Friday, November 25, 2005

Moon Cycle Howling

Have we forgotten that even as each month our wombs grow fertile, only wisdom brings the skills and maturity that makes motherhood effective?

I am 42. I have chosen not to have children. I have never been pregnant. Since I was 13 I have known I would not give birth... and the one time I believe I conceived I was able to take the morning after pill and let the child I would have had live on in The Great Spirit's embrace.

Have we forgotten that becoming a parent is more than simply hosting an embryo to full term, or not, as has become so common in our times?

Have we lost faith in the existence of the soul? Do we not believe that our choice to become parents is guided by a Great Spirit that will allow our children to come forth when the time is right?

I lament the adamant voices that cry for citizenry for what is not yet ready to be brought forth from the gates of Life: our female thighs. We must not allow the policies of guilt and repression to take away our wisdom: to have a child is a sacred decision. To be born to parents who have chosen to raise the child to full adulthood, giving the child every advantage for a happy healthy life... This is every Soul's desire.

I believe that bringing Life forth is an honor. I believe that That Which Is Holy supports a woman and her mate in choosing when to bring that life into our contentious reality. I believe that The Holy Spirit has entrusted us with a monthly opportunity to bring forth Love... and requires us to live in Compassionate Truth... and demands that we not bring a life into this world if it will be brought forth into suffering.

Our western cultures are in danger of losing our Wild Wisdom... too many technological distractions... not enough time spent in Nature, observing the Sacred Circle of life, death, rebirth, decay, renewal.

Let your children play outside... let the teens wear sweaters and coats in the winter.... it is not a time to bare midriffs in the incessant quest for sex appeal... Let your children learn to make french toast. Let your children wait to be born till you have finished your self discovery and can offer them compassion and some hard won strength.

Trust in the Blessing of the monthly moon cycle... this is Our Great Spirit's gift to our families and communities... that we are able to bring Life forth, into right balance with time, space, and circumstance.

Blessed BE!

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