Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feeling New

What a lovely day today has become!

I have a free ticket to Post Comedy Theater, playing this coming Sunday afternoon at The Shuler Theatre in Raton New Mexico.

Send me a joke and be the first to make me laugh and I will give it to you. See how easy that is? Come on, make me laugh!

That said, I promised that I would give you the show schedule in this post but I've still got work to do on it... so I'll keep this entry short so I can get to it.

We have some beautiful glass jewelry in the gallery and more on the way and I am getting closer to being at the shawl factory. Thanks to Elissa for showing off some samples for us!

Tim Keller, photographer, writer, and now journalist has been expanding his horizons even further with his review of the Raton Youth Theater's latest performance. Check out his blog for the latest details.

Avery Christy, Union County Leader reporter, stopped into the gallery this afternoon looking for stories. He said that his door is "always open" for your stories. Send him an email with your news.

Are you feeling the spring in the air and seeing the green popping up from the earth? If not I encourage you to put on a jacket and go outside to peek at all the new growth beginning to show. I've noticed that there are tulips on the way.

Would you like a little inspiration? Check this out for cool, as in, "Cool as a cucumber."

Keep checking back this weekend since I'll decide the schedule and update this post rather than wait till next week.

Cheers for now,


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