Thursday, July 15, 2010

Returning, Reunions, Revelations & Rain ...Please?

I hope this post finds my readers happy and enjoying the fruits of these glorious summer days.

Oh, dear me, is that too vibrant an opening for you? It's just that I find myself feeling delighted, amused and delirious with Joy today. For those of you not able to handle this exuberance: Have some watermelon and cool off~ I say!

Just returned from Ponder, having taken some time-away-from-it-all where Tim & I enjoyed the blissful sounds one encounters in remoteness: crickets, nighthawks, a family of elk, a variety of melodious bird songs and not much else besides our own breathing. The time was well spent, reading, listening, hoping to hear... revitalizing and renewing.

So now we are back. I'm in the studio getting the business side of Studio C caught up. Promo first:

Coming up on July 31st is Live @ Studio C! which will feature Tim Keller with his mix of songs, poetry and stories. Tim has been newly inspired to sing thanks in large part to requests made by his brother, daughter and our friend Mike. While we were in Los Angeles over Fathers' Day weekend, Tim's brother Terry shared his new songs with us and his daughter Darcy made some requests for songs (She used to sing along when she toured with Tim when she was a little girl). Don't forget that we have a place for you too! Our open mike is always a treat and folks have already begun signing up! You'll be able to see some of Tim's framed photographs in the gallery but in the meantime check out his website. I like to link to his blog which is a fun place to start in his site.

Future Live @ Studio C! Events: August 28th will feature Karen Anderson with her harps, George Greco with poetry and inspiration form a life of running on September 25th, and a halloween costume contest on October 30th. November 27th will be the 4th annual Show of Gratitude. It's easy to remember which day to plan on coming out for a great night of live entertainment: the last Saturday of the month, except in November when it's the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Mark your planners and book a trip out to lively Des Moines New Mexico. You'll be glad that you did!

Aside from the wonderful art on display in the gallery, we now have freshly roasted coffee beans for sale, and freshly ground coffee perked daily. It's a real pleasure to have big bend coffee roaster's beans here for sale. I'm carrying four beans all of which are fair-trade, organic beans. I've also got free wi-fi. It's a lovely place to visit and be inspired. I look forward to sharing it with you. Mention this blog title when you visit and I'll give you 10% off this week.

Yes, that means I'm back on weekly update schedule. You can count on it. I've been working with some new ideas and find my creative juices are flowing once again. I've realized a need to take care of my creative self. I am on the Road To Kindness for myself as I work to grow my capacity for kindness to others.

Speaking of creating a better world... Reducing and reusing come before recycling. When I send customers home with their purchases I am reusing bags... you'd be amazed at how many of you have bags of bags stored somewhere looking for something to do with them... It's sexy to conserve resources and Studio C is a place to be, not only creative, but also conservative.

So~ thunder speaks in agreement. I hope you enjoyed the post, and will share your thoughts in the comments... or send an email to

Thanks for your support and remember to speak with encouragement to your own inner artist.

Til next week~

Be Glorious!


P.S. It's raining now! Praise Be~

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