Saturday, March 28, 2009

Aware of Many Blessings

We've had a blizzard! Our highway was closed Thursday evening at 6:pm as the blizzard blew in with a fearsome speed... stranding friends at friends and travelers here in town.

Temperatures dropped to the teens and visibility to 3 feet, no further than the hood of your car....

Now the highway is open again, traffic is flowing, and I am happy to have heat in the studio... even if it has not prevented my water pipes from freezing.

Our featured act is unable to make it tonight and with the frozen pipes to deal with I've decided to cancel tonight's Live @ Studio C! I'll miss all of your wonderful poetry and smiling faces. Thanks for calling in to check on tonight... it's been bittersweet to turn you away!

So, thanks to Mother Nature we will start our 2009 season for Live @ Studio C! on Saturday April 25th with Katherine Engel as our featured act. She will be performing her one-woman show: Two Women of Tennessee Williams. It will be an exciting night of live entertainment here. $3.00 cover charge gets you in the door. Proceeds from the door will go to support Art Plays Its Part! at Des Moines School. Show your appreciation for the entertainment when we pass the hat.

I'll let you know when we'll have Colfax Reunion here as soon as the band confirms the date... we've decided to make a Sunday afternoon event just for them so keep in touch.

In the meantime I've been working on the floor in the studio with the help of my Vital Roads friends who came over Wednesday evening and got me started with 80 minutes of concentrated effort and I'm anxious to get back to it.

My husband, Tim Keller, has been busy writing up a feature story about the travelers who ended up stranded in Des Moines, safely housed in the school while the blizzard raged on. So many wonderful people here in northeastern New Mexico taking care of strangers and keeping the roads safe even in the worst of conditions.

The snow has brought much needed moisture to our dry land and the sun shines brightly on it all now. There is so much to be grateful for.

Let's keep that strong in our hearts.

Blessed Be!



Mike Schoonover said...

I was walking out of my hotel to catch a flight back to Amarillo to spend the weekend with the boys when my phone rang with an automated message from the airline. My original 11:00 flight was canceled and I was re-scheduled on a 6:30 flight.

This did not help an already difficult schedule, but the subsequent cancellation of the second flight definitely topped it off. I had pretty much decided I didn't want to be stuck in Amarillo in a blizzard anyways.

Noah told me that he wouldn't fly if it was him "because planes go down in the ice". When the children speak, one should listen - no?

Studio C ~ ArtSpace and Gallery said...

Hey Mike,

Glad to hear that you are not trapped in Amarillo. And, yes, when the children speak we would do well to listen.... I propose we make it a national policy and watch the problems of our nation solve.

Thanks for checking in! ~Christina