Sunday, December 21, 2008

Around the World at this Time

The biscochitos are here! A plate of fresh New Mexican anise cookies, made by my neighbor and friend awaits your visit.

I've been busy with customers and visitors all weekend long... have family visiting for Tim's birthday which is today! This explains the late update. Please forgive me.

I have lots to share though... first of all Studio C will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for your holiday shopping convenience. Now we are not normally open those days but with Christmas just days away I wanted to be open for all you last-minute shoppers.

My mom has a great saying, " If it weren't for the last minute a lot of things just wouldn't get done." So come on out to Des Moines, New Mexico to do some great shopping. I have hot coffee, cider, hot chocolate and biscochitos here for you to enjoy while you visit.

The gallery was a studio earlier today with Tim Keller (the birthday boy) shooting portrait and product photos for the website we will be developing over the next quarter. He brought light to Peter Burg's beautiful pottery, poetry and cd Dizzy Light.

I've also put out new items for your shopping pleasure. Fused-glass tree ornaments by Anne Norvell, antique glass bottle ornaments, more pottery, cd's and poetry books from Peter Burg and music by Russ Ballew . Much more is here waiting to go home with you as a special gift for someone you love... or a treat for you!

So! That's the big news. I'm here for you.

Come by, stay a while, enjoy the art on the walls and take home some great gifts.

Leave a comment so we know you were here.

Blessings of the season to all!


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Santa Fe Elizabeth said...

Oh! Those cookies look sooooo yummy -- great photograph. Nearly forgot breakfast today.

Your blog is terrific; it is enlightening, fun, aesthetic, friendly, inspiring and, evidently, sometimes even mouthwatering!

By the way, you never need to apologize for not bringing out the blog at exactly the "right" time: when it appears in my emailbox I find that it is right on time. In fact, I prefer that it arrives when it does. (Besides, we all know that erratic and intermittant reinforcement is the most compelling way to connection...)

Cheers Christina for all your good work, and best to you and Tim!