Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sitting Pretty Still~

There is a quiet that I have been seeking during this time of winter, holiday and personal reflection.

Snows have been blanketing, in stacking layers, my New Mexico trail from Des Moines, New Mexico to Santa Fe and I've been taking time to be with family, see great movies, and read.

This little quail's optimistic stance brightens my days when I'm down in Santa Fe.

This particular day I woke up to a world frosted. I was headed to a class in Santa Fe when I spotted the frosted quail... what to do? If I did not take the picture then I knew that this moment would not remain when I returned from my day in town... if I stopped to take the picture I would be late to class.

My current quest is to reconnect with my creativity and thus I knew what had to be done. I took the time to shoot some pictures, delighted that the quail had presented me with an image worthy of further consideration, grateful for the rejuvenation offered me in this chance to stop and see the magical details just waiting for me to take time to enjoy.

The class was a wonderful class, generously packed with information on developing creative businesses. It was a rich day as have been the days preceding and since.... while I've not written since before taking off on my winter break I've had occasion to ponder all the support and love that comes this way... and my heart sings with happiness to think on the wonderful people who share their talents and their appreciation of creativity here at Studio C.

I'm gathering images and ideas are percolating... meanwhile I send heartfelt wishes of health and prosperity to all who visit.




Tim said...

What a great title -- so many ways to take it. The blog itself, too, shows an admirable calm and assurance. You're in the midst of an important passage. Enjoy the journey.

Steve said...

Welcome back. I have missed your blogging.

Tim Keller said...

Happy 2-year anniversary of opening full-time, Studio C!
Now that you're open for the season, dontcha think it's time to start blogging again?
I appreciate how many of your readers follow links, almost daily, to my website.

Marcella said...

I love that you made your creativity the first priority, while also knowing that there's always time:) When I saw this Quail it reminded me how you always help me see the beauty in life, and the creativity within myself. I love connecting with your art- the highest form of self-expression! Love you. Missing you and Tim.