Monday, March 6, 2006

Precious Kisses

He still remembers kisses~

Precious is there for him freely bestowing her Darling with kisses, with love in her eyes he responds to her with smiling eyes and pursed lips.
Precious kisses and Darling remembers
* the love at first sight
* the unwavering loyalty
* the Joy of this family
Darling remembers his Precious's kisses.
His mind had lost so much
but this one golden truth remained:

His Love is True.

Rest in Peace Daddy.

Blessed Be!


Tim said...


Mikaela said...

To have such parents! Ahh! What a gift in this world. My sister who is your sister, Karyna shares the same parents as you. Oh the luck.
Just yesterday, my husband and I embraced in a sweet mid day kiss. Quianna, my 10 year old soaked it up, blushing and bearing the beauty of having parents who openly love eachother. Yes. Sweet.