Saturday, March 14, 2009

Learning About New Mexico

On Saturdays I come in and listen to NPR radio, which has been airing an amazing program about New Mexico's history, culture and land called: The Shift of Land. The project is funded in part by the New Mexico Humanities Council. It has been fascinating to listen to each weekend. It's so deep in its inquiry of New Mexico that I cannot turn it off or even down while the program airs. I wanted to share it with you all. I know you too will enjoy learning more about New Mexico and/or knowing that this information is being documented and made available to a global audience.

Today, Saturday March 14th, is my one year anniversary of opening Studio C with regular hours. Wow! I actually remember the anticipation and excitement I had on that day last year.

I can't contain my thrill at having made this mark in the work-in-progress that is Studio C and my own journey in building an arts business in this beautiful area of New Mexico. Thank you all for making this possible.



P.S. This is a special entry to celebrate the day so be sure to read on through the next post: One Year Anniversary. ~ Christina

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