Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Chilly Breezy Day


I was just about to sit down to write my weekly update when I realized my sunny day sandals were not keeping my toes warm and that it is truly nippy in the studio! Since my intention is to live a sustainable and green life I'm going to run home to get some socks and a sweater so I can sit down comfortably and give you the news from Studio C this weekend....

Much Better! Now I can really appreciate this fall day and reflect on upcoming events at Studio C while saving on propane when it is not yet necessary.

This weekend our show of artwork from our summer programs of Summer Art! and Places of Wonder will come to a close. This show comes down after Sunday. We'll be hanging The Upper Right Corner ~ Photography by Tim Keller and opening the show with a reception for the artist on Friday October 24th from 4:30 to 6:30. Tim will be giving a free mini-concert to begin at 5:30. We will be serving refreshments and celebrating Tim's first ever gallery show of his photography. Photography is his new passion and Studio C is honored and privileged to launch his career as a fine art photographer. I invite you to come out to Des Moines to join us in celebrating this wonderful new beginning for Tim. Some of you may wonder at the personal way I am speaking of Tim... since he is my best friend and husband I simply cannot help it. His show is gorgeous and I cannot wait to share it with all of you and all of the wonderful travelers who stop in the gallery wondering what they will find at this art gallery in the middle of nowhere.

Stop in today or tomorrow and enjoy the student show and plan to come back on Friday for Tim's opening.

Next weekend is a truly exciting busy weekend starting with Tim's opening on Friday. Saturday the 25th brings us to the second and final event of our first Fall Harvest Festival, the All Things Pumpkin day at Rainbow Ranch in Folsom. I hope you'll stop by Studio C to pick up some yummy endangered species chocolate on your way to Rainbow Ranch in Folsom where the pumpkin fun will be going on all day long! There will be:

Food, fun, and games for all ages
Pick your pumpkin from the pumpkin patch!
You can carve or decorate it right here!
We will have pumpkin cookies for you to decorate too!
Lots of fun activities:
Pumpkin-chunkin, -rolling, and -carrying contests; sack races;
giant bubble making; apple bobbing, and more!!!
On the bonfire:
We will be roasting fresh ears of corn, chilis, hot dogs,
marshmallows, & s’mores.
bbq hot off the smoker with all the trimmings, and of course pumpkin!
(A meal ticket is only $5.00 for adults. Kids eat free!)
Around the bonfire:
Studio C’s “live poetry” and open mike night!
Bring your musical instruments, poetry and tall tales to share!
Wear your Halloween costume if you like...
At dark there will be stargazing!
Hosted by the Folsom Museum.

Then on Sunday October 26th, we also have a half-marathon run for you at Capulin Volcano National Monument! This event is the first of an annual event sponsored by and raising funds for The Folsom Museum.

For more details visit the website: The Folsom Museum

These two events will be annual events from this fall forward. I invite you to tell your family and friends about them and to bring a guest with you. We are excited about growing these community building events. Your participation this year will help us to get off to a great start.

Finally, if you are local, tune your radio into FM 93.9 KRTN Enchantment radio RIGHT NOW! The best live country radio show is on: Little Sharon's Country Cafe, hosted by Sharon Niederman. She brings out the best of real country in a friendly and familiar style that is worthy of gathering with friends and family to listen for two hours of pure musical bliss. Saturdays 2:00 - 4:00 pm... come on out to Studio C where we always are listening to Sharon's wonderful introductions and local news. Tune in from your home, office, shop or car or come on by... whatever you do, TUNE IN! You will be glad you did and be hooked just like I am.

So, that is it for this week. Call me with questions and be creative in all you do. Remember, we are all born creative! Honor this truth in your life and you will see your world expand in joy and wellness.

See you soon!


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