Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Upper Right Corner


Studio C is proud to present our new gallery show: The Upper Right Corner ~ Photography by Tim Keller which opened yesterday. We feature Tim in his first ever show of photography. The gallery is filled with Tim’s vivid images from the northeastern corner of New Mexico and southeastern Colorado. Tim's artistic vision is rooted in the land, the people who have worked to make a living on it and the spaces that happen as time passes.

Last night’s opening reception was a wonderful success! You simply must come see the show! We sold two pieces last night and I dare say you too will want to purchase a piece. Add to your collection or maybe start the collection of art by New Mexico artists that you’ve been thinking about. We are here to serve your art needs and appreciate the business you bring to our community. The show will be up through November 24th.

You can see one of Tim’s photographs, Ford Flatbed, hanging in the branch office of the Farmers and Stockmans Bank here in Des Moines, New Mexico. Studio C has a primo space in the office to hang art work from our currently featured artist. I am fortunate to work with Angela Garcia Lucero at the bank to make this happen. Much thanks goes Angela and the Farmers and Stockmans bank for working with Studio C. They give our featured artists a place to hang that lots of people see and, we hope, will want to come to the gallery to see more.

Today is the day for The Fall Harvest Festival and All Things Pumpkin Party, our partner project at Sunny Hill’s Rainbow Ranch; 3:00 p.m. to deep in the night there will be fun activities, food, story-telling and poetry, and stargazing. Bundle up in layers and stop by Studio C on your way. You’ll be in our area and will want to pick up some coffee, chocolate, gifts and art to bring a sparkle into your home. When you shop at Studio C you are supporting our local economy and our local and regional artists as well as organic, fair trade products which help our planet by supporting humane economic growth and environmental stewardship. You really can’t go wrong!

It’s official: my report to the Union County Community Development Corporation will be Wednesday, November 19th at 6:00 p.m. I’ll be presenting a distillation of the information I picked up at the recent International Conference on Creative Tourism in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
I spoke to Ruby Dorsey Gonzales about inviting interested community members to which she replied, “ The more the merrier.” Interested? Give Ruby or me a call so she will know how many people to plan for in addition to her board.

Some of you will be coming out to tell your tall tales tonight and will be wearing your Halloween costumes. Good for you!!! We are going to try to elicit some real scary tales from you… stories from your life, that were really scary, that you lived through. We tested the idea out last night at the reception and heard a really scary tourist story dealing with Palenque’s tomb in Guatemala.

So, see you later, see you soon, see you making creativity and art a part of your life!

Be Happy!

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