Sunday, November 6, 2005

Roosters' Last Night

Have finished my shift, beginning a new paradigm. Time sheets to count every 5 minutes spent. Having the effect of motivating me to get tick marks in projects that have languished. Feel good about the 44 hours I just gave since Wednesday at 1800 hours.

Home after 0100 hours to pluck 3 roosters from the hen house. All red roosters. They will provide feathers for art, meat for meals, and respite for the 20+ hens we have now. One rooster is left. He is a magnificent Americauna.

Listening to the gypsy music from today's link prepares me to sleep with passionate dreams.... to wake with lavish desire for the dance, the poetry, the song, the LIFE!!!

All week I have been listening to live coverage of Rosa Parks memorial and funeral services. Tears have fallen for the glory she has left on our planet. Excitement fills me from the passionate words I have heard spoken about our nation, our failures, and our struggle for a better world.

I feel it happening. The shift begins. Those who believe that one person can change the world rise up in respect and admiration. We are called to live vibrantly as we believe. Mrs. Parks passing is charging people to speak out for action in honor of Truth and Justice and Freedom.

It is a time to speak truth, to act in grace, and to let the corrupt know that their actions will no longer be tolerated.

It is a time for all who desire a world of Joy for their children, or their friends' children to make sure the vision is made real: ACT locally, THINK globally, DREAM Spiritually, BE physically what you seek to see in this world, in the world you leave to the children of our children.

Thank you Mrs. Parks, Thank you Reverend King, Thank you Gandhi, Thank you to all Souls who have made a stand for a world of glorious diversity, passionate beauty, and deep reverent compassion. I pray we act to honor your examples by living wisely and courageously in our own lives.

Blessed BE!!!

1 comment: said...

You and your chicken head art...only you! Hey, 1300 hours is 1 pm, not 1 am, though with your schedule I don't know how you keep any of it straight. Are you concerned about use of "military time" in a world of artists?
It's same day, twelve hours later, you're still asleep, I have bread coming out of the oven and now I can go continue reading my novel on the hammock...awaiting your appearance for chicken wrangling!
xxxooo T-beau