Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Road to Kindness

A prayer for Kindness

That which is Kind & Generous
Be fueled.

Those who take away Compassion & Right Action
be shown their errors, Kindly.

Those whose greed for power and money,
has turned their cheeks to Compassion,
be brought Illumination.

Those in power and the many they influence grow
Heart and stop their destruction of
Compassion & Loving Values.

Let no man take away Freedom.

Let no woman deny Wisdom.

Let Kindness & Generosity Guide Us.

Blessed Be!

Christina Boyce 2004

So I begin the revelations. No longer do I hide my vision. This entry marks the start of my show Land & Light ~ Reality, Essence, Vision as it appears and evolves online.

The first pastel from this image is begun... the words of the prayer potent as I listen and read the news around our planet.

It is time for us to nurture our own dreams into reality. It is time for us all to accept the love that flows in our direction. It is a time to understand kindness as it manifests in self love... a time to take care of our Spirit and bodies such that strength and courage become our way.

And, in the care taking spirit I wish all a sound night of sleep and dreams filled with hope bringing imagry. Schlaf Gut!

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