Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring Equinox!

I'm here on a very sunny yet frigid afternoon thinking about the year ahead. This morning was still blowing snow with nearly zero visibility. Now, four hours later the skies are blue and the robins are flitting around looking for crumbs and fresh new worms, confused by the cold but hopeful with the warming rays of the sun. Today is the first day of spring. It's a perfect day to roll out my preview for Summer Art! classes and my ideas for Live @ Studio C!

Next Saturday is our first Live @ Studio C! for 2010. I am excited to hear your poems and songs and stories. We'll come together after 3 months away. We'll share laughter and maybe even some tears. We'll welcome new comers and regulars alike. There will be coffee and tea and hot chocolate flowing in abundance. It will be a night of open mike with everyone's creativity supported, nurtured and encouraged. We'll be introducing a new element: local history readings. Tim Keller will start this off with readings from Us Nesters in the Land of Enchantment compiled by Mrs. N.H. (Cora) Click.

In some cultures the spring equinox marks the new year... I find that idea interesting. It feels right to me.

I'm taking a new approach to all we do here. Times are changing; I feel it in my own journey; with that I've determined that it has to be fun! I have to be flexible. We should strive to be self-sustaining and above all be nurturing.

Summer Art! classes are exciting to me. I'm looking forward to teaching and I'm looking forward to learning from my students and from other teachers. I'm publishing a list of classes I want to offer and a loose framework of times and dates. Now I'll be working to line up teachers and finalize a class schedule... and most importantly students! I'm looking forward to seeing what we come up with and to the art we make.

There's lots to do to make this summer a success and I'm enjoying the process!
I'd love to hear your thoughts!. Send me an email so we can take up a conversation.

 Thank you for your support and for your comments and patronage. It's a wonderful life and I'm grateful to be here growing and learning together.

Stay warm! Be Happy!


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