Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living Large ~ Learning, Listening, Loving & Leaping!

Lightning strikes! I'm ready to listen.

Studio C will host Live @ Studio C! this Saturday starting at 5:30. We'll have our monthly reading from Mrs. Click's "Us Nestors" and our open mike and then take a break to refill our coffee cups, tea glasses and maybe take another slice of banana bread and then we'll turn the stage over to Tim Keller. Tim sent out a humorous email earlier this week promoting his show telling folks that I force him to play every summer as one of our featured acts. Maybe you don't know that Tim was just about to record an album, No Stranger to Wishes, when I first met him... so in my heart he is a musician. The fact that he has turned his creative and artistic expression to writing and photography does not end my admiration for his music. I ask him to take a show each summer and he always accepts. I know you will enjoy this show and look forward to sharing this evening of live entertainment with you.

I'm feeling excited about August coming up. It'll be a busy month with inspiration flowing and art happening. I'm not quite done with the Road to Kindness series but I am excited to report that I've already sold one of the images to a collector of my work.

I'll be spending time at Ponder refilling the well of inspiration. I cherish the time I spend on our place south of Kiowa. The absolute beauty of this land heals my heart and gives free range to my soul.

I've got a new order of luscious Endangered Species chocolate bars coming in this Friday with more coming in next week. Endangered Species chocolates have added a new line of dark chocolate covered nuts and berries... yum!

So many reasons to come by the gallery and spend some time enjoying the creativity of all the artists and artisans showing in the gallery... and a great cup of organic free trade coffee.

August's Live @ Studio C! will be on Saturday August 28th. Karen Anderson will bring her harps for a show she is calling "Cha cha cha!: A World of Dance on the Harp". We'll be going up against The Shuler Theater's presentation of Juan Siddi Flamenco Company. I mention this because I LOVE flamenco dance. But I also LOVE Karen Anderson's harp performance. So it's not that hard to choose. In fact it's really wonderful to have such wonderful choices to make here in the northeastern corner of New Mexico.

And so I leave you with loads of love and leagues of joyous laughter ~for that is good medicine we can always take benefit from.

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