Saturday, April 3, 2010

Community in Joy

Fresh from Rusty Southard's kiln to Studio C ~ Handmade coffee & tea mugs. Come by for a cup on the house while you visit!

I'm excited to have new coffee mugs for my guests to sample the wonderful coffee available for sale in the gallery... and to share the energy of spring coming into the door these days.

I've been talking to local artists about teaching classes this summer and have Sasha Jensen and Lori Coon on board. Check out the new flyer for additional details.

Next Sunday we hold another
Open House with Margaret Chacon, Nicole Girardin, and Marsha Strom bringing in jewelry, soaps, tie-dye, incense and more! Join us on the 11th from 1:00 to 4:00. There'll be something for everyone as I open up the gallery to these wonderful women. You won't want to miss it if you are in the area.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I'll be spending the afternoon working on some decorative eggs. I invite you to come spend some time with me Sunday April 4th from 1:00 - 3:30 pm. I'll have blown eggs and all kinds of materials to decorate the eggs with. Sunday Afternoon Fun! Come check it out!

Speaking of coffee! It's freshly ground and freshly perked and ready to pour... and my cup is empty so give me just a jiff to fill it up again and continue on with the news!

And... I'm back and happy~ I just love a great cup of coffee... which is why I sell big bend coffee roaster's fair-trade organic whole bean coffees and brew it up fresh each day for you to enjoy here or to-go. It's been an adventure to take on coffee sales in addition to art and locally produced crafts and I'm thrilled to be growing Studio C here in Des Moines New Mexico.

I'm also excited to have the studio reaching a new degree of organization and readiness to make art in. I fully intended to make art here... but the business of learning to run a business has taken me on a long detour which I am happy to report is now returning me to the original intent.

I love to teach through art in a mixed setting where children and adults are equals as students even as experience and abilities vary. My observation in presenting class over the years shows that adults have much to gain from the creative freedom children possess while children are empowered to realize that adults like to learn! It's a win win situation that inspires me. This summer will be a new chapter in Summer Art! here at Studio C in Des Moines. I look forward to seeing what happens! I hope you'll take a class and if you are interested in teaching one that you'll send me an email at

Tim Keller will be stopping by on his way to the Spahn Bison Ranch to work on some portraits in his current creative quest. We'll be spending some time at Heart's Desire B&B later in the month.... another great place to know about as you decide to visit our area and plan to stay awhile.

And now to set up my installation piece Ode to Frida in honor of Spring's return and the renewal we all have access to in this season.

With Joy in Community~



Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed my visit to Des Moines and Studio C.
I didn't get lost, I got found! What a treat for the eye and mind.

Lynette Zwerneman
Livingston, Montana

Studio C ~ ArtSpace and Gallery said...

Thank you Lynette,

I've been savoring our visit. I'm so blessed to be able to meet and visit with those curious souls, like yourself, who make time to stop here.

Your spirit fills Studio C and the world you travel in with warmth and wonder. Thank you~

Best! Christina