Friday, August 28, 2009


This life is such an adventure! I've been riding my bike regularly for two months now. New strength, calm and the start of a new poem has come to me as the wind resists or assists me in the stunning terrain that we are blessed to live amongst.

I've been enjoying a lovely stream of visitors in the gallery this week. Victoria came in early to pick up copies of the Chronicle News which has been reporting on the Herzstein Memorial Museum's recent Old West Days. Janet came by to drop off some items she knew I'd make good use of. Both went off into their days with chocolate to sweeten things up.

Later, Sandra & her husband John stopped in for the first time. They are building a home east and north of here and Sandra is looking to bring together a vocal ensemble to sing classical music. She gave me an impromptu voice coaching which synchronistically answered a question I had about my own vocal training (I just started taking lessons with my dear friend Carmen who lives in Albuquerque). I am looking forward to hearing Sandra's group! Maybe they'll debut a song at one of our open mikes in the future!

Tomorrow, Saturday August 29th, is Live @ Studio C! I am proud to present Gabrielle Louise and her partner David Rynhart as our featured act. For more information read Tim's article about Gabrielle Louise in the Chronicle News: page 1, page 2. Kathryn Engel is in the spotlight and presents a dramatic reading to warm us up.

Kicking it all off, as is the tradition here at Studio C, will be the open mike. All forms of performance and presentation are welcome at our open mike. Traditionally, open mikes provide a nurturing time and space for anyone brave enough to step in front of those assembled to share their talent. They provide you an opportunity to grow and the audience an opportunity to get to know more about you. I hope you'll come see the show Saturday and even sign up for a spot on the open mike. Send me an email and I'll add you to the list. Abbie did!

We are gearing up for another fall full of events....

Calling all types of creative people! Come set up to sell what you have at our 2nd Summer Arts Street Fair here in Des Moines New Mexico on Saturday September 26th from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Click vendors for more information. There will be food, fun, and stuff to buy. Support your local economy in the truest of senses... buy from friends and neighbors. Your money will be circulating in our community which is GOOD thing! I also encourage you to spend some time developing your own crafts and harvests for sale. We often have more than we need in our gardens... this is a perfect opportunity to share and make some money. I'm drying herbs myself! It's fun to see my shelves begin to show signs of abundance beyond my own household needs. I'm keeping things simple; living by the credo to "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" so overhead is low even while I'm producing high quality herbs and plants to sell. I wonder what you have that could provide you with added income and our Summer Arts Street Fair shoppers wonderful choices for their hard earned dollars. Questions? Let's open this up for discussion. Leave a comment with your ideas. Let's grow our creativity together!

Next month in September, Live @ Studio C! will be a little different~ It's a field trip! We'll meet at The Mandala Center for their fall evening concert: September Sizzle. The Mandala Center presents Randi Whitman, Eileen Terry and Valerie Powell. They are a very accomplished trio comprised of flute, piano and soprano voice. The event is free and includes a wine & cheese reception. The Mandala Center would love an RSVP and donations are greatly appreciated.

If you want to hear about what is going on in our area, one of the BEST things to do is to tune in to KRTN, 93.9 FM radio out of Raton, New Mexico and listen to the dynamic duo of Billy D and Buddy Springer. They do a wonderful morning talk radio show called This, That & The Other. Sponsored by several local businesses, Billy and Buddy welcome any and all who come to the studio Monday through Saturday to talk about... well, this that & the other! Thank you Billy & Buddy for a terrific show!

Wes, on his way back to Durango from San Antonio is sitting out front with a cup of organic fair trade Guatemala Maya Ixil coffee, freshly ground and brewed, enjoying the sound of water running in Nathaniel Franklin's two water sculptures. He's in a blessed time in his creative journey and knows that there is plenty of time to get to Colorado. He's taking time to stop and smell the roses and savor the delicious coffee grown and picked and purchased at fair living wages. A nature lover and nutritionist in training, customers like Wes are part of why I love growing Studio C!

I hope you will come by the gallery to see what we have to offer. Studio C is growing and changing as we all do. Life is rich with Joy and discovery for all of us. I send you vibrant bliss!



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Tim said...

Your best blog to date, it's fun to get a sort of traffic report. I like, especially, hearing about Wes outside, and about why you are enjoying "growing Studio C".

Of course, the morning bike rides are a breath of fresh high-altitude air, too.