Thursday, May 20, 2010

May Storm Clouds ~ Spring Flowers

The winds have died down and the day is full of possibilities. Creating space to work and be inspired... first class day is Saturday. I've decided to set the studio class room up for collage. I'm thinking what better way to spend part of a day this glorious Memorial Day weekend? Collage is such a wonderful way to visualize ideas that are deep in your imagination. Worlds of emotion and feeling are made visible for the viewer. Fantasies for home and nature are made visible... facilitating the journey in making them real.

Speaking of creating a better world, and we always are in some way, reducing and reusing come before recycling. Something to remember as I sift through the resources I've gathered over time for making paper, sculptures and collage. The thought for the day, is flow. In fact let's take a moment to find a really great quote to inspire the vibrant flow of creativity....

"Life is easier to take than you'd think; all that is necessary is to accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, and bear the intolerable." ~ Kathleen Norris

As I look at my collection of junk from the perspective of resource management I realize that if you look at what you have in trying to create something of value... something artistic, your process leads to a final piece that is original and innovative in a way it could not have been had you gone shopping for materials. Reusing is a path to reducing and recycling is a process of life we are continually engaged in.

As we remember the fallen heroes and pray for peace so our sons and daughters and their children and grandchildren live long and joyful lives, let us keep our hearts open to our neighbors and their new visions and to new perspectives and new collaborations.

With this in mind I invite your comments and thoughts.

Be Happy!



Tim said...

I enjoy today's rather reflective blog. Nice hear that the wind has died down, too! Do you know that I have a book by Kathleen Norris?

Wishing you a great Saturday at the gallery...


Steve said...

Well said. "Go with the flow" will ever be a mantra for flowering, whether there are storms or drought.

Rick T said...

I love the old man's face looking down from the clouds...goes along with your mask exhibit!