Saturday, December 6, 2008

Seasonal Sensational

Wow! It was synchronicity to a spectacular degree! I was putting Anne Norvell's new earrings, just tagged and priced, into a lovely wide basket for display in the gallery when I heard the "you've got mail" blip on my computer. What a lovely surprise! K. Tompkins with news of her newest endeavor.... a day of play with the new pastels she credits me with inspiring her to buy. Well, let me tell you, this young woman, studying for her PhD in veterinary medicine is also a gifted artist. She was here in the summer helping out at Rainbow Ranch and made some gorgeous signs for our Fall Harvest Festivals. After returning home to take up her studies she painted a landscape to remind her of New Mexico which seems to have captured her heart. BTW: the photo above is K. wearing a pair of Anne Norvell's fused glass earrings. Aren't they lovely? I just put out 20 + pairs in a variety of styles and colors. Since the website to order from is not up yet you'll have to come by to see... or email me and I'll send you pictures!

Studio C ~ ArtSpace & Gallery
Where Creativity Grows! Thanks K. for sharing your testimony to the truth of the mission here at 517 Broadway Avenue in Des Moines, New Mexico.

Of course we are all thinking about the holidays and how we will handle gift giving. My friend Sally and her husband are doing a "materialism free" holiday. I applaud them. This is a great time to examine our spending habits and make commitments to live in sustainable ways. Sustainability is a factor in all aspects of our lives, home, community, nation, planet and spirit.

When you shop it is important to consider who and what your dollars are supporting. The coffee and chocolate we sell at Studio C is organic and fairly traded. All the art and the crafts are made by artisans and artists who are local, regional or met on my travels with my husband Tim Keller. When you choose to buy from Studio C you are supporting artists and a small business in the tiny town of Des Moines, New Mexico. You are helping to build our local economy. I am so proud of the artists represented by the gallery. I would love it if you come in and shop for your holiday gifts this year. I hope you will. Come on by and I'll give you 10% off your purchase of $30.00 or more if you mention this blog!

Tim has been keeping a blog at his new website where you can buy prints of his wonderful photographs. Check out the latest entry. It's quite interesting. :-)

More news on the sustainability front: the installation of the new radiant solar heat system is done and the system is now "charging". This requires 3 - 5 days of sunny weather which we have not been getting. Slowly but surely the thermal storage panels will gather heat from the hot water piped through them. Once they have a chance to really soak up some heat they will then radiate it back into the building slowly.

So, dark has come across the village and holiday lights are sparkeling here and there. Time to head home and enjoy some time with Tim and the pups, cat and kitten in the warmth of our woodstove heated house. Hope you are enjoying a lovely time with your favorite people.

Wishing everyone all around the world a glorious holiday season, no matter what tradition you celebrate. Let's every one of us work together to bring all the soldiers home, not just for the holidays but forever. We can do it. I know this in the very marrow of my bones.

Blessings on all~


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