Monday, July 19, 2010

Peace Through Culture

Today I'm in the studio getting ready to work on the fifth and final piece of my current pastel series, The Road to Kindness. I've been struggling to finish this series for months now; the last piece is ready for my attention. I'll look into the fourth piece to find my focus then make those shapes and colors fill the last sheet of grit coated paper. I've spent time looking for the place to focus, which I've posted today... still, I have not decided. I let that happen when I finally do sit down to my drawing board. The Road to Kindness series has reflected my quest to find myself. Realizing that I cannot be compassionate to others without realizing compassion for myself has been a long time in coming. I've been reading many different texts on the subjects of becoming enlightened, realizing personal authenticity and awakening to compassion. In my search for my "true north" I've realized that compassion must begin inside. That is why the direction, "physician, heal thyself". I'm very grateful for all that life has brought me. Without trials good and bad we cannot become the people we've always wanted to become. I'm feeling strong again, waking up excited about the day ahead, finding I have more energy than I've had in years.

Imagine if you will... that time, that strangely plastic concept, might not be the way we think of it. Perhaps we wake to our dreams while in our dreams we are as we are meant to be. Now this might not be so good if one is having lots of anxiety dreams or nightmares I admit. Why this thought you ask?

Well, time is an enigma, it is said.... in fact it is said so frequently that the phrase has become a cliche.... but the riddle is real. What is time? Why does it flow so erratically? Do our clocks measure it or do they shackle us? I looked up the meaning of enigma and found several interesting sites. This one caught my attention: an artist & photographer in Zimbabwe musing on time, nature and our collective relationship. So, I'm philosophical today. Yesterday my husband Tim was. I spoke over his announcement and never did let him share his philosophical thoughts. I noticed it an hour later... I must have been lost to my own frantic rush to get in a "good productive" day.

The day was a good one, with important tasks accomplished, and also with quality time spent with family, and a long walk along the railroad tracks. I was able to accept that those things that did not get done, this blog for instance, would not make the day less than it was. The riddle of time was not solved... Maybe in dreams the answers were forming...

On August 31st Live @ Studio C! will feature Tim Keller. He's asked me to let you know that he prefers to focus on his songwriting for this show. I know you'll enjoy exploring his songwriting web pages. You can check out his past musical touring schedule and hear some of his music. Hearing him live is a treat you won't want to miss. We are looking forward to having you here on Saturday July 31st! The show starts at 5:30 p.m. We'll have the open mike so bring along some songs of your own... or poems and pictures. We've got several people on the list already and hope to have several more share tales and inspiration.

And with that final note~


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