Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Strength Through Compassion

New moon, my weekend about to end, shift about to begin. Tim and I chopped a cord of wood over our weekend, snapped many bundles of kindling.

Kitchen painting has taken another leap forward. Guatemala colors inspiring the new look, memories surface with each brush stroke.

New water heater... the old one died... so, paint job started on the old will begin anew on the new... or, I will try a different approach. All in the name of environment. A happy home is a vibrant, clean, healing womb.

Note: my MO here is to link my title to a timely news piece, and include an interesting photo.

Today I chose the link Tim sent me earlier about Walmart's "war room"/ image control center. We do not shop there due to the myriad issues that globalization without heart creates and is led in it's example by Walmart which is one of the most powerful corporations in our country. You would think that a corporation that has that kind of earning power would take pride in treating its employees to a premium health care plan and retirement benefits.

I note that another giant company, GM, is pruning its health care benefits for its employees and crowing proudly at the move it considers intelligent as it tries to clear up its financial trouble.

Don't these CEO's and CFO's know that it is their employees that are the life blood of their companies and not the cash flowing in from their product sales?

I grow livid when I hear that a company wants to improve their financial standing and thus will trim health benefits.

I am most grateful to work for a company who cares deeply for the health of its employees.

In the shade of our Grandparent ponderosa tree we grow strong and our hearts grow light. Our life is indeed blessed.

I am Blessed. Blessed Be!


Tim Keller said...

It's true that your employer Baca Valley Telephone should be the model for all American companies, providing rich benefits that truly show its care for all its employees, and contrast sharply with the prevailing model of serving stockholders to the neglect of employees.

Blue Cross of California said...

Great blog I hope we can work to build a better health care system as we are in a major crisis and health insurance is a major aspect to many.