Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hearing the Light

I am so looking forward to Studio C's 3rd Annual Show of Gratitude! It's been an interesting and dynamic three years since I started this adventure.

Karen Anderson, shown in this photograph taken by Tim Keller, shares a double bill this Saturday with author Steven F. Havill. Books by Steven and CD's by Karen will be available for purchase and both artists will be happy to sign them for you. The Chronicle News ran Tim's preview about the show so we are getting a good buzz. I'll post some links soon so you can read it.

Right now the gallery walls are mostly blank... waiting for the new work I've put out a call for... yes, it's a little late, but we still look forward to a good response to the call for holiday arts and treats. I'm about to change those blank walls with some new prints Tim has brought in just for this show. I'm excited to see what else will come in from our community! And of course I'm anxious to get cracking on some of my own ideas!

There is much to do before the show Saturday... I feel like the Fezziwigs of A Christmas Carol... This business is a great journey for me and this special holiday is a great time to celebrate all the blessings that another year has brought. Thank you, dear reader, for being part of it!

In speaking of the adventure of learning to run a business I'll share with you one of my challenges. I am one of those people who live in the moment... so much so that I can lose all sense of time. One of my challenges with retail is that one has to live in the future!

Let me explain: It's Thanksgiving season for me... pumpkins, Indian corn, colors of rust and mustard and winter grasses flowing across the plains. I just can't rush past Thanksgiving and into the reds and greens and whites and blues of Christmas and Chanukah..... call me old fashioned I guess! I remember as a child that there were distinct seasons. Now Halloween shares shelf space with Christmas in the "real" retail world and somewhere in there Thanksgiving gets thrown in, almost as an after thought!

Here at Studio C I strive to be thoughtful in my choices... and to learn as I go what works best. One thing I do know, Miracles, Milagros & Wunder ~ Small Works & Local Flavors Holiday Show is a great opportunity to bring in new talent, to give artists and artisans an opportunity to grow, and to provide our community a place to shop local and support local artists. This will be an annual show and I'm open to ideas and looking to create a win, win, win event. I welcome your comments!

Last week Judy stopped in for some coffee for her parents. Nathan & Tim stopped in on their way to Boulder having been on a deer hunting trip in Texas... they bought coffee to go and chocolate and admired the gallery. Nathan's boots were very cool, and I, being hard-wired as a costume designer, complimented him which brought up the subject of a great boot shop in New Mexico: Joe's Boot Shop.

Speaking of gratitude, gratefulness and thanksgiving~ Feel free to leave yours in a comment. It will be good to read and share. I hope you will!


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