Thursday, June 25, 2009

Switching Lanes

Today is a perfect summer day. Warm and sunny with a breeze blowing the scent of honeysuckle across the land.

I'm getting ready for tomorrow night's show with Tim Keller and Karyna Cragin. Karyna is coming up from Santa Fe to share her wonderful musicianship with us. She plays the African balafone, marimbas, piano, guitar and her lovely voice. It's her first show as the lead act and I am honored to have her grace our ArtSpace with her talents. It's always a great evening with wonderful stories told, laughter shared and sometimes even tears shed. I invite you to come on out with a friend or two.... Sign up for the open mike and tell us what you did for Fathers' Day or how your family celebrated last week.

It's looking like the fancy colored corn seeds that friend Tom brought me are doing well here at Studio C! Knee high by the fourth of July is looking good!

I've cut mint and am about to brew some tea for the iced mint tea that I'll have out tomorrow evening... I love the smell of mint tea as it brews... it is so uplifting!

I've also got some empty walls to fill! Yvonne O'Brien came to pick up her show leaving three pieces for the gallery. We had a nice visit while she waited for the light to get lower in the sky... she was looking forward to driving across Johnson Mesa and taking pictures on her way home.

So, that's what I mean by switching lanes! We've got change all around and love to make it all good.

Hope we see you here soon, or hear from you soon. Drop an email, come by and read tomorrow evening during our open mike, or just come on by to enjoy the gallery.

Good Road!


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