Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rainy Days Remind me of Scotland!

Well, I've been enjoying the Scottish rainy day here in Des Moines! I was all set to write this entry early before I opened the gallery until I went out to feed our birds... the drizzle, the wet spongy ground, the beautiful morning light... I was transfixed by the days of rain we've enjoyed these last weeks. I did some light gardening! I've got lovely flowers and herbs to fill the vases here. I've had a shop full of internet cafe patrons. I've downloaded the camera and have some new images to share with you!

It's been fun even as you've been waiting to get the news this week!

OK Here it is:

First off, mark your calendars for next weekend, Saturday August 8th from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. We'll be presenting Nathaniel Franklin with a reception for the artist. Come out to meet Nathaniel and see his work in person.

You might be planning on going to the Folsom Museum on the 8th see Dorothy Smoker in a chautauqua. Come by Studio C first 3:00, meet & visit with Nathaniel and others at our reception and then drive the 9 miles to Folsom to see the chautauqua at 4:00.

Sunday we'll have fresh veggies and homemade breads here Sunday from 10:00 - 4:00. The Farmers' Market is a great place to meet your friends and neighbors, share some recipes and take home some good foods. We're looking for more vendors... just come on over with your goodies and set up next to Sunny.

Speaking of Sunny, it was earlier today but now the rains have come and all is drenched yet again! The New Mexico gourd vine is threatening to take over but the ground is wet so I can easily pull it. I was here at 7:30 pulling the new crop of vines... I pulled for 3 hours 3 weeks ago getting every vine I could see... though I swear that it does grow even as you pull it! I've got another half hour to go to get the last of it. I'm composting it so all that lovely greenery will eventually help the grounds look even better.... still remember some fun things my brother & sister and I did with them when we were younger. Have any good stories about New Mexico gourd vine? Tell your story in the comments.

Inge Bobek's stained glass bottle hummingbird feeder is full of sweet nectar and the hummers are coming in to feast!

Sharon Niederman stopped in with her husband Chuck last Saturday and read during our open mike. She's working on a new novel and read her first chapter, fresh off the writing pad, after her week at the Taos Writers Festival. She is going to be presenting a memoir writing workshop, Writing from Personal Experience: Memoir, Journal, Family History and More, at The Mandala Center later this fall. Check out the links to find out more information so you can plan to attend!

I've got fresh coffee in and will send out another order for chocolate this weekend. All is well here at Studio C! The only thing missing is you! Hope you'll stop in soon!



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