Friday, May 14, 2010

Working With the Rain

Another cold, rainy, wintery-spring day here in Des Moines New Mexico. The rain is great and when spring finally does land the green that's begun cannot help but be stunning.

This morning I stopped at KRTN radio to give a plug for Summer Art! on their morning show: This That & the Other. Buddy was working solo today and was gracious as ever helping me to get the word out about classes being offered this summer. The picture I've posted shows a wonderful mask made last spring by one of my students. I'm offering mask-making again this summer along with many other classes. Check out the flyer for more details!

I'm offering all classes "on-demand" and hope this delivery will result in Studio C having a successful summer full of creative exploration and discovery! Classes will be scheduled first come first serve so contact me early to be sure you get the dates you want. I'll keep you posted on classes and scheduling as it happens here at Studio C ~ Gallery & ArtSpace.

Live @ Studio C! is coming up on Saturday May 29th. This falls on Memorial Day weekend and I'm sorry to say I've not been able to schedule a featured act yet. Even so we'll be here with open minds and hearts looking forward to listening to the stories and poetry that open mike brings. Tim will read from Mrs. Click's history. I predict that there will be a great flow of traffic by the gallery and will put out the signs to invite folks to stop and share their stories and memories in honor of this day of remembrance. The show starts at 5:30... I'll put the sign up sheet out today for the open mike portion of the show. If you are planning on attending and would like to sign up for open mike you can send an email to

Margaret C. just called... she and I have been working together to present the last two Guest Vendor Open Houses. She has expanded her group and they have decided to move their gathering to our local village hall where there is a kitchen for their use. They'll keep the same date but it will now be located across the street and down the block. If you are interested in joining her collective or have questions send Margaret an email.

It's a quiet time for me and the cloud that's descended on our town lends a mystical atmosphere to the day here at Studio C ~ArtSpace & Gallery. The new leaves on the silver lace and clematis vines outside are drenched in moisture. The last few days have been dry and windy so I know the land is soaking up this moisture in gratitude. I am grateful to have this opportunity to work creatively in this beautiful area of New Mexico with so many wonderfully talented people.

Be well and enjoy the day~


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