Saturday, February 4, 2006

Lazy Tendencies ~The Waning

Lazy Tendencies ~The Waning

I observe that humans have a tendency to take the lazy way out. We grieve by sleeping and eating, even as that type of grieving yields only more to grieve for. We grow fat and despondent; things begin to fall apart around us and we wonder why, crunching away. I could easily go that way except for being on the cusp of a completely new me.

The new me is getting stronger and does not want me to go any further down the lazy path. There is a new fit tone me who wants to run, ride, dance, paint, create, and write in pursuit of my elusive dream!

I want to be running, writing stories, and illustrating ideas. I want to be with myself when an idea becomes a real thing to share with the world. The stronger more confident self is winning the battles more and more often even as these struggles wane... even my sad unsure self likes me better and is beginning to trust my choices.

So, run & contemplate the doubt of the voice, paint & contemplate the unsure strokes, ride and breathe life into the memories and stories.

I live so you can sing your songs.

Blessed Be!


darcy day said...

strong. empowering. i like. :o)

sounds like you are on a similar journey as I, to allow yourself to be yourself. i can't help but think this is more common in women: pervasive doubt. i'm glad that we're both acting to cure it and secure all that it might rob us of sooner rather than later.

love, darcy

MB said...

My lazy tendency is WAXING!
I yearn for cup cakes, pastries, ice cream and plush, velvet delights (a nap). Finals make me gain 10 lbs every time I take them...and I wonder, why? I want to sprint, dance and paint dreams too!

Stay strong my wondertastic treatalisious momma.