Friday, November 14, 2008

The Season of Gratitude

No longer can I deny that winter is upon us! Windy & snowy, today’s chilly air is dancing with bright sunshine… a typical New Mexico crazy weather day in the tiny village of Des Moines here in the northeastern corner of Union County in the enchanting state of New Mexico.

I’m keeping warm drinking delicious organic, fair-trade coffee as I sit here at the computer, which is next to the propane heater in the studio. The new radiant solar heating system is not yet installed, the process stalled by parts-on-order, so I am grateful to have the current heater now. I am looking forward to it becoming a back-up source rather than the main source and eventually not needing it at all. That’s years down the line but as sustainability is a goal for Studio C, bringing solar energy into the gallery is a step toward making the dream come true. In the mean time I am wearing warm sweaters and winter woollies rather than turning up the thermostat.

Mary Ann Louden will be here tomorrow to teach her StarFlower art. We have plenty of room so call me to sign up. She’ll be here 10:00 am – 3:00 pm and so too, I hope, will you.

Coming up next weekend is our second annual Live Poetry! ~ A Show of Gratitude. Sharon Niederman will be reading new poems and fiction and excerpts from her books, which will be available for sale. She will be happy to sign books of hers that you already own so bring them with you…. maybe mark a favorite passage and she can read it for us all! Sharon will share the Studio C stage with Roni Duran, her student at New Mexico Highlands University. Roni also studied with my husband Tim Keller at Raton High School. This makes her a star in our eyes and we look forward to hearing her work.

I am thrilled to present my sister Karyna Cragin, a gifted musician, songwriter and vocalist who will bring her beautiful and heartfelt music to the studio.

There will be door prizes too! You must be present to win so be sure you come out to Des Moines for this event.

Showing through November 23rd, The Upper Right Corner, Tim Keller’s show of photography; come by the gallery to witness his vision of stark, vibrant, compelling images taken from within a 50 mile radius of Studio C.

Coming up in the gallery:

Small Works, Local Flavors ~ A Holiday Show Small works and holiday gifts.

Coming up in the community:

The Des Moines School presents a Holly-Day Bazaar to raise funds for the school library Tuesday, December 2nd in the school gym from 3 pm to 8 pm during and after the Des Moines vs. Clayton Basketball Games. Individuals and groups are invited to participate by buying and/or selling goods and/or activities. Ten percent of proceeds go to the Des Moines School Library.
Studio C will be there with coffee and chocolate. Are you interested in setting up a booth or table? Send me an email and I'll forward it to Betty and Janet.

The Folsom Museum invites you to check out their new website for the new annual fund raising event: The Capulin Volcano marathon: The dates for the 2009 run will be published in the next couple of months so be sure to bookmark the site and check back frequently.

Studio C is the place to see the work of local, regional and guest artists and artisans. Curious about what we have in the gallery? Give me a call and I’ll be happy to give you directions to the gallery or give you a phone tour.

My mission for this blog? To keep you informed about goings on at the gallery and in our wonderful community. Why? Well, let’s just say I love to share our good news!

See you soon~ Send your friends and family ~ Shower your inner child with Love!



Mike Schoonover said...

The Star Flowers look great! Everyone should visit Mary Ann and Willard Louden at their Mesa de Maya Art Gallery. For more details, check out:

Kathy Walk said...

I really enjoyed the class on the star flowers. I have made quite a few and have decided to share with professional peers as a measure of gratitude as I work with wonderful people in the medical industry. I am also in search of some metal craft books to help expand my creativity so if you know of some please let me know. This craft is perfect as I can pack it with me when I am on the road. Thanks for the creativie time and friendly atmosphere even though I had a challenge getting started with my car. Thanks again. Kathy Walk

Studio C ~ ArtSpace, Gallery said...

Hi Kathy,

It is so good to hear that you are expanding the creativity in your circle!

It is such a pleasure to share our local talents with an expanding circle of guests to the studio and the gallery. Thank you for leaving a comment here!

I had the opportunity two days ago to thank Tommy for the rescue he gave you and your car. He was so sweet and said that "it was no problem at all". Great young man!