Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Art of Conversation

Welcome to this place of sharing! Our picture this week is of Kathryn Engel during her performance at last Saturday's Live @ Studio C!
She was captivating as she portrayed Blanche DuBois, Amanda Wingfield, and a narrator in the show she has written. Read all about it at Tim Keller's website.

Tomorrow is the third annual CreativiTea! From 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. the gallery will be a place of ArtFull conversation. I am excited about the circle gathering and these last hours in preparation.... the house smells rich with the pork roast I started last night.... my friend Kelly makes a delicious green chile stew that she is teaching me how to make.... step 1: slow roast a pork shoulder roast. After the gallery closes she'll show me the rest of her technique.

Today I am enjoying a busy day here at Studio C. Abbie is here taking advantage of the high-speed connection free to all of my customers, updating her computer's software and enjoying a bottomless cup of Bolivia Caranavi coffee.

I've been up to happy ears working for Des Moines School's new curriculum-based art program Art Plays It's Part! Inge Bobek and Martin Montoya just finished mini-residencies in the high school and elementary respectively and now the whole elementary is working on their annual spring program which happens Tuesday May 5th. The show is called Spring Flowers for Skinny Horse and is a "performance showcase" bringing together dancing, singing, and performance. I invite you to come out to see the students' and teachers' great work. Show time is 7:00 but come early to see the artwork on display.

I am not able to be in Raton tonight to see the final show of the Raton Arts & Humanities Council's 2008/2009 performance season, The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra... so, if any of you local readers would like to see the show with my tickets then please do post a message and I'll give you two seats. Show time is 7:30 p.m.. Call me at 575-278-3517 if you want immediate gratification. Speaking of immediate gratification.... how about patience and persistance? Did you see the video of Susan Boyle's performance on British television? Her story is a great example of faith and patience rewarded. It also has had the effect of reminding all of us not to judge a person by their appearance. I hope that this wonderful story helps all of us to listen to what our friends, neighbors and strangers too have to share and that as a global community we strive to work together in harmony.

I've posted some pictures on my flickr site from the recent goings on which you might want to take a look at... and now that I have a camera again and am beginning to know how it works I'll be posting more. 

In the mean time I know you are all fully engaged in wonderfully diverse pursuits and offer you my wishes for your happiness.

Happy May Day!


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Anonymous said...

Great blog today, Ms. C. I'm looking forward to the CreativiTea, especially as it seems to be growing in size as people call in.

You have a new camera? Do tell. Doesn't it merit a mention? How 'bout that laptop?

And are your cooking that "green chili stew" in California. We in NM call it "chile"! And it's making me hungry thinking about it. Come home to dinner, gal!