Friday, March 31, 2006

Daughter Dear

My heart aches for your love.
My womb mourns your absence.
My eyes long for your smile.
My ears yearn for your laughter.

My mind knows your strength and intelligence.
My voice sings you to sleep, gentles your fears,
Celebrates your Soul.
You and I are one,
Cherished Child.

My heart misses your imagination.
My womb remains unused in this life
Waiting for a kind & peaceful world to bring us into being
Mother & Child.

My eyes see you in the innocence of others.
My ears delight in the chatter of children I meet.
My mind is ready with wisdom to share with any who will receive.
My voice is strong and sure as I encourage them to be all they dream,
to take time to be a child, to laugh and play and eat vegetables.

I am childless by choice and my heart is happy.
In motherhood I've not found my way.
In Life I've found Joy.

My heart glows with maternal fire.
I cast its light & warmth freely.
When it is felt and shared, Dear Child,
My Heart is warmed with Your Love.

Blessed Be!


Tim said...

This is fun and lovely. Is it too much to say it's my favorite of your poems so far? Truly, this one's a gem. Sweet and thought-provoking. Meaningful.

All that, and my favorite part is "eat vegetables"!


Oh these are such lovely words! They sound just like something that I would say. You make me love my daughters even more. Thanks.