived.

Dream: Model ~ Make beautiful clothes ~ Paint passionate visions ~ Nurture creativity in others ~ Believe in miracles... Discover!

Talent honored with discipline and time.

I belong to my dreams, the instrument of their making. Becoming, I make real what cellular memories have left quietly steeping.

Skies and blood orange fire in the sky~
A vision of healing. A quest for redemption~

This day of Our Lord (*Be SURE to make the o in Lord with a female peace symbol!)
Wings of desire unfurl~
Mariposas emerge from struggle after deep slumber and fill the air with exuberant flights of nectar search.

The discovery theirs~
Light on Surprised Delight.
Blossoms satisfied...

These memories live on. Dreams persist.

Blessed BE!


MB said...

I haven't written. Why? Perhaps its because I am so busy, nothing has inspired me, or I haven't had the time to reflect on the amazing gifts that I'm experiencing the past 5 months! Wow. Almost a 1/2 year. Time goes too fast. It has been 5 years since Sept. 11. Takes my breath away. I watched Syriana last night...and Blow with Johnny Depp. What do you think about them?
Loved your last entry. I am ridin' your wave snazzy pants.

MB said...
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