Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Songs~ Heart Strings

Happy Earth Day!

Today is the 40th annual Earth Day. I remember the first earth day event I went to with my family at Ft. Marcy's field in Santa Fe. There were so many ideas for conserving energy and making sure our air, water and land stay clean and beautiful. It was a bright sunny day and we had fun learning about ways to protect the Mother Earth we live on.

I'm enjoying the day sitting here in the studio side of Studio C. I started the day with a conversation with Arts in Education Specialist Terry Liu of the National Endowment for the Arts. He gave me feedback on the Learning in the Arts grant application I wrote on behalf of the Des Moines Schools. Our grant was not funded this cycle but Mr. Liu's commentary and suggestions will inform future grant applications. Mr. Liu encouraged me to pursue the program as it shows great potential to provide excellence in learning through arts in the community. I appreciate his time and am inspired to continue my work in this field.

Once the blog is up I'll be preparing for my night of poetry and song coming up this Saturday, April 24th. Live @ Studio C! offers live entertainment in Des Moines, New Mexico including an "open mike" section when anyone can share song, story, music, poetry, history, or even dance and visual arts. We'll be adding a local history segment with Tim Keller reading from Us Nesters in the Land of Enchantment, compiled by Mrs. N.H. (Cora) Click, edited by Mrs. Charles E. (Nita) Leierer. The stories were written c1967-8, though they weren't published until 1980. Most focus on the period 1906-1916, more or less, when Des Moines was a rapidly-growing hub. Thanks to Tom Pryor for sharing. In the spotlight Saturday night will be Kathryn Engel with original and earth inspired poetry. I'm looking forward to hearing all the wonderful talent that gathers for this special monthly event. If you have questions send an email to

This weekend is a busy one with the Shuler Theatre celebrating its 95th anniversary with four days of celebratory events. Studio C says congratulations to a wonderful venue, a true treasure of northeastern New Mexico. Salutations to everyone who has played a part in keeping this beautiful theatre alive and thriving!

Cimarron's ShortGrass Music Festival is holding an all school art contest for the cover image for the fall concert weekend program. Entries are due May 15th, three weeks away. Students of elementary, middle and high schools of Colfax, Union, Harding and Mora counties are eligible to enter. Questions: Email or Email

I checked out a book at the Rural Bookmobile parked at Des Moines Schools yesterday. I'm always thrilled to see the Bookmobile drive into town. The New Mexico State Library which is a division of the Office of Cultural Affairs provides rural New Mexico with monthly access to books. They take requests and will bring you what you want. I've been waiting for some books on Andy Goldsworthy, an environmental artist whose work stuns me with it's breathtaking creativity. The bookmobile is a tremendous service to the citizens of New Mexico.

I love living in remote rural New Mexico and I love that New Mexico provides literary outreach to residents here in the volcanic high plains. Truly this land is enchanted. Truly this Earth is a blessed place to seek spiritual awakening. Each of us have our destiny. Each of us walk in Beauty. May we see in each other a friend and an inspiration. May we welcome each other into our dreams for peace and sustainability.

Happy Earth Day!


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