Sunday, February 12, 2006



In process.

Transition in progress...

Like a bit of bark attached to its branch at the river's edge which has finally broken free after years of the water's caress, and the branch's hold.

Now it's free... Shaped by its dance with the water and its own grasp on the branch from which it grew ~released by time and gentle force of water's flow ~ now it rides, trusting, swirling on flowing surface of water.

Where will the Journey land it?

So, I twist this despair and relief and gratitude for Dad's release to Heaven into strength and vision. I know it will land me somewhere beautiful as the shape I float with is whittled and loved into being by Dad's loving, funny and intelligent care~ And, even as he walks his new path his Being is now expanded to walk with us as we gather in family to mourn our lost Daddy...

His light is cast upon my drift and will illuminate my Journey.

Blessed Be!

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