Monday, March 9, 2015

Remembering the Sparkle of Unstoppable Dreams~

Image of young woman appreciating art March 7, 2015 in Raton, New Mexico.

Remembering the Sparkle of Unstoppable Dreams~

The vision of smiles for everyone easily felt without fear.

Confidence born of accomplishment acknowledged freely by friends and strangers.

The trail to a new world that is not brave but rather unstoppably curious.

Steps on Mother Earth beating out the rhythm of an unstoppable journey.

The desire to welcome the guest with warmth and grace.

Here, an Invulnerable Sparkle ~

Reminding me that the voyage across days and rivers, oceans and unstoppable waves to a new day is never ending.

That the path towards love and joy and compassion and understanding and inspiration and peace is infinite.

I am remembering the sparkle in mothers’ eyes for the freedom of husbands’ embraces.

I am remembering the sparkles in parents’ eyes as children laughing bring friends to play and share and learn and care.

Remembering the Unstoppable Dreams~

            A Mobius strip of dancing light leading me forward.

I am smiling.

Revisting unstoppable dreams.

Christina Boyce

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