Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Catching Inspiration!

Catching Inspiration!

Last week I had the opportunity to interview a young woman who is headed in the right direction.

Led by her own inner strength, guided by her parents and a really good teacher... and a goat!

I find myself thinking about her story and realizing that yes, small towns are cool. 

Today, as I was starting my daily morning pages, I realized that I'd forgotten the prompt for the pages that had come to me last night as I was getting ready for bed. This morning I wrote, "ideas are fleeting - just like bubbles - if you don't see them while they're whole and can shape the picture - they're gone! But their energy doesn't disappear. Someone somewhere we eventually catch the treasure encased in that rainbow sphere" and just like that my prompt came back to me. I remembered that I wanted to write about this young woman and her mother.

Life brings challenges along with blessings. I'm struck by those relationships that show great strength and courage. This photo of mother and daughter speaks to the deep love that comes from walking together with clear vision. There is satisfaction and understanding; these two know how to move through fire to find the light.

I'm blessed to have heard a small portion of the life and dreams that these two share. Blessed by treasure encased in rainbow spheres. Blessed to live where the big sky looks down on our journey and we look up into dark night skies.

Blessed Be!  

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