Saturday, January 14, 2006

January Full Moon Prayer

Let the corrupting force of money continue in its spectacular death. Let those who've put money above peoples' lives share in the vivid revelations. Let this death be swift and sure, and in its public end, ensure that evil is rendered powerless. Let those who've married power and evil be left penniless. Let them be clearly aware of their own bankrupt actions, yet let there be grace.

Let their clarity be infused with hope. Let these people see at last a path for doing good with the knowledge their wrongful actions and experience has left them with.

Let Our Mother Earth begin to know peace. Let me see in my own lifetime the manifestation of these prayers. Let my sadness never be more profound than my hope and my faith that prayer brings about miracles.

Let us all begin to see the smiling children as our own no matter what their color, what their birthright, no matter what country of origin.

And so ~ The month is begun.
And so ~ The month begins with hope.

Shall we each set about caring for the elements here in our own sphere of influence so that we create little miracles in our own lives?
Shall these miracles ripple in the ocean of Humanity?
Reflecting and returning, endlessly bouncing on miracles
Born of other hopeful and glad hearts?

I pray for fear of others to vanish. I pray to see hatred no longer set against skin color, accent, and language. Let instead, evil, violence, bigotry, and small-mindedness be hated. Let these things wither and die, transformed forever in the cosmic compost heap.

This is my prayer on this full moon this first month of this New Year.

Blessed Be!

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